Sadda Haq 28th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 28th April 2014 Written Episode, Sadda Haq 28th April 2014 Written Update

Parth asks Randhir what he’s doing there. Randhir taunts him by saying he’s a criminal, who knows what would happen to Sanyukta in his presence, so he came to check that Sanyukta reached home safely. Parth says his job was to get Sanyukta to her home safely and which he did. He leaves from there.

Inside, Sanyukta’s mum is relieved seeing her. Sanyukta keeps asking her mum what preparations are for, but she keeps ignoring it and asks her to get freshen up.

Sanyukta is getting ready and there’re tears in her eye. She recalls her mum telling her that she has done a lot for her dad, but he doesn’t appreciate that. His expectations are different from Sanyukta. He doesn’t want her to be engineer and make him proud, but instead he wants her to get married

in a good house. And this doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about her, he cares and loves her a lot. She asks Sanyukta to agree for this marriage, else her dad will completely break down. She drops something in anger and looks at her wound. She realizes that she asked Parth to wait. She calls him and apologizes to him. She says she will come to him right away, but he says he left from there already. Randhir comes in from a window and says, Parth, Parth all the time. Parth hears it and hangs. Sanyukta asks Randhir why he came here. He says that she thinks she is a boy and that is why left in middle of night. She asks why would he care what she does. He says because it’s him who will have to answer to Vardhan when he asks where Parth and Sanyukta went in middle of the night. Their argument continues. Sanyukta asks Randhir what he did that Parth left from there like that. She calls Randhir a villain in her life as if he didn’t call her dad that day, then nothing like this would have happened. Now Sameer’s dadi is coming to see her today, and if she approves her, then she will have to get engaged next week. Randhir gets happy and says that was bound to happen one day. He further says that now as she called him a villain, he will show her what a villain does. He leaves.

Sameer’s dad and dadi arrive. Randhir sees them from a distance and says, welcome. Both family have some talk. Dadi asks about Sanyukta. Sanyukta’s mum goes and brings her down. Dadi asks her to go to her, so she can give her the blessings. Sanyukta is thinking about Parth and by mistake, she sits on Dadi’s hand. Dadi screams and says now she won’t be able to give her the blessings. Sanyukta’s mum brings balm and gives it to Sanyukta. Dadi asks Sanyukta why her hands are so hard like a boy. Sanyukta’s parents say she works a lot in house, so that’s why. Sanyukta is still lost in thoughts and she drops Dadi’s hand. Dadi screams again. Sanyukta’s mum tells her to bring tea for everyone and she applies the balm on Dadi’s hand.

While making tea, Sanyukta calls Parth, but he doesn’t pick up. Sanyukta forgets to add sugar. She serves tea to everyone and Dadi says there’s no sugar. Sanyukta’s family is shocked with her behavior. She’s going to get sugar, but Dadi says she doesn’t want to drink now. Sanyukta’s mum takes her with her to prepare lunch. Dadi goes outside to chill.

Dadi comes in a park and calls her friend. She says that Sanyukta is pretty, but she doesn’t even know how to make tea, and also her hands are so hard. Randhir hears it and remembers Sanyukta calling him a villain. He plans to do something and smiles.

Precap: Dadi tells everyone that she will find out a good day with a priest in a month time or so for the engagement. In college, someone has written “welcome soon to be bride, Sanyukta” on the board. Randhir asks her if she won’t give good news to everyone. He calls her, Sanyukta Ji. She stares at him.

Update Credit to: Tina

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