Pavitra Rishta 28th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 28th April 2014 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 28th April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Naren coming and standing beside Ankita. Pari thinks she heard Aman’s voice and goes in search of Aman. Ankita asks Aman after pooja where were he as she wanted him to meet Pari. She turns and does not find Pari and goes in search of Pari. Pari thinks Aman must have hidden seeing her and says she does not want to meet him and hates him. Ankita comes and asks Pari where was she. Pari says she thought Aman is here and is searching for him. Ankita asks Pari to forget Aman as he does not deserve you. She says she was not loving Naren even after the marriage, but his love towards her forced her to love him. Pari gets Archana’s call who asks her to come. Pari says she will meet Naren next time and goes from there. Naren comes and asks Ankita where is Pari. Ankita

says Pari went home as Shekhar and his family have come there. Naren says even we should leave now as Sunanda had called him.

Soham and Damodar dance on song kamariya… Soham calls Domodhar Azoba. Domodar asks him why did he call him Azoba. Another drunkard says Soham gets friendly with people when he is drunk, so not to take tension. Soham asks Damodar to drink some more. Damodar says his wife will beat him if he drinks more. Soham asks if aaji still beats him and says aaji is like a coconut, hard from outside and soft from inside. Damodar leaves from there.

Pari comes home and sees her whole family with Shekhar and his parents. Manav introduces Pari to Shekhar’s parents and asks her to sit with them. Pari asks Savita if Shekhar’s parents are invited in pooja. Savita says they are close friends, so they are invited. Pari says she will wear saree and come. Archana says Shekhar’s parents want to talk to you. Pari sits next to Shekhar’s mother who asks Pari about her qualification and work. Pari says she has done MBA and is helping in Azoba/Manav’s business. Savita and her whole family praise Pari. Shekhar’s mom says she liked Pari for Shekhar. Pari asks why is she telling like this and says she is not ready for the marriage. Everyone gets shocked.

Naren and Ankita are traveling in a car. Naren asks what did she ask god. She says it is secret and asks what did he ask. He says even it is secret. Ankita says we both share our lives, so we can say our secret. Naren says I wished about Shekhar and Pari’s marriage. Anita says I wished we both should be together forever and Shekahar and Pari should marry. Naren say we bouth wished same. Ankita says hope Pari accepts Shekhar. Naren says Shekhar is a good guy and PAri is luck to have him. They both start arguing. Naren then asks about her saree. Ankita says Pari took it with her and says we should pick it from Pari’s house. Naren says they do a lot of formalities and he has to meet client, so he will not come inside.

Pari asks Archana and her whole family how can they make her alliance without informing her. Shekhar asks sorry to Pari for coming without informing her. He asks sorry to Manav also, says he will leave now and asks not to put pressure on Pari.

Archana says Pari that she knows how she is feeling, but she thought Pari will change the decision once she sees the arrangement. Pari asks Archana how can she take her decision. Archana says she can take her decisions as Arjun is getting treatment and Purvi is with her, so it is her responsibility to get her married. Ankita says Archan is right and asks her to accept for marriage. She says Aman betrayed you, but Shekhar is a very good guy and will keep her happy. Pari asks Ankita that she thought as her friend, but why did not she tell her this. She says Ankita that you are not in my situation, so you cannot understand. She goes into the room saying she does not want to talk to anybody. Neena thinks even Pari’s marriage is broken, she will become like Teju.

Pari thinks why is she remembering Aman so much and asks Aman to get away from her mind. Archana comes and says she did wrong by not informing her, but she was thinking of her happiness. She asks Pari to forgive her and says she wants her to move ahead in life as she cannot see her sad. She promises Pari that nobody will force her again, but to think again as Shekhar is a very good guy, he will keep her happy, even Ankita thinks the same. She goes from there after that.

Precap: Manav says Damodar that inspector told he did not see Soham in bar, so it is not possible that Domdar might have seen him. Soham looks at Manav and Damodar hiding behind a van.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. why are the writers dragging this show. always changing the story. now its aman/pari. from archana/manv to arjoon/purvi, ankita/naren now pari/aman. whats next. please improve this serial or cancel it.

  2. jus show us d nice prtz.

  3. the show is really dragging and annoying why is Archina getting Pari married while Teju has not found a husbsnd crap and nothing new

  4. Whatever happened between teju and the guy she loved whose mom sold the chèvra? Never figured that out! This is boring!!! Ek muthi asmaan is better!!! Archana in real life should leave show before this serial goes belly up!!

  5. Archina desearve what Pari said to her and stupid old woman Archna planning marriage without Pari knowing and any way the show has lost its title track yyarrr

  6. This show sucks BIG time. The same thing. Archanna did to soham she’s doing to Pari…… Fixing wedding without their consent…….

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