Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th April 2014 Written Episode, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ishita coming home and to her room. Parmeet hugs her and she is shocked. She asks who is this, leave me. She is more shocked to know its Parmeet and says how dare you. She says leave me. She shouts on him and pushes him. She says how dare you, leave from my room. He says I m sorry, I thought its Simmi, sorry, I came to give you this, take this gift. She says don’t touch me, don’t play games. I understand what you are doing, I can see your innocent act, I m not from those girls who bear all this silently. She says I will talk to Simmi now. He says forgive me. She pushes him and leaves. Parmeet gets tensed and goes to stop her. Ishita comes to Simmi crying.

Simmi asks what happened. Ishita says I m ashamed to say, ask your husband what happened. Parmeet says why are you elongating it. She says really, am I? Mrs. Bhalla asks is this the way to talk to my son in law. Simmi asks what happened. Ishita says I m hurt to say, I have treated him well and respected him, but he took advantage of me. She tells them everything. Simmi and Mrs. Bhalla are shocked. Parmeet is tensed. Ishita says tell them what you did. Parmeet says do you think Simmi I can do this, I thought its you in the room. Simmi says yes, I told him, I went in the room. Ishita says fine, I will show you. She shows them the gift and asks why did he come to me with this gift. Simmi asks Parmeet.

Parmeet says I bought this for her as she did many favors on me, she misunderstood me. Simmi scolds Ishita. Ishita says this should not happen in anyone’s house as women have dignity. She says no woman should bear a man like this. She asks why did he catch me from behind. Parmeet says I went to surprise Simmi. Simmi believes Parmeet. Mrs. Bhalla says Parmeet is not like you are saying. She says our family is decent. Parmeet acts innocent. Simmi says you can’t blame him. Ishita says you know I always thought of your good, won’t you believe me, I will not lie to you.

She says we are woman and we understand the touch. Mrs. Bhalla says enough Ishita, you are our bahu, Raman’s life and Ruhi’s mum, I don’t want anyone to know this, so forget this. She asks Parmeet to go and stay away from Ishita. Parmeet apologizes to Ishita saying I respect you a lot. Mrs. Bhalla gets angry on Ishita as her son in law had to apologize. Ishita says unbelievable and leaves. Parmeet says what should I do now. Mrs. Bhalla asks him to forget everything. He says its so shameless, her mentality is so bad, if she tells everyone, then what about my respect, what will Raman think about me. Mrs. Bhalla says you are part of this family. She asks Simmi not to tell anyone.

Parmeet says I treat Ishita as my sister, I swear on Simmi and my daughter. Simmi says enough, I completely trust you. Mrs. Bhalla asks Simmi not to tell her dad and Raman. Raman comes to the hotel and talks to Mihir. He says Ashok is our 40% partner and we have all the powers. Shagun calls Raman and says something happened to Adi and we brought him here, he is vomiting, Ashok is not here. Ishita cries in her room thinking about Parmeet. She thinks about Simmi and Mrs. Bhalla’s words. She says what happened with me today, chee. With whom shall I share this, I can’t tell Amma, Raman? She says how to tell him, he is not here, if I tell him and if he….. but if I don’t tell anyone. She locks her door getting scared.

She says I have to tell someone, I will tell Raman. Raman takes care of Adi. Shagun asks what did you eat. Raman says doctor will come, nothing will happen to you. Shagun sees Ishita’s call and cuts the call. Ishita says he might be busy and cries. She says what should I do now. I don’t know how Raman will react, I can’t tell him on phone, I will tell him when he comes here.

Ishita says what to do, where should I go. She says shall I call Raman, no he has work there, it will be ruined, shall I go to Amma Appa, Amma can’t bear all this, where should I go, how should I stay here alone in this room. Ruhi comes to her and says I came to sleep with you. Ishita feels very happy and hugs her. dil se dil ka rishta jo hai………………plays…………. Ruhi asks what happened, I came to sleep here as you are alone and can get scared. Ishita says you understand me so well, you know I was really scared, I love you. Ruhi says you won’t be scared as Ravan Kumar is not here. Teri bechaini ka………………plays…………….

Ruhi says Raman loves shopping for you, I said one dress and he brought two. He said blue is his fav color so he brought blue dress for you. Ishita says sleep now. The doctor checks Adi. He says he has severe food poisoning, I will give him an injection, he will be fine. He says take care of him all night. Raman says I will stay with him. Adi asks Shagun to be with him. Shagun asks Raman to leave. Raman says no, I will be with Adi. Shagun says he is my son, I will take care of him. Raman asks her how can she be so careless, if anything happens to Adi, I will not leave you and Ashok, I will be with Adi, if you want to do police complain, you can, no one can stop me.

Raman sits by Adi’s side and takes care of him. Shagun also stays there. Raman sees Ishita’s missed calls and thinks of Ruhi fine. He calls Ishita and he asks is Ruhi fine, I was busy when you called. She says yes, she is fine. She asks about his meeting. He says we got the deal. She says congrats. He asks did anything happen there. She thinks about Parmeet.

Mrs. Bhalla comes to Ishita and scolds her for telling everything to Raman. She asks her not to ignite fire between Raman and Parmeet.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. women are not respected in there own homes, they are not safe. that is being told in the story, but there could be a positive attitude atleast from the women in family. after what ishita has done for the family atleast Mrs Bhalla could have faith in her daughter in law. Shame on u Mrs Bhalla and Simmi. Simmi u r husband lost his job becoz of his behaviour, but now also u blindly trust him, So disgusting. But then this is what is happening everywhere. This show bought it on the screen.

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