Sasural Simar Ka 27th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 27th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Someone scares simar and laughs hard. Se tunrs he is the kartikh. Brother of vikran.
Baa comes and says you have become a doctor but still a kid. Who sacres own bhabhi. He says dewar bahbhi’s relation is of fun. Its keeps on happening. Vikran asks how are you and how is the work going ? He says everything is so well. Baa syas touch bahbhi’s feet for arshivaad. He says its not my style. Siamr says stop you don’t nee to touch my foot. We are friends. Kartikh says sorry fr scaring you. I planned this because of this sanju. SHe told me on call that my mom is so strong. I bet that I will scare her mom. HE says I am your fan too. I wanted to meet you so bad that I kept phone on hold. Baa says you didb’t even come on their anniversary. He sasy there was an emergency. I would have come.
He says baa did you come to dehli to meet me ? Baa says you can shift here. He says how can I shift my hospital. We didn’t even talk to bhaiya after his wedding. Baa says I could not meet them because of my anger. Kartikh syas lets forget it.

Scene 2
Mata ji asks khsuhi how is your son now ? she says he is better now. Surbhi says I have made this halwas for you. Mata ji says I am so happy that we are happy again. This is all because prem decided to move forward I life. Masi ji says we should arrange the wedding as soon as possible. pari says mummy wants that too Mata ji says al right then call pandit ji sujata. ASk him to give a good date.
Sid asks roli to pass on a paratha. She is not listening. He touches her. Roli is confused. Sid thinks I know you are disturned because you can’t see anyone at simar’s place but you have to understand that its so important for prem and this family.

Scene 3
Karthik and sanju are making drawings. Baa says I feel like there are two kids in the house. He says I miss this time spemnt with family in Dehli. He says what a smell of food this is. Simar sas till you are here I will make your favorite dishes. Lets go now. She serves the food o everyone.

There roli recalls how everyone was happy about surbhi and prem’s wedding. sHe recalls simar’s promise. She wonders what can she do. I should have told this to siamr didi. There must be way that the promise should not be broken.
She recalls simar telling her that there was no accident. Roli says sunnaina did not die in the accident. Sunnaina called after accident. That means sunnian did not die in the accident. Wwe are suffering for the mistake I never did.
She says that means everthing can be like it used to be before. We will get you back. didi will be back in bharadwaj house. I have to figure out all about this accident. Aditi gave me her number is should call her and meet her. SHe goes to her room and takes her clutch out. she can’t find the number. She wonders where can it go.

Roli says whast going on God. I have been crying for my sister for two yeasr and now when I got to meet her I got to kn ow that I am responsible for all this. I have not made any mistake. What should I do now. I know that you are always justified but didi has to live in an unknown city with unknown name. You made all this situation and you have to solve. You will show me the path to figure out thr truth. I won’t go from here until you don’t show me the way of getting didi back

There in the hospital sweeper is collecting all the garbage. The number is there too. Its flies from he garbage bin.
Roli syas this family has been living without didi for two years. You have to do something for us. Roli says yo have to complete all the raltions that are incomplete without simar didi. You have to bring Anjali’s mom back. You have to help me.
The paper will flying with the winds. Roli says you have to help. The paper by wind reaches bahradwaj house. Roli see it. SHe is happily bewildered. She says thank you God. She calls aadiit and says roli here. Aditi says I have been waiting for your call. ROli says I wanna meet you. I wanna ask about sunnaian’s death. SHe syas I wanna know too. Roli asks can you tell me where she lived ? she tells unnain’s address. Roli says we should start from ther maybe we get some clue ther. I will reach there and meet you outside the house.

Precap- Roli and sunnaina are at that house. The door is locked. Aditi says there is a back door. They break the window and go inside.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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