Saraswatichandra 27th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 27th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anushka finding her project file. She says I kept it here, where did it go. Badimaa looks at Kabir. She says file and I card was here, where did it go. She asks Kabir to check under the pillows again. He says ok and takes the pillows. He says its not here. Vidyachatur says you go on time, we will find the file and send it by courier. She says but what I card, I can’t enter airport without it. Badimaa says see Kanha ji have hidden such thing that now you can’t go, it looks like someone really prayed for you. Kusum asks Anushka to stay here, please. Anushka says ok, I will postpone.

Badimaa sees Kabir smiling. Kumud walks into the gate and Prasahnt smiles seeing her. He bumps into her holding her and she slaps him saying how dare you do this. She sees its him. Anushka calls her dad and tells about her file missing. Kusum says come with me, I will talk and refresh your mood. Kabir takes the file out from the pillow and hides it in his tshirt. Badimaa sees this and smiles. Prashant says I m sorry, I was fainting, I have such disease, I was going to take medicines. She says but why. He says I had headache, it was a disease, which I m treating since many years. She says I m sorry I did not know.

She says its ok, anyone would have done this. Saras comes and greets Prashant and she says Saras, actually…. Prashant says I will leave and smiles seeing Kumud. Saras tells Kumud about paying the electricity bill. She says tomorrow. Badimaa asks Kabir did he keep Anushka’s file well hidden. He says nothing like this. She says Saras, speaks less than you, if he could not hide anything, then how can you, I saw you hiding the file and bringing it here, why did you do this. He says I don’t know, I did so much to make her run away, and today when she is going….. She says so you want to make her stay, its affection. He says I hated her face before.

She says I understand you are in love with her. He says no, I can’t love her. She says love makes impossible possible, you love Anushka. She leaves. Kabir says me, love, with Anushka, never. Kumud asks Saras to call Badimaa. Prashant cuts the electricity connection wire of their flat. Saras asks Kumud to get candles. He says everyone has power, except us. He says I will ask them. He calls someone and asks about power failure, maybe fuse went off, send someone, how will we be without power all night. He tells Kumud that no one can come now.

Kusum tells Anushka about Danny cannot be trusted. Anushka asks what. Kusum tells her everything. Anushka is shocked. She says OMG, I cautioned you, but Danny looks decent, I can’t believe he can do this. Kusum says I have seen him with my eyes and cries. Anushka says don’t be a Bechari, control your husband, I promise till we find out Kiran, I will not go, we will kick her out of Danny’s life. Danny comes home and sees Kusum wiping her tears.

Prashant comes to them and says I got call from society office that you don’t have light. Saras says so soon, I just called. Prashant says don’t worry, I will send electrician, but how will you manage to tonight. Kumud says we will manage. He says its so hot, come to my home and sleep there. She says no need. He insists. Saras says lets go Kumud. Danny asks Kusum why is she crying. Anushka says I m not going today and she is crying being happy. He gets a call and says I will come. Kusum says it might be that witch’s call. Anushka says show Danny that you don’t doubt her, be careful, you have to manage as you have to catch him.

Prashant hugs Kumud’s dupatta and says I knew you will come here. Saras says this flat is nice Kumud. Prashant keeps it in cupboard. He asks them to sleep in his room. Saras says so sweet of you, thanks. Saras says he is really a nice person Kumud. Prashant brings tea and is shocked to see the dupatta cloth out of the cupboard. Kumud sees guitar and asks do you love music. He says yes. He asks them to sit and have tea. Kumud says your house is really beautiful. Prashant hides the dupatta. Saras asks was any guest coming. Prashant says no, I always keep like this, as happiness can come anytime, I m ready to welcome it. He asks them to have tea, and thinks his plan will be done now. Saras says I will go and keep the tea cups. He goes out of the room.

Prashant hurts her hand. He shows her finger bleeding. Kumud says she will bring first aid box and asks him to sit. She says Saras, he got hurt. Saras treats his wound. Prashant gets angry. Saras says done. Prashant says thanks. He asks them to sleep now. Saras says ya good night. Saras says I m feeling my head heavy. She says you maybe tired, sleep. They go to sleep. Kabir thinks about Badimaa’s words that he is in love with Anushka. He says is Badimaa right, do I really love Anushka, no, I don’t believe in love then how can love happen to me. He talks to himself and says I m not in love, but why did I care when she was leaving. What is happening to me. Anushka comes and sees him talking to himself. She smiles. He says you are going crazy Kabir. She says what, are you serious, now I m sure you are mad, are you ok, whats wrong with you. He looks at her lost. She asks him to give her file and I card if he finds it. She leaves.

Prashant tells his sad fake story to Kumud to get her sympathy. He is about to hold her hand (Maybe One slap was not enough!!) and Saras walks in saying Kumud. Prashant is shocked seeing him.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Kabir kabir l love u and u are so cute

  2. Wow the episode z going awesum

  3. what happent to the inelligence of kumud and saras now. don’t they know to understand people when they live out of their home? where does their invetigative senses? mr. sanjay leela bhansali ji, why did you make stories without moral senses? is this really happening in life? please continue this story in a good and attractive way with sweet episodes.

  4. we are waiting for samud’s realisation on whats going through the bad heart of prasanth and saras’s strong replay on him before he making any more tuch on kumud. please keep the morale of the story. its a request otherwise we will not be able to watch or support this serial.

  5. I am scared WTF does prashant want. ?????¡¡¡

  6. So cute Anushka.I love her

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