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On her way back, Gunjan again feels someone is following her. She turns around and calls who is there. She then speeds up to go home, then thinks about something and runs backwards. She fells down as something comes in her way.She is shocked to look at what it is.
KT and Rachna goes back in the car, KT thinks about what Rachna did in the resturant. They find dadi in the entrance, she asks where they did. Rachna says meeting, KT says Lunch. Dadi catches them and asks what’s going on. Rachna explains that they had a meeting. Dadi thinks that something is wrong there.
It was Mayank there, Gunjan hugs him. He shows concern that Seema was also looking for her, and the girls here doesnt come out of the house and you are wandering here and there. She tells him she met the family whose daughter was kidnapped.
Mayank says that he doesnt think it was a right decision to come here, Gunjan thinks she must not tell Mayank that someone followed her. She tells him that she is loving the place. He says they must go back home now, she requests him to drink sugar-cane juice before that. They go to the stall, Gunjan asks the man can she extract it from the machine. Gunjan sees a man’s arm as he was looking at them hidden behind the wall. Rachna comes home, she stands in the front of her mirror and says why to worry when you loved; Shayl comes in. Rachna is worried to see her. Shayl smiles at her, she looks at her lunch box and asks why didnt she ate her lunch. Rachna says she was busy with the photoshoot preparations. Shayl asks wasnt the photoshoot today? Rachna says that their preparation wasnt complete today, so it was postponed for tomorrow. Shayl asks that you didnt tell me that you and KT went out for lunch; Gopal told me. Rachna says that they had an important meeting today with the client so she ate there. SHayl says that you just told me that you hadnt the appetite. Rachna says that she said so because Shayl had disliked that she didnt eat her food.
The men discussed that they got a good family, they are wealthy and the guy is also a good one. They wished she Chiraya live happily, her dad complains that Shayl and Bauji didnt come. Prabhu gives him a gift from them, he refuses to take the money envelop but Prabhu emphasises on him to keep it. The lady brings drink, Mayank asks her about Gunjan. She says that she is with Chiraya and appreciates their friendship.
Chiraya stood with the mask on face, she says to Gunjan that it is burning. Gunjan says that your face will glow till tomorrow. Chiraya lights that lantern, Gunjan asks when the electricity will come? Chiraya tells her that there is no electricity there.Gunjan appreciates that she live so happy here in this difficult life.
Chiraya’s mom comes and tells Gunjan that the meal is ready, just a little more time. Chiraya explains that first the men will eat then the females will.
Rachna tells KT on phone that Gopal saw them, and she lied to Shayl that they had a meeting with a client. KT says that he doesnt like this lying, and he is coming to meet her. She says he must not come, and reason that there is age difference between them and she fears that her family will ban there meeting. He agrees.
Gunjan walks in the room worried about the rituals at the village that men will eat before women. She drinks from the jug, Chiraya comes and asks how much will she drink. Gunjan says that she cant eat food. Chiraya says that she will have to run to field at night, he mom comes and asks her to come for food. She tells Gunjan not to drink food. Chiraya says she will explain it to her, Gunjan asks why she lied? Chiraya says that mom will know that she will have to go to field. Seema comes there, Chiraya asks didnt she tell Gunjan about the rules at the village, Gunjan doesnt understand what she is talking about. Chiraya tells her that there arent any toilets at every home. She explains that they only take small sips at night. Gunjan asks doesnt they fall ill, she says they have to do so.

PRECAP: Gunjan comes at the time of wedding and announces that this marriage cant take place.

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  1. hope to show kt rachna more scene

  2. I thimk they should have a dramatic series and gungan should be able to find out more about the girl who was kidnapped

  3. Kt and ruchna was in a next show

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