Ek Hasina Thi 27th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Hasina Thi 27th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Shaurya and Urvashi going to the hotel room. He shuts the door. A guy keeps an eye on him and calls someone. Shaurya and Urvashi lie down together. Urvashi says you are very fast Shaurya. He says yes, I get double fast when I get a beautiful girl like you. This is my life, I keep my heart of my palm, life is full of risk, excitement and challenge. She says yes, you are my type. He asks when will you meet me, tomorrow night. She says what do you know about me, I guess you won’t want to know me later, so…. She kisses him and stops saying I will bring tea. He says I don’t want to meet you, I got what I wanted, my strength is back, I have magic in me, and Durga will know this.

Its morning, Durga talks to Dayal on phone and says I shopped many things for you. He asks what did you buy for you. She says I want just hatred between Dev and Shaurya, Shaurya is jealous and Dev is restless to get the diary, Dev wants to spend time with me, hatred will bloom between them soon. Shaurya’s insecurities will increase now. I told him I m meeting Dev but now I will tell Dev we will meet tomorrow. Dayal says yes, but be careful, they are swords, keep your hand safe. She says I know, did you reach farmhouse. He says no, I m going to temple to take Prasad for Payal. She asks him to take chaat for her. Dayal says sure and smiles.

Suchitra meets Dayal there and they are surprised to see each other. He says I was passing by, so thought to take prasad. Suchitra gives him sweets for Durga. She says I will pray for Durga’s happiness. She leaves. He thinks how can Dev be wrong with such values, no, Lord don’t make my Durga do any mistake in this war. Suchitra comes home and gives Prasad to Rajnath. Shaurya comes and greets her. She gives him Prasad. Rajnath signs him to touch her feet. Shaurya smiles and touches her feet. She blesses him. She says tie this thread, Lord will protect you. Shaurya says my parents are with me to protect me, and even you, if you want, you can tie. She smiles and ties it.

She says be happy always and leaves. Shaurya comes to Rajnath and says just 1 hour left now, if you don’t kick Dev out of this project then your wicket will fall. Rajnath sits calmly and says when I said something will happen in 24 hours, as I was sure, be patient now. Shaurya smiles and says that’s good, then it will be good for your health and future, all the very best. Shaurya comes out and sits on his car. He removes the thread and says Dev needs this protective thread more than me. He gets an envelop in the car.

Shaurya checks it and is shocked to see his and Urvashi’s intimate pics together. She thinks of Urvashi’s words and gets a letter too. He reads it and is shocked as one such envelop is sent to Durga too and she will get it in one hour by courier, stop if you can. Shaurya says I will find out who is blackmailing me, but first I have to stop this envelop from reaching Durga. He reaches Durga’s house and sees her talking to a girl. He is shocked to see its Urvashi and thinks what is she doing here, did she tell anything to Durga. Urvashi blinks him and smiles.

Durga asks what happened Shaurya, its bad manners to stare girls like this. Urvashi tries to scare him. She says Urvashi got hurt by my car, she got hurt and I brought her home, she did not complain in police. She hugs Durga and leaves taunting Shaurya. Durga says she forgot her envelop here. Durga thinks it looks like Urvashi is his friend. Shaurya says she is not beautiful, I won’t even talk to her. Shaurya sees that envelop and is shocked. He takes it and says don’t see its her, bad manners, I will give her.

Shaurya sees Urvashi went. The guard says she went in a car with someone. Shaurya thinks there is someone with her. He sees the envelop with only a letter. She just fools him. He gets a call and its Urvashi. He asks why is she blackmailing her, who is with her. She says if I get angry. I will send oics to Durga, see how I became her friend, I don’t want you gave me. He says what do you want. She laughs and says I won’t tell you, think yourself. Shaurya says only Dev can do this, what a disgusting game. Shaurya comes back to Durga and says I gave Urvashi her envelop.

Shaurya flirts with Durga. She says if dad hears this, he won’t like it, don’t come here without telling me, dad is still annoyed with you. Shaurya holds her and says I miss you so much. She saks him to go now, he can’t change her fate. She says even I have to go with Dev now. She says we did not go yesterday, we are going today, try to understand me please. Shaurya smiles and thinks what Dev wants to do, he will not let this happen. Durga smiles and thinks I want to increase your jealousy and break the brothers’ relation. Shaurya comes home. Rajnath is his room and says I was waiting for you. Rajnath thinks you don’t know what will happen next with you.

Shaurya is burning in jealousy as Durga and Dev are together.

Update Credit to: Amena

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