Sasural Simar Ka 26th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 26th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sid and prem are at the restaurant. Sid says you can atleast be polite with surbhi. If she is taking four steps forward don’t just step back. Prem feels like simar is coming. Sid looks back its surbhi in simar’s sari. Prem stands up. He is smoling. He feels like its simar. Sid says prem looks surbhi is here. Prem is shocke. Surbhi says I requested roli to give me simar’s sari. I hope you doesn’t mind. Sid says of course he won’t mind. Surbhi sits there. Prem thinks I felt like my simar was there. he recalls when he made her select that sari. Sid syas I think we are done. Sid says lets place the order. Sid says we like Chinese.
Prem is looking at him angrily. Prem says what do you wanna eat surbhi ? Roli says you people order I am coming. Sid asks where are yopu going ? She says rest room. Sid wonders whats going on with her / Roli says I wanted prem to marry surbhi and now I wanna stop this marriage. I have to tell everyone the truth. But I promised her that I won’t tell anyone. She says I am sorry didi but I have to break your promise. sHe looks back. Aditi is there. Aditi says I met you at the cliff. She says I remember. She asks what are you doing here ? Aditi says we are meeting for second time in such a large city. Whats your name ? Roli syas I wanna tell you something. Your friend sunnaina died in a car accident. Aditi says no she did not die in the accident. sHe called me after that accident. I talked to her. Roli says are you sure ? Aditi says yeah I am damn sur.e ROli says in heart that means I am not responsible for her death. But who killed her ? Aditi says do you know something about that accident ? Tell me ? Her accident was not normal. Please help me. Roli says I don’t know anything.
Aditi gives her number to roli and says whenever you feel like you wanna tell me something ring me. Roli says if adaiti is sight then I have to figure out who is responsible for all this? Sid comes here and roli what are you doing here ? The paper falls there. Roli says I met an old friend here.
Prem says I am sorry surbhi I know I ahev been rude to you. wHat could I do. My life stopped wher siamr left me but I know that this is a new beginning for you. I will try to understand you. Surbhi says I liked you since the day I met you. I just wanna be with you and make your life easy. I wanna share your problems and same goes for Anjali and family.Prem says everyone says I am lucky that you are in my life. It will take some time but I will try to keep you happy. Roli and sid come back. Surbhi says thank you roli I am so happy today. You gave me a lot with this sari.

Scene 2
Roli is in her room. she says diid I am responsible for this condition of your life and I can’t do anything surbhi is about to take your place in this family. Sid comes and asks whats wrong with you ? You are always in thoyghts isnce you came back from summer camp. Roli says no its not like this. Anjali should sleep here. Sid says don’t bounce the topic. I can see the tension on your face clearly. You should be happy for surbhi and prem but you looked worried. Tell me whats the problem ? Roli says theer is no problem. Maybe I am just tired. Sid says are you sure ? She says yes. Sid says okay let me tell prem that Anjali will sleep here.

Scene 3
Simar is in her room. The door opens. She feels like someone is there sHe asks who is there ? Simar goes out to look. She can’t find anyone. Its quite dark. Simar goes downstairs. She looks every where. Someone touches her. SHe shouts. When she looks back its someone laughing hard.

Precap- roli says when didi went to the cliff she told me that there was no trace of any accident. Aditi said the same. I should meet her. SHe looks for her number but she can’t find it. She say God you did all this and you will solve it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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