Saraswatichandra 26th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 26th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kumud being shocked to see the wall fine and the crack disappeared. She thinks where did the crack go. Saras asks where is the crack. She says it was here, I saw it myself. He says but there is nothing here. She says I don’t understand. He says maybe you felt. She says no, I have seen it. He says its good if the wall is fine, I have to get ready. Kumud says where did the crack go. Saras says cook fast, I have to go office. Kumud sees her and Saras’ pic kept upside down. The maid says whats this paint, its not going. She cleans the floor. She comes to Kumud and says bathroom is not getting water, so can I wash the dusting cloth here in kitchen. Kumud says fine.

She sees the sink unclean. The maid says I cleaned the color near the sofa. She gets a key and keeps it on the table. Prashant sees the wall is fine and smiles. He thinks how he and Mahesh can come in the flat by duplicate keys and repaired the crack in the wall. FB scene shows Mahesh and Prashant covering their crime. Mahesh says you won’t be saved this time, vacant this flat, else we will be caught, you are alone but I have a family. Prashant says nothing will happen, don’t worry. They fill the crack and paint on the wall. Prashant sees Kumud and Saras’ pic and keeps the frame upside down being angry. Mahesh says come fast. They leave. He forgets the keys there.

Prashant thinks about the keys and says oh no, I forgot it there, I have to get it back. Kabir asks Badimaa and Vidyachatur why are they quiet. Vidyachatur sounds sad and says after Kumud and Saras, we used to be sad but Anushka used to keep us happy, but she also left. Kabir is shocked and asks when. Badimaa says don’t you know, just now, go fast. He sees Anushka leaving in a taxi. He calls out Anushka but she does not hear him. He runs to her.

She leaves. He runs after the car. Its Kabir’s dream, he wakes up saying stop Anushka. Badimaa gives aam panna to Anushka and hugs her. Kabir comes and looks at her. Anushka says I did not feel I m guest here, I got family here, thanks. She asks them not to be sad, as she will back here after ending her work. Yash’s mum asks her to come soon. Kabir leaves. Badimaa says we will ask Kumud if she needs anything, so that we can send. Anushka says fine, I will give her anywhere, but I want one more aam panna bottle. Badimaa laughs.

Prashant comes to Kumud and asks for head ache medicines. She says yes, I have, you sit. He looks for the keys. She comes and gives him tablet and water. He takes the tablet and thinks he has to find the key. He asks can you make tea for me. She says sure, I will bring it.

He says I feel relieved with tea when I have headache. Kumud goes to the kitchen. He looks for the keys. He finds the key at the mat and says my phone fell. She gives him tea. She gets Badimaa’s call and says I will rest now. He looks at her four dots on her neck and smiles. Badimaa saks what do you want from here, as Anushka is coming. Kumud says I want you all. Badimaa says don’t joke. Kumud says Moti choor ke laddoo. Badimaa asks about Saras. Kumud says he stays very busy in office. Badimaa says we are missing him, he did not talk to us since many days. Prashant leave shearing about Saras in anger. Kumud says where did he go, maybe he had some work.

Everyone sit for breakfast. Kabir asks about Anushka. Kusum says don’t know where is she. Kabir says I will call her. Anushka comes and says my packing is done. Danny comes and asks for food. Kusum is annoyed. Badimaa asks what happened Kusum, why are not serving him. Kusum passes indirect taunts. Danny says its good you reminded, I had brunch meeting with my client, so I will eat there. He says have a safe flight Anushka. She says you take care of my friend. He says lets see, joking… bye. He leaves. Kusum thinks I know he is going to meet which client. FB scene shows she checked Danny’s phone and read Kiran’s messages.

Saras is upset as it’s a stay order on his project. Kumud calls him and says Badimaa called, she is asking you to call her. He says fine, I will talk later. He ends the call. Everyone ask Anushka to stay. She says no, I have to go. He says tell us that you will go and come.She says fine. Anushka says I will stay next time for long. Everyone smile. Anushka says oh Kabir, bye, I know you did not like my pranks. He says call us and tell your welfare. She says yes. He sees her project which she forgot to pack. He takes the file and hides it in the pillow.

Badimaa gives laddoos for Kumud and for her. She asks Anushka to check everything. Anushka project? Kabir thinks why did she say. Anushka says I did not keep it, how could I forget, where did it go, it was here. Badimaa smiles seeing Kabir. Anushka asks him to see under pillows. He says its not here. She says it had my ID card also, what will I do now.

Prashant thinks he can’t be away from Kumud now. He bumps into her suddenly touching her all over like hugging, and Kumud slaps him hard. (he was really deserving this slap, LOL!!)

Update Credit to: Amena

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