Baawre 26th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Baawre 26th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raghavendra asking Yamini from where did she get the phone. He scolds her and Dadi comes to Yamini’s rescue. Dadi sees Yamini hiding the phone. He asks Dadi as she knows all secrets of Yamini. Dadi says I gave her. He says no, don’t lie to me, if you gave her, she would have told me. Dadi says I have her by my wish. He says I m hurt as you are lying to me to save her, why are you spoiling her. Dadi says mobile is necessity, I gave her for safety. He says no way, no arguments. He says Yamini did this mistake for first time, so I m forgiving, next time I will not control my anger. He asks for the phone. Yamini says Papa, I….. She gives him the phone. He leaves.

Dadi asks Yamini not to cry and tell her who gave this phone. Yamini says Nikumbh gave me this for second task. Dadi smiles. The narrator says Raghavendra understood that this phone can give her freedom, which he does not want to give her, but why did Yamini hide, does she want to get free, is she falling in love. But Raghavendra’s doubts are deep, I think this will be tough for Yamini.

Raghavendra thinks of the phone. He says who gave this to her. He checks the phone and calls on the number. The number is out of coverage area. His wife comes and he asks her is there any affair of Yamini. She asks why do you think so, its nothing like that, she will never do this. He says if I come to know anything such is going on, I will trouble your life. Azam talks to Nikumbh about Yamini. He says she would have been trapped at home. Nikumbh says I have to see how she reacts in tough situations.

He says only then she can become Shakuntala. Azam says if not then. Nikumbh says we will know it soon, lets go for rehearsals. He leaves. Dadi asks Yamini not to think so. Yamini says I m afraid, I m not like Shakuntala. Dadi says what is Nikumbh making you, actor or criminal. She says yes, its good you came, else Papa would have got angry. Dadi says he is doing this for your good, the day you went there, your confidence boosted. Yamini says yes, but what to do now, how to tell him I failed in task.

Dadi says I will come with you. Raghavendra comes and says I will drop her. Azam tries taking a rickshaw and tells Nikumbh that he can’t reach now, why did he go alone. Shaheen might be waiting. Nikumbh says either love sleeping or Shaheen, relax she did not come till now. Shaheen calls Azam and says wow, purple tshirt and blue jeans. He says how do I know. She comes in her car and asks him to come.

He sits in the car and says its so cold. They have a talk on the way, Shaheen is rich and says my dad bought this car for me as he got a good deal. Azam says great, when my dad was happy, he used to give me a samosa. Shaheen laughs. Raghavendra drops Yamini and says I will meet Nawab Sahab. Yamini asks about Nikumbh. Pyaare says he is at terrace, writing script. Raghavendra keeps an eye on Yamini. Azam stops the car. Shaheen asks why. He says it won’t look good, if anyone see us, what will they think. She says no one will think anything.

Raghavendra calls on the number and sees many people’s phone ringing, He gets confused. He sees a phone ringing and waits to see who picks it. Its Nawab Sahab’s phone and he talks to someone and says we have to trust people in our life. Yamini goes to see the designs which Shaheen made. Nikumbh comes and sees Yamini’s missed calls. Nawab Sahab praises Yamini. Raghavendra asks who are Yamini’s friends here. Nikumbh calls back on that number and Raghavendra sees who is calling. Nikumbh stands behind the wall and Raghavendra does not see him. Yamini sees Raghavendra and sees Nikumbh calling on that number. She gets tensed.

Nikumbh sees Yamini and no phone. She signs him not to talk. He sees Raghavendra with the phone. Raghavendra says hello and sees Yamini. She gets tensed. Azam comes and sees this. He says there is something fishy and bumps into Raghavendra to break the phone. He says I will repair it, not a problem. He says sorry, mistake. He sees Yamini and turns. The call log goes. He thinks his doubt was right, but he will show her now. He says I m going and leaves.

Nikumbh and Yamini have a talk. Dadi says Yamini is not at home. Her mum cries. Raghavendra says someone is making her do this.

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