Sasural Simar Ka 25th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 25th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar goes to vikrant and says what you want? why you don’t let me live with peace. what did you say to prem? He says I just said stay away from simar. Simar who are you to say that to him? Why don’t you leave us alone.After so many days his anger settled down. The last two days were dressings to the wound of last two years. I thought prem might forgive me and I will live with peace rest of my life but because of you his resentment has risen. Don’t ruin my life. DOn’t ever meet me again. I will go from here. I don’t want this job neither do I want love here. He says I would never have said all that to you. I don’t know how I said everything when I was drunk. You don’t have to go anywhere. I will go from here and you can stay here. simar says what never happened prem considers it our truth. Please leave me alone. She goes from there.

Vikrant goes out. A manager comes and says have you seen simar? someone attacked her last night. Its a serious matter we can’t leave it. Vikrant wonders who must have attacked at simar. He recalls karan says why do I have to share this friendship with simar. Simar is in the streets recalling prem’s words. Karan sees her and says are you okay? She says yeah I am just not feeling good. he says come I will drop you to hospital. Siamr says I will go by myself. He says no get inside the car. Its an order.

prem is out as well. He is extremely disappointed and can’t fathom the reality of simar’s innocence. he recalls slapping simar and when she begged him to listen to her. He roams from street to street in disbelief. He recalls marrying surbhi.

Simar is in the car with karan. Vkrant calls her but she disconnects. Karan sees it. He is calling simar again and again. Karan recalls how vikrant slapped him due to simar. Roli calls vikrant, he thinks its simar. He says siamr your life is in danger. roli says what are you saying? He says roli please tell simar that her life is In danger. ask her to be careful. I know she asked you not to contact her but its for her life. Someone attacked her last night but she is fine now.

karan says I wanna talk about something vikrant slapped me because of you. Roli calls her. Simar says what is it roli? Karan throws her phone out. Simar says what have you done sir. please stop the car. He says when I talk people just listen. He says vikrant slapped me because of you and you have to pay for that. Simar says driver stop the car. Karan says stop the car. simar gets out of the car. Karan says relax simar I brought you here so no one can disturb us. siamr says you are doing wrong. He says without even listening to me you thought I am wrong.

Mata ji asks roli to call simar again. she says she just picked the call and the phone is off since then. i am so worried for her vikrant wa right her life is in danger. Sid says we have to think something else. call prem. he is in hong kong as well. Mata ji says yeah this is right. Sid calls prem. prem recalls slapping his elder brother in all this. He recalls sid saying you will be crying with repentance when you get to know the truth. Prem doesn’t pick up. Vikrant Is trying to contact simar. Malhotra says to vikrant why you look worried? He says I saw he with mr. Karan a fews minutes ago. He tells him the venue as well. Vikrant goes there. simar is running karan says listen to me please stop. simar says stay away from me. He says I just wanna talk to you stop behaving weird I won’t kill you. Where am I am stuck. He says I have brought you here because I couldn’t talk to you about all this in hotel. Vikrant loves you so much. I can see his love in his eyes. I just wanna see him happy, she says I don’t wanna talk about him. He says I don’t wanna interfere in your life. He has given you a really respected place in his life. he can wait all his life for you. Mata ji is really worried for simar. Mata ji says God please take care of simar.

Precap-Someone comes with a knife to stab simar again. She is sanding alone. he stabs her and she falls down.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Ooh, what’s Karan and Prem going to do?

  2. hai prem will be fight with karan may be.


  4. wow perm how mean ur saying sid is ur elder bro.agar u have rem it when u slap him means it ok but not now cue ki wt ever u did is wrong.and iam damn surd who is trying to stab simar is surbhi hai.

  5. Its surbhi get her.

  6. oh prem now u r thing about your bro

  7. Now wat r u going 2 do prem?
    Karan is just being a gud friend 2 vikrant.
    Vikrant is doing this because he luv simar & want her 2 be happy.

  8. Sid & roli did that because they wanted u both 2 be happy.
    Simar did that for family.
    It’s only u prem who is selfish.
    Now feeling sorry about wat u did ? How disgusting.

  9. Its surbhi and bahut half bhardwaj family surbhi ko ghar se beggar banayegi

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