Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 25th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 25th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nisha being shocked seeing her lahenga burnt and calls her mum to show her. Everyone come there and looks on. Lakshya says how did this happen. Watan says how this happened, its Nisha’s clothes, candles were here and gets angry on servants. His sister looks on. Nisha cries and says no readymade dress can come now. Watan says yes, I have something, you see, if you like it, you can take it. He goes and brings the dress he likes. He says I wanted to give this as Lakshya’s wedding gift and got a dress for Nisha, anyways you can wear it in engagement. Nisha’s mum is glad seeing the costly dress. She says see this is called rich people. Watan says what else I want, its good you liked it.

Watan’s sister thinks why did he lie, and the way he was touching the clothes, don’t know whats going on in his mind. Watan smiles seeing Nisha. Lakshya and Nisha exchange rings and get engaged. Watan claps and says congrats. He hugs Lakshya. Poorvi hugs Nisha and Lakshya. They greet all elders. Watan looks at Nisha and is happy that she is wearing the dress he gave her as gift. He says the small ring which Lakshya gave will be lost soon. Arjun dances with a girl and Gauri looks on. Gauri asks Poorvi what if Arjun is right, that he loves me the most, he did not get angry when I tear his clothes.

Poorvi says forget him now, he does not deserve you, he is not reliable, the guy who says he was timepassing with girls, its so cheap. Gauri says yes, you are right. Poorvi asks her not to think again. She thinks she has to be careful, else Arjun will influence Gauri. A man comes and says Arjun that the light got damaged. Arjun says he will see and leaves. Poorvi follows him to the terrace. Arjun checks the lights. He turns and finds Poorvi.. Gauri comes there and Poorvi hides. Gauri hugs Arjun. Arjun smiles. Poorvi is shocked. Gauri says Arjun you were right, I was missing you a lot.

She asks will you meet those girls now and tell me you love me the most. Arjun laughs and says you are number 1, if 2 and 3 were not there, how would you be no. 1. Gauri says I had to hear this from you. She closes her eyes and he gets closer. Poorvi turns. He asks Gauri to go now. Lahu Muh Lag gaya……………plays……………. Poorvi gets tangled in the light wires. Arjun walks to her and reminds her the bet. He says you have to do what I say now, I can do anything, you know what I want from any girl. He says one night, a good one to pass well. She says what the hell.

He says no English, it has to be desi, it’s a bet. He says it should be fun if I won. She says listen. He says I don’t force any girl, you are in current wire so I won’t touch you now. Hua Chokra Jawaan re……………..plays…………… He says I will forget everything for one night. He touches her and says I want to celebrate happiness with you. He holds her closer and she gets tensed. He says one thing is sure, that no one has touched you like this way till now, and you don’t know how heart gets restless if a man touches a girl like this.

The lights glow. He says I can be your boyfriend too, recall the things you told me all night, I used to be Mrigank for you. He says I know you very well. She closes her eyes. He gets closer and says I can give you happiness, which no one else can give you. Aag ka darya hai……………. Plays………….He goes ahead to kiss her and moves back saying green light has come. He asks her why is she standing like statue. He says the way you are here, you won’t stop me whatever I do. He laughs and says you are finding sound to shout.

He holds her face and says no, I won’t touch you, as you don’t that thing in you. I m not excited seeing you, always remember you may have many guys in your life, but you can’t forget me, as a ill mannered guy like me can never come in your life who left you, as anyone else would have not left you, when you want me to kiss you and sleep with you. He says I m sorry, I can’t touch you, not even with pity. He gets the wires off her. She starts crying. Yeh dil sun raha hai……………plays…………..Arjun leaves. Poorvi sits down holding herself and cries.

Poorvi comes downstairs and sees everyone dancing. Arjun’s mum does not like the women dancing. Sujatha says they should dance in rooms, see their age. Poorvi sees Arjun and cries. Arjun dances with Nisha. Neelima thanks Bachcha Singh for the arrangements. Lakshya says there is just one car and many people. Watan says I will drop you and Nisha. Nisha’s mum says yes, you are friends. Arjun asks anyone to come. Gauri says yes, I will come. Neelima asks Poorvi to go too. Poorvi says no. Neelima says Gauri will be alone, Arjun is not bad, but you too go. They sit in the car and leave.

Watan drops Lakshya and says I will drop Nisha home with full safety. Nisha asks Lakshya to come. Watan says see, she does not trust her Devar, she thinks I will take her. Lakshya says he will drop you, don’t worry. He gets down the car. Watan asks Nisha will she make him a driver, come and sit infront. Nisha sits beside him. Watan smiles.

Poorvi talks to Arjun and says he is alone and he will see how much she likes his car. She asks him to save his car. Arjun smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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