Piya Basanti Re 25th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Piya Basanti Re 25th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Ganga taking Kabeer to her home and sees Ayesha standing wearing veil. Kabeer asks who is she. Ganga says she is Champa Sharmili and is so shy that she does not even come in front of her own parents and asks Champa/Anjali to go back to her home. Kabeer says he thinks he saw this girl before. Ganga jokes that he is seeing Piya in every girl. Kabeer smiles. Ayesha runs from there. Ganga says she will bring mosambi for his breakfast juice and leaves.

Piya does not get sleep thinking how will Kabeer sleeping without AC with mosquitoes. She comes out of her house and does not find Kabeer out.

Ayesha reaches Aditi’s house and says she could not resist coming here knowing about the tragedy. Akshay thanks her. Ayesha says she will stay with her tonight. Aditi thanks her for her support and hugs her. Ayesha gets relaxed.

Ganga calls Neeta and informs that Kabeer in her house and is safe, asks her to get ready in the morning to receive him back, says it is not easy for everyone to stay under mosquito menace. Piya hears her conversation and thinks how can Kabeer stay in Ganga’s house without anyone’s help.

Kabeer wakes up in the morning. Ganga informs him that Neeta and Savita have stopped eating and got ill, they are murmuring your name repeatedly. She says he has to go there right now. He agrees and leaves.

Ganga reaches Geeta’s house and asks her to cheer up now as she sent her problem back home. Geeta asks what she means. Ganga says she sent Kabeer back home as Neeta is unwell. Geeta gets worried and asks what happened to her. She says she is on hunger spree, so she got ill. She then suggests Geeta to get Piya married to Himesh tomorrow itself. Geeta asks how can she arrange it so early. Piya comes and asks Geeta why she wants her marriage so soon and why is she doing all this, says she heard her and Neeta’s conversation yesterday. Ganga says she always wanted her betterment and will not think of harming her.

Kabeer reaches home and asks Neeta and Savita what have they done to themselves. Neeta says now he has come back, they will be fine. He says he came to explain them that he has to go back and they have to get normalized. Savita asks her to stop talking rubbish. Kabeer says he is trying to do on his own for the first time and he is expecting their approval. Neeta says he can stay at home and achieve what he needs. He says to gain something, one has to lose some other thing. Neeta says there is nothing in a world that one has to lose mother to gain something and says he will not geet his destiny/Piya so easily. Savita says Neeta is telling right and tries to convince him. Mahesh gets irked and asks Savita/Neeta to stop explaining him and asks Kabeer to walk out if he wants. He says we did not teach you to argue with elders. He drags him out and says if he wants to go, he can get out. He says we bought you up from your birth till now, but you want to go out for that servant. He says I am there to take care of my wife and sister. Savita asks him to calm down. Mahesh says you both made a drama and called him here, but I do not want this guy in my home back. Aditi asks him to calm down. He says why don’t you people understand that servant has become dearer to him than us and tries to push him out, but stops sees neighbour ladies in front of door. Kabeer asks Neeta and Savita to tell Mahesh that though he does not like Piya, she is his love, so he has to respect his love at least. He says he does not know if he will get Piya’s love or not, he will be happy thinking at least that he tried. He asks them to take care of themselves and leaves.

Neeta calls Ganga and informs that Kabeer left home again. Ganga asks how did this happen. Savita says Kabeer is coming there and she has to take care of him in her house. She asks how can she. Neeta says she will give her how much ever money she wants, but she has to take care of Kabeer. Ganga asks her not to worry and cuts call. She sees Kabeer standing in front of her, listening to her whole conversation. He packs his bags and tries to walk out, she stops him, but he says he does not blame her and says when he has taken such a big decision, he will arrange food and shelter somewhere else.

Ganga informs Neeta that Kabeer left her house after hearing me talking to you.

Himesh calls Rekha to come out fast as they are getting late for the shopping. Rekha comes out and says she is Piya’s friend first and then his sister next and gets back in. She then comes out with Piya. Himesh smiles looking at Piya and holds her hand. Piya is surprised to see his change in behavior.

Precap: Himesh takes Piya in his bike, stops in front of Kabeer and asks her to hold him tightly.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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