Sasural Simar Ka 24th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 24th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mata ji says in heart I have to send simar to shurti. Fake roli says what are you thinking mata ji? Mata ji says I wanted to drink tea from your hands. She says I will make it for you. She stares at mata ji while going. She goes in the kitchen mata ji goes to her room and knocks. She says simar open the door but no one opens. Sanju wakes up, she gets scared and starts crying mama. Mata ji says why is sanju crying and simar not answering. Mata ji sys simar is everything okay. Uma hears sanju crying. She says why is sanju crying. pari says simar is with her why is she crying? Jhanvi says she never sleeps so deep that she doesn’t wake up to sanju’s voice. They all go there and say simar open the door, why is sanju crying. Uma says why are you not saying anything simar. Karuna says is simar okay? Mata ji says is she in the room or she went to meet me to the temple.

Shurti recalls what simar said, that you are not shurti you are roli, my sister. your parents are just actors and the slaps. she says why i feel so bad after slapping her? She said so much about mummy papa, I feel like she has been hurt by my behavior. She is elder than me, I shouldn’t have slapped her.

Prem and all the men come there as well. prem says simar please open the door, sanju is crying. Mata ji says simar is not in the room but what should I do now. What is this roli knows that simar has went out to meet me. fake roli says in heart why is didi not opening the door, is she in the room or not? She says we should break the door. mata ji says no one will break the door, this might harm or scare sanju. Fake roli says but we have to go in. We have to see if simar is okay. Prem says i am going to clamber in from the back window. Prem jumps in the room and finds simar sitting on the bed. Simar is shocked. Prem says simar. Sujata says prem is in there. Prem says simar why are you not saying anything? Mata ji thanks God. Sid says what’s wrong prem. Prem says we have been knocking since so long, sanju has been crying. Tell me what happened. Prem opens the door. Sid says what happened? Simar says what will i say? Simare faints and falls on the bed. prem says open your eyes simar. Simar opens her eyes slowly. Mata ji says are you okay simar? Karuna says it must be weakness. Simar nods, uma says I will bring her lemonade. Prem says what is wrong with you simar? Fake roli says didi why are you not saying anything? She says you don’t have to worry your roli is with you. Tell me what is it? Sujata says why are you quite? Why can’t you share it with us? Simar says actually I was worried about what is happening in the house. I was so tensed that i couldn’t hear or see anything. I don’t know when i fainted. fake roli says whole family is with you, why are you worrying so much. uma comes in and says simar someone has come to meet you. Siamr and whole family is shocked to see that its roli(shurti). Impersonator roli thinks why is she here? Shurti says to simar you are elder than me, I shouldn’t have slapped you. Everyone is bewildered to hear that. Forgive me please i am very sorry. Mata ji says in heart this means simar went outside house, prem says what is she saying? when did she meet you and slap you? sujata says you have been at home whole day why is she saying she met you? Prem says why are you not telling anything simar. simar says she is lying I didn’t meet her. shurti says what are you saying? why are you lying? she met me outside house 25 minutes ago. she said to me that i am roli not shurti, she called my parents actors so I slapped her in anger. i felt bad so I came here to apologize. why are you lying now? sid says simar never lies we all know that. She is lying mata ji. fake roli holds simar’s hand. She says in heart didi you are lying. simar says in heart she know i am lying, shurti says why would i lie? Sid says because you are jhumki and you are behind the green eyed woman. you will tell us the truth. i am calling cops. She says are you all mad? Someone calls me roli some call me jhumki. I am shurti, shurti varma. Shurti says It was my mistake that i came here you all are out of your minds. i am going, sid runs after her.

Fake roli says you went to meet that girl didi? Why i feel like you are hiding something from us. Sujata says what is wrong with you, simar never lies. Rajhinder says we all trust simar. Khushi syas but why she came here then? fake roli says yes and didi is quite as well. Please tell us didi. Mata ji says enough, we dont know why she lied but no one will talk about all this anymore. Sujata take simar to her room.

Precap-Fake roli says you lied to me and broke your promise. why am i mad at you? But i made mistake right, and there is only one way to rectify it. to kill your sister.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. No…. Don’t kill her

  2. chill its impossible dear she cant harm roli

  3. God wen they will reveal d truth?

  4. It’s true when will come out the truth

  5. i thing sid run behind roli some thing will happen

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