Shastri Sisters 24th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 24th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shastri ji asking Anu to sign on the papers, as she has to move on. She says I don’t want to move on, I want to stay with Rajat, is there any way to save the marriage. He explains the need for annulment and says Minty will not forgive you, she will see her failure in you and will hurt you, she won’t let you be happy. She says even Rajat’s life is linked to this, I decided to get separated, but if I take this decision alone, would it be not injustice to him. He says it means its not injustice with us, this relation is not between you and Rajat, we are also involved. He keeps the papers and leaves. Anu cries.

Vrinda sees Alka in the kitchen and sees the red chillies. She thinks of the chillis in Astha’s room, and says no Alka can’t do this, she is not like this. Alka puts red chillies, and Vrinda stops her. Ala says what happened, Rohan likes the spicy potato dish. Rohan comes and asks did she make it ready. Alka asks what happened, why are you worried mum. Vrinda says someone has kept black magic things in Astha’s room. Alka and Rohan are shocked. Vrinda says I felt someone was outside has done this, but Astha doubts that…. Rohan says that Alka has done it. Vrinda nods yes.

Rohan says I will talk to Astha. Vrinda says no, its time that she worries for the baby, let it be. Alka says she wants to tell her something, and asks her to wait. She brings the papers and says she did not wish to break her heart, so she was quiet, Astha is not pregnant, she is lying, see this pregnancy report. Vrinda and Rohan are shocked seeing it. Vrinda says its negative report, why is Astha lying to us. Alka says I m sorry, I did not wish to tell you, but I feel she is planning something against us and want to make you all against me. Alka and Vrinda cry. Vrinda says why did she lie for such thing. Rohan hugs his mum and pacifies.

Alka says you help me, I will make Astha admit that she is lying to us. Vrinda says forgive me Alka, I also doubt on my Alka bahu for a second, I m sorry. Alka says don’t say this, and hugs her. Vrinda kisses her forehead and hugs her. Devyaani brings Anu to the veg stall and makes her smile. Minty comes there and is annoyed seeing Anu there. Anu says I will go, and she passes and suddenly a basket of vegs fall. The vendor asks is she blind. Devyaani argues. Anu picks the vegs and the vendor scolds her as if she has damaged all the vegs and made them rotten by her touch, (stupid vendor, can’t he just rearrange and keep the veg) and he asks for money, else….. Rajat comes and asks else what…..

Neil and Minty stop Rajat. The man asks why are you becoming hero, who is she to you. Rajat slaps him and says she is my wife, apologize to her. The man says I had loss of vegs, I won’t apologize. Rajat beats him red and blue. Minty scolds anu and asks why does she come infront of Rajat, so that he does not stay normal, Rajat is not beating the vendor, he is beating himself, this is not my Rajat, he is someone else. Anu stops Rajat and asks him to leave the man for her sake. Rajat stops and they both cry. Rajat gets away from her and leaves.

Minty asks Anu to leave from Rajat’s life, see his state in your love. (Idiot Minty, can’t you see his state being his mother, stupid woman) Minty says I told Shastri ji about annulment, you might have not signed, whats your plan, you won’t leave him and won’t let him leave you. I request you to spare him. Shastri ji comes and looks on. Anu cries. Minty says Rajat is a good person and he deserves a lot, but not you, why are you standing in the way of his happiness. (Mad Minty, every word of yours, belongs to you here) Minty says I know you won’t sign, tell me did the veg fell or you made it fall. (Minty does not even respect girls, she is the root of all problems, selfish mother to control sons and ruin their lives) Devyaani asks what did she say. Minty says what you heard. Anu asks Devyaani to come and takes her.

Shastri ji sees his daughters. They leave and go upstairs to home. Devyaani talks to Anu and says Minty is the reason of all this. Anu says no, its me, when I met Rajat before, he used to smile and be lively, I don’t remember when he smiled last, Minty is right he is in this state because of me. Devyaani says no, every love story has problems. They see Shastri ji standing at the door. Anu takes the papers. Devyaani stops her and says you are doing wrong. Anu says no, papa’s heart attack, his friendship at stake with Sareen, Rajat’s state, your efforts to make me happy daily, all this is wrong. She recalls Rajat’s anger and the fight. She recalls Minty’s words. Devyaani says fine, I won’t listen to you from now on. She leaves. Anu sees Shastri ji and then the papers.

She thinks I can’t believe this paper can separate me and Rajat. She signs the papers and cries. She gives the papers to Shastri ji. He shows he is unaffected by her tears and takes the paper. Anu says I have signed on the papers, but my relation with Rajat can never break.

Rajat tells Alka and Rohan you have come to show me Anu’s sign, go and tell Anu and uncle, that I will not sign on the papers to get separated with her, this place will always be empty. Minty is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Colors popular should will make another new entry of Bobby ( jaideep suri )
    According to my source neil will hire him to impress devyani by his poems according to plan he will flirt with her at the time neil will make heroic entry and fight with Bobby. The plan has been devised by neil.

    So that he come close to devyani

    Jaideep told yes im entering the show as Bobby after the fight with neil my character will turn negative as I will started liking devyani

    Jaideep has already started shooting and will come in next week.

  2. Just stop this nonsense I don’t no y this writer dragging this anuraj story this much.. They think us we are fools. Whatever nonsense they will show we will keep on seeing. They know that there are so many anuraj fans, for trp rates they making this bullshit. If they make anuraj separate we will keep on watching the show until they unite. But not anymore.. I really quit the show.. Who ever agree to me do the same.. I’m really fed up with this track.. Paaaahh how much they are dragging.. I think they don’t have any other thing in their script.

  3. OMG, who is waiting for the new track???
    Another love triangle: Anuraj and anu’s boss!!!
    Veer(boss) is going to fall in love with anu.

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