Sasural Simar Ka 23rd June 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 23rd June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar says don’t ask for something that can’t be happened. Roli syas I can’t. She says If you don’t wanna tell me okay I will tell the whole family and they will ask you. They have the right to know the truth. Simar says please don’t do this. Simar says why you don’t understand. Roli syas what should I understand the tears of prem or the question of Anjali there where is her mom ? I won’t listen to anything until you don’t tell me the whole story.

Scene 2
Surbhi and Prem are at the restaurant. He asks what should I order for you ? She says whatever you like. Surbhi says I am so sorry for being bugged with you. I overreacted. She says I heard that their sweets are so tasty. Prem says they are okay. Do you like Italian ? He says just okay. Surbhi says I am so excited for this wedding. If someone would ask me a reson two marry you I will give them so many. Your family, Anjali and you. You are such a perfect man. You are caring truthful and loving. Whats your reason to marry me ? He says because the family said so. Surbhi says then you should not marry me. Prem says why ? SHe says its like a deal where there is no love.

Scene 3
Simar says you know I never break my promises. Roli says what about the promise you made to your husband ? The one you made to the family ? The one you made to me and Anjali. Will you break all the promises. Simar says stop it roli I can’t bear it anymore. I will tell you everything buyt you have to promise me that you won’t tell anyone in the house that I am alive.

Scene 4
There at the house everyone says sid you made a such a good decision by sending them together. Surbhi and prem come in. Sid asks how was the luch prem ? You guys are late. Prem leaves. Mausi ji says don’t bombard them with questions. He asks surbhi how was the lunch ? She leaves in tears. Sid stops her and asks what happened ? She says I realized that prem is doing this marriage for the family. He has no importance of me in his life. He ahs only simar in his life. I don’t wann take simar’s place. He is not making any place for me. He is just making a deal.

Roli says to simar come back home before its too late. Simar says I beg you don’t increase my problems. Roli thinks how should I tell her that prem is engaged to surbhi. Simar asks her to swear on her that she won’t tell anyone and won’t let Anjali say either.
Simar syas I knew about you all getting the news of my death and dead body. I knew everything but I had to hide. I did this all for the better of family for you. When I reached there at that day.. Simr recalls that she was talking to roli and someone shoved her. Then the same guy held her hand to save her. Simar said who are you what is this ? Leave my hand ? He said I could kill you but I want you to die with pain. I heard everything you said. You said to to her sister that nothing happened. SHe killed my wife last night. She is murderer. SHe destroyed my house. I won’t leave you and your sister. SImar said please listen to me. Simar says my sister is not responsible for this There were thugs after him and she couldn’t see anything. Its Vikran he said your sister’s mistake ruined my family and took mom of my daughter. Ask her to give my wife back to me. My mom was against our marriage but after brith of our daughter she forgave us. They were all waiting for us to come back and we were about to go but your sister killed her. Simar said please this was an accident my sister didn’t do anything deliberately. I beg you to pardon her. He said what you want me to forget my wife. Will you tell this all to my daughter. WIll you tell her to pardon the murderer of her mom. There is only one way that I can fogive your sister you have to my mom. Simar said I will the mom of your daughter I will own her. I can do anything to save my family. I will make sure that your daughter never misses her mom. He says don’t try. Tell me yes or no? Simar said yes. He said okay I will pardon your sister if you act as a sister for me. The day you break your promise your sister will be before the jail bars. You have to act like sunnaina.
Simar says to roli from that day simar is sunnaina. Roli is so shocked. SHe says that means I am the murderer of sunnaina and you are far away from everyone because of me. Roli says don’t blame yourself. Roli aks how were you clothes and jewelry on the dead body. SImar says vikran did all that. I went to Ahmedabad on the documents of sunnaina. They are both in tears.

Precap- Sanju comes home and hugs vikran.s baa asks why are you back so early ? SImar says I got ill there. Sanju tells vikran that I made a friend there she called my mom hers.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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