Main Naa Bhoolungi 23rd June 2014 Written Episode Update

Main Naa Bhoolungi 23rd June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sunaina asks Mohanto if his decision of getting their daughter divorced is right. Mohanto says he does not wish that, but he has no other choice. Sunaina says I have spoken to Samaira’s father and he does not have any problem with Samaira marrying Aditya.

Nurses take Madhu to doctor’s cabin. Madhu sees Mohanto sitting in doctor’s cabin and starts crying, pleading him to take her home. Mohanto says he promises that he will take her home soon, but she has to listen to him and asks her to sign the papers. Madhu asks what is there in these papers. She is shocked to sees that they are divorce papers and asks Mohanto how can he ask her to sign divorce. Mohanto says he is doing it for Arnav. Madhu asks if he is worried about Arnav, then why don’t he take her home. She says Aditya is doing all this as he loves Samaira/Shikha. Mohanto says Aditya denied marrying Samaira, but he made him agree for Arnav’s sake. He requests Madhu to sign papers. Madhu says she will never sign and says she is seeing a father first time trying to destroy his daughter’s life. She says if my mother would have been alive, she would not have let this happen. Mohanto forcefully takes Madhu’s thumb impression on papers. Samaira watches that and smirks. Madhu pleads to help her while being taken away. Mohanto requests to forgive her.

Samaira comes to Madhu’s room and says if she would have listened Aditya and signed divorce papers, she would have been freed by now, but she is so egoistic. She says now be in mental ward till you are alive.

Aditya sees Mohanto and Sunaina come from outside and asks where had they gone. Mohanto says he had gone on an important work and gives him divorce papers. Aditya astonshingly sees divorce papers and asks why he took this decision so early. Mohanto says it was needed and he had to take Madhu’s thumb impression as she was not ready to sign. Aditya says Madhu must have felt very bad. Once Mohanto goes from there, he smirks and shows Samaira divorce papers. He says she will become Mrs. Aditya Jagannath soon.

Avinash says Shikha/Samaira he cannot let her marry Aditya. Shikha says it is the only way to get back Manav as Mohanto loves Arnav/Manav very much and would not part ways with him, so she has to marry Aditya to adopt Manav legally. She says one more reason to marry Aditya. Avinash asks what is that.

Madhu remembers the whole incidents happened recently, Shikha informing her that Shikha is not yet dead, etc. Nurse brings her food, but goes out hearing alarm without locking the door. Shikha hears a voice in her room and sees a mad man hiding under food table. She gets afraid and calls wardboy. Mad man tries to strangle Madhu, but nurses rescue her on time and take mad man out. Nurse informs that he killed his wife, but judge instead of sending him to jail sent him here as he is mad.

Samaira and Aditya celebrate with a champagne. Aditya congratulates Samaira and calls her Mrs. Samaira Aditya Jagannath. Samaira says he is not Jagannath after divorce and says he will get a habit of being called Aditya Seth soon. She gets a call from doctor who says a senior doctor is coming to check up Madhu and says till these days he used to give sedatives to Madhu, but tomorrow he won’t be able to give it. Samaira informs about it to Aditya who says he will buy senior doctor also. He says with money everything can be bought except love. Samaira thinks the truth that Madhu is not mad should not come out.

Precap: Senior doctor checks Madhu. Samaira and Aditya hurriedly come there. Samaira thinks doctor should not know that Madhu is not mad.

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