Saraswatichandra 23rd June 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 23rd June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Saras coming home late. He looks at the time and opens the door with the duplicate keys. He enters and sees Kumud sleeping on the sofa. He shuts the door. He sits near her looking at her. He touches her and she wakes up/ She says you came, lets go, I m ready. He says its very late. She sees the time. He says sorry. She asks why, it rained, its not your mistake. He says no, for always, I get busy in work and don’t give you time. O piya……….plays…………. He says when I come home, I don’t spend time with you. She says I understand. He says I was not like this before, this work is new for you, its taking time, you go home for few days.

She asks why. He says as everyone miss you there, you also miss them. She says but you alone here. He says I will be in work all day. She says I came here to support you, not to enjoy holidays. He says you will always be with me, everyone miss you there, they will be happy and till then my work will settle somewhat, I feel sad seeing your sad face, go for my sake, I will feel good. She agrees. Its morning, Saras talks to his client on phone. Kumud thinks she is going but she is worried, feeling something is going to happen. She packs her bag.

He sees Kumud’s sad face and ends the call. He asks what happened. She says I don’t feel like going. He says yes I can see, what else. She says I don’t know I m feeling afraid, I feel like something very bad is going to happen. He asks why. She says I don’t know, just an intuition. He says Kumud, we have seen many ups and downs, and bear a lot in life, but did not leave each other, good things happens with good people. He holds her hand and says your Saraswatichandra will not leave you for all 7 births. She smiles. He hugs her.

Danny comes home and says Kaka……… Vidyachatur is helping the women in kitchen. Danny comes there and asks why are you doing this. Vidyachatur says what do you want to say. Badimaa says he always help us when he is free and has holiday. Danny asks for his sign. Danny says I want to tell everyone about Kabir, he scolded me, he thinks we planned Anushka to come here, so that he likes her and marries her, but he said he will not marry. Kusum says but how did he think this. Danny says I cleared everything to him, that Anushka came herself and will go back after her project.

Danny asks Kusum to be with Anushka, not to tell anything to Kabir, else he will feel bad. Badimaa says yes, shall we take this ahead, they are good for each other. She praises Anushka. Kusum says no use, as Anushka does not want to marry. Saras and Kumud have breakfast. Kumud thinks why does not Saras stop me. Saras thinks I can’t see you sad and alone here, atleast there you won’t be alone. He says I will drop you at airport. He gets a call and says I don’t care about the meeting, I have to drop my wife, cancel the meeting. Kumud says Saras, go for meeting, I will go, work first. Saras says fine, I m coming.

Anushka carries heavy books and says OMG, these books are heavy than me. Kabir comes there and says I was passing by and thought to pick you. She asks why. He takes the books from her hand and says I need to talk to you, come. They sit in the car. She says say. Kabir says actually, I had to confess something, I don’t play cards, and not drink wine, I did that murder drama because………. She says as you felt your family is making you get married to me so you wanted to scare me and make me run, don’t be shocked, I heard you and Danny talking. He says I m sorry. She says don’t say sorry, even I don’t want to marry as I don’t believe in this.

He asks why. She says as marriage and the partner changes us, we think why we married, we lose our identity, I have seen bad marriages, people get bored with each other, then cheating, lies, breaksup, marriage is a poison. Kabir listens to her. They leave for home. Saras and Kumud come near the taxi. Kumud is sad. Saras says I will try to settle my work soon, then you can come soon. She says you take care, have food on time, call me if you need anything. He smiles. Saras gets a call from client and says I will talk later. She says answer it. He talks to him and keeps him on hold. He tells Kumud that he will miss her. She says I will miss you too. Kumud sits in the car.

Saras and Kumud look at each other. They wave bye with their hearts sinking. Kumud leaves. Kumud cries on the way to airport. Vidyachatur signs on the papers. Everyone have a talk and laugh. Kabir and Anushka come together. Danny asks how come you both together. Kabir says I was near library and saw her. She gets her dad’s call and says I m fine, I will end my project in two days and will come back to Mumbai. Kabir is shocked. She tells Kusum that her dad has send flight tickets, I m going in two days. Kusum asks nher to stay with them for some more days.

Badimaa says the same. Anushka says I have to submit my project there. Danny says one week won’t affect. Anushka says even I want to stay, but not possible, I feel this is my home and now I m going somewhere else, but I have to go one day. She says I will come in my vacations and make icecream for you all. She smiles. Kabir thinks……….

Prashant looks at Kumud’s flat and says why did she not come in balcony today. He brings his binoculars and sees everywhere in her flat. He says is she at home or not. He sees Saras at the gate and goes to talk to him. Kumud thinks about Saras and their moments in Mumbai. She smiles. She thinks of Saras’s promise that he will always be with her like a moon stays with its light. She stops the car. Prashant asks Saras are you coming from office. Saras says yes. Prashant asks did Kumud go anywhere. Saras looks at him.

Kumud comes home happily to surprise Saras and sees Saras working at home with Nikki. She is shocked. Saras sees her too.

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