Sasural Simar Ka 22nd November 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 22nd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar says Vadahi what are you saying? Vadahi says Vikram is the same person who ruined my life. Simar is dazed. Vikram is filling Anjali’s hairline. Simar runs in. She sees he has filled her hairline. Simar is in a shock. Pandit ji says you are husband and wife from now on. Take blessings from your elders. They touch feet of Mataji, Saroj, Agarwal, tao ji. Vikram sees Vadahi and wonders if simar knows everything. Simar comes in and slaps Vikram. Everyone is bewildered. Prem says simar.. What you did. Simar says what I should have done before. Saroj says what have you done Simar ji. Vikram is your son in law. How can you slap him? What has he done? Simar says you are saying that? don’t you know what he has done? He has done a sin he should be punished for. Simar brings Vadahi inside. Vadahi stands in front of Vikram. Simar says you all wanna know why I slapped Vikram? Then you all will hear truth from Vadahi. His truth. Speak up Vadahi. Saroj says Prem what is all this? stop all this. Prem says simar.. Simar says so one will speak. Only Vadahi will speak and everyone will listen. Their son’s truth that they hid from us. Speak up Vadahi I am with you. Vadahi says he is that guy. Vikram Agarwal who kidnapped me before my wedding. He ruined my life. He is that person who crushed my future and life. Because of whom I am homeless. KB says you drama. Don’t do this drama here. And if you knew everything why you stayed quite? Vadahi says Vikram threatened me if I say anything he will do the same with Anjali. Everyone is shocked. Vadhai says Aunty please save anjali from me. Simar says is there anything left to be heard. Vikram claps. He says thank you everyone for insulting my family. This girl ever since she is here she keeps saying something about me and my family and you all just hear like statues and listening the truth. Everything she said is lie. Vadahi says I am lying? Ask his family. They know the truth. Vikram says enough.. Simar stand sin front on Vadahi and says don’t dare threatening her anymore. Saroj says what are you saying simar ji this girl is lying. I know my son. I know he can never do this. Vadhai says didn’t you apologize me and asked me to forget everything? and tao ji you? Didn’t you beg me to stay quite? Saroj says enough with this drama. Screaming won’t convert lies in to truth. Agarwal says Simar ji you are risking your daughter’s life because of a stranger? Simar says truth is truth. Prem says simar you proved anjali’s happiness doesn’t mean anything to you. how can you blame your son in law because of this thief. you chose this girl over your daughter. you made a decision which ruined our lives and now you are making same decision. Simar says if you think roshni is lying. Ask Roshni. Prem says did you see Vikram Roshni? Roshni says not Vikram I saw his friend.. prem says she saw vikram’s friend. You heard that? Simar says please think about it. Its about anjali’s life. What if vadahi is right. Think how can we give our daughter to a sinner like him? Prem says in heart oh God what if all this is right. Saroj says prem rajhinder mataji say something. Tell them. They are ruining our kids’ life before it started. Tao ji says let us do bidai. After that we can talk about all this. Simar says this bidai won’t happen. Mataji says Simar listen to me. Simar says how can we give our daughter to them. Maaji says we can’t ignore the fact that anjali is married to Vikrma. We have to solve everything in private later. Rajhinder says truth is still unkown. Simar says trust me what Vadahi said is right. Simar says I won’t let my daughter go with this guy. This bidai won’t happen. And thats my decision. KB says this is why I wanted to do Anjali’s kaniya dan. This woman can’t take anjali’s happiness. Piyush says shut up KB. If you say a word about ma I will not leave you. This Vikram is a criminal. How can you give Anjali’s hand in his hands? I am her brother. And as a brother I won’t let this happen. Agarwal says everyone is giving their decision. No one asked anjali what she wants. She is an adult and can decide whats good and whats bad for her.
Tao ji says yes final decision should be of Anjali. Saraoj says whats your decision anjali?
Anjali says before deciding anything i want to talk to vikram in private. Simar says i can’t leave you alone with this guy for a moment. Anjalu says we got married and I have right to talk to him at least. Prem says enough simar. prem says you can talk to Vikram. Anjali and Vikram go to a room.

Anjali asks vikram is that true? what vadhai is saying. Please answer me. Vikram says what you think? she says I don’t know. Vikram says what your heart says? Anjali says I don’t know please don’t confuse me. Vikram holds her face and says do you trust me? Look at me in the eyes. Do you love me? And then say I, your Vikram can stoop this low? Vikram says I know we haven’t spent much time together but i thought by now you understood me. But I was wrong. Anjali if you don’t trust me. If you think that girl is right, then okay. You can cancel this marriage. I will accept whatever you decide. Because I really love you. And i always will.

Precap-Anjali says Vikram you said if I doubt you 1% I can cancel this wedding. I have 100% trust in you and I believe you can’t do this. I trust my husband and I will go with him.

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