Mr. Stalker and I~Epilogue

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Swara’s pov

The clock struck three as I completed my daily kitchen chores and set to take a proper shower to cool myself. As I entered the washroom and undid my top, I heard a groan and looked back. My eyes widened, jaws dropped and touched the ground when I saw him in only a towel covering his lower half. Where did he enter from? When did he come?

“S*xy” he said as he neared the distance between us. I took a step back with his every step until I hit the wall. He was driving me crazy with his wet hairs as the tiny drops of water fell from his hairs, dripping on his chest and finally disappearing at his navel. I trembled as he tugged his arms around my waist.

“What are you doing here?” I asked, gloating as he kissed my cheeks.

“I have come to see you, baby” is he trying to seduce me?

“What if my husband comes and watches you here, with me?” I smirked to which he groaned.

“Let him come, we’ll see then. For now let’s enjoy and I’m sure he’ll be happy to watch me pleasuring his wife” he winked and pressed his lips to mine. Our tongues entwined and we sucked like it was what we never did!!.. My hands went down massaging his abs. The kiss was a delight and it felt so amazing with him.

His mouth devoured my neck, bitting and nibbling the skin there he went down and kissed my cleavage. A slight moan skipped my mouth as he unclasped the hook of my bra and threw it away. He kneaded my one bre*ast and then the other simultaneously. His teeth scrapped my ni*ples but he didn’t show any mercy. It hurt but at the same time it felt amazing!!..

He went down and kissed my bellybutton. His hands moved everywhere as he kept teasing & tweaking my candies. His hands reached down to my thighs and rubbed it there making me moan again. My hands went up and fisted his hairs with so much of pleasure.

“Are they wet for me?” he touched my soaking panties and I nodded in approval.

“Tell me, are they wet for me?” he spoke in a demanding tone “I want to hear it”

“Yes” and he stroked my cl*t with his fingers.

“Shit” I muffled and bit down on my lip as he tore my panties and rubbed my wet p*s*y.

“You’re so wet, baby” he spoke, stroking my cl*t and the pain between my legs increased!!..

Within seconds, he inserted two fingers into my entrance and my hips jerked up at the sudden arousal. He was fingering me and I moaned his name over and over again. His other hand stroked my cl*t and pinched it every time I spoke his name. He came up kissed me gently on my lips, this s*x was amazing and I never had one like this!!..

“I’m close” his hands were doing magic on me.

“Hold on, baby!” he whispered back and I was taking deep breaths not to come then and there.

“I can’t”

“Okay! Come” and with that my hips bucked and I closed my eyes in extreme pleasure as I rode through my organsm. My eyes were still closed in the bliss and his mouth replaced his fingers. I moaned in surprise as he rolled his tongue over my sensitive bundle of nerves and entered into me. The pleasure he was giving me was extreme and I wanted more. His teeth nibbled and sucked my cl*t and I held his hairs and pulled him closer to me. My hips jerked up again as I rode through the second organsm.

His mouth still on my p*s*y. I moaned and groaned at the same time unable to bear the pleasure he was giving me.

“So sweet” he mumbled against my wet lips and I went crazy as he plunged his tongue up inside of me before sucking on my cl*t. He nipped me and I pressed down at the back of his head as I raised my hips, wanting more of what he was giving me. He was patient as he pleasured me I shook desperately as I got closer.

“I love burring my face between your thighs and pleasuring you. I love tasting your flesh and the way you always want more” he whispered and I whimpered weakly as I came again.

He scooped me in his arms in a bridal style and placed me on the bed. He laid down beside me. We were shrinking for breathe.

“Does your husband love you like I do?” he whispered huskily.

“No” my breath hitched the way he was seducing me.

“Is it?” he asked seductively.

“Yes” I replied and kissed his chest.

“But it’s bad to cheat on your husband” he smirked.

“Let it be. I’ll not let him know. I guess he’ll be pleasured to watch me pleased?”

“Ahan?” he pushed me on my back such that I was underneath him. He kissed me again and his mouth devoured my bre*sts. My body was sore by now but his lips on my ni*ples were demanding for more. His member pressed against my entrance and I could see a teasing smirk there.

“Don’t tease me” I complained “I need you now”

“Tit for tat” was what he said and kept rubbing his member there on my entrance. My lower half pained as he kept doing that and I felt dizzy. Tears brimmed out of my eyes & he stroked me all of a sudden. I moaned his name loud.

“Shh… Be sound. They may be home by now” he shushed me & kissed my lips “Sorry” he wiped my tears off and kissed my temples. He stroked slow not as hard as I needed him now.

“Baby please, harder” and he complied. His every stroke just hit the right spot “Oh! Right there…. Yes right there”

He pressed his body on mine and kept stroking, our chests preased together & his lips working roughly on mine.

“I’m close” I dig my nails onto his back and he came right behind me. We laid down to catch our breathe. By the time I gained my senses, the was lying there still, I rolled over him as I teased my entrance with his member.

“Now my turn”

“Ah! You don’t need to….” his voice trailed as I guided his member inside me.

“Swaraaa..” he groaned as I slammed down on him again and again. He pulled himself up in a sitting position & held my waist. I rode him as fast as I could. My nails dug again to the sides and I am sure it would hurt. I tensed up again for the fifth organsm.

“Sankyyy” I moaned.

Sanskar’s pov

She moaned my name as she got closer. Her hands went down to her ni*ples, pinching them as she rode through the organsm. This was my favorite sight, watching my s*xy wife. I knew she was tired by now and I pulled her into my arms and laid her down on the bed, still inside her.

“Let it be” she spoke as I tried pulling me out of her “I want you inside me & I want to feel you. I missed you”

“I missed you both” I kissed her lightly and placed another kiss on her stomach.

Swara was four months pregnant by now and I was happy to add a new member to our family again. Well we had three already: Ansh, Harsh and Swaransh.

“I’m not going to have anymore. This is the last” she spoke tiredly.

“But I want a new one every year” I teased and her jaws dropped.

“It’s me who gets pregnant and has to push the child not you, shameless” she smacked my chest.

“Acha okay” I laughed “Happy 8th Wedding Anniversary”

“Same to you” she pecked my lips. Life had been so wonderful since the day she was with me. Never did we think of falling in love & when we fell we never thought it would turn to this extent.

Love brings up emotions that run the gamut from agony to ecstasy. Love can inspire us to accomplish some of the craziest and most amazing feats.

Love can make you happier than you’ve ever been, sadder than you’ve ever been, angrier than you’ve ever been. It can elate you and deflate you almost at the same time.

People have searched for centuries to find the right way to say “I love you” and to try to explain those butterflies in your stomach, that warm fuzzy feeling in your belly and that heart skipping a beat.

There is always some madness in love. But there is also always some reason in madness.

“Mom, Dad? Are you both done with your romance?” Swaransh shouted. He was the smallest of all but the most naughty child of ours.

“Lo… Shuru ho gaya tumhara ladla (See, you’re baby started again)” I made faces.

“But I have only one baby” she rolled over her hand down from the top of my head and bitting my chest, seducing me.

“Acha? (Is it?)” & we continued our romance again.

In the evening, I took her out on a date to a restaurant. It was nothing so big or lavish but the way she wanted to be!!..

“Beautiful” she whispered in my ear, sliding her arms into mine. Sometimes even simple things make us happy. We had our dinner and after we finished up, I arranged a chair and a guitar for me to settle down right in front of her. na re na na na
Na re na…

Mera din bhi tu, meri shaame tu
Mere raat ke sapno mein tu
Meri aahatein tera naam le
Yeh baat tu maan le

Sau saal ka mera ik din ho
Jisme teri tasveere na ho (na ho..)

Berut si hai meri yeh zindagi
Jisme teri khushboo na ho

O meri jaan, tum ho kahaan
Dhoondhe tujhe mera dil..

Meri pehli mohabbat, pehli mohabbat
Pehli mohabbat hai woh..
Meri.. pehli mohabbat, pehli mohabbat
Pehli mohabbat hai woh…

The song ended and I could see water forming in the side of her eyes. I sat down beside her & we hugged. The music played again, a different one this time as I gripped her hands to pull her into the stage but she was reluctant.

“My back is paining” I got conscious “I’m okay. Let me settle down for sometime”

We sat there staring each other that felt like hours. Slowly I felt something smooth travel up to my thigh and down again. A smirk played on her lips and she moved up her leg on my inner thighs and then close to my core.

“You’re going to pay for teasing me in public” my head fell back at the sudden assault.

“I’m ready, my Mr. Stalker ?”

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  4. awesome dear.i will waiting for your another post

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      This is the last… It’s the epilogue

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  7. Anishaaa i 1st time seriously cried in ur FF… God the song .. it’s just tooo beautiful …. !! it’s one of my fav song n soo near too my heart !! it’s signifies d situation n 1st love soo well.. “MERI PEHLI MOHABBAT”… huhh still can’t stop my tears !!
    Loved it loved it loved it … <3 …
    Thnk u.. ;-*

    1. Anisha


      Even I love the song…

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    Beautiful epilogue… gonna miss dis ff

  12. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Superrrr ending dear.. Aww, my swasan????..Loved it.. Haww, 4 children,swasan gonna never change??.. And this song.. Love it, it’s one of my fav… Keep writing like this dear..
    Take care
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