Mahek 22nd November 2016 Written Episode Update

Mahek 22nd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Karona says to Sharma family that i have come to apologize on Shaurya’s behalf, i know his mistake should not be forgiven but Shaurya is guilty, i know he has anger issues, he has egos but he is not that bad as he is trying to be, he realizes his mistake. Jeevan says its mother’s habit to love her child even if he is Ravan, Karona says i understand what you people had to bear, i am woman too and putting allegation on girl’s character is worst, Kanta says we dont want anything from Shaurya, neither his arrogance nor his apology, just leave us, Karona says can i talk to mahek alone? Ravi says enough is enough, forgive us but please leave, Karona starts leaving but Kanta asks Mahek to take her to her room, Mahek goes with Karona inside, whole family is miffed with Kanta for allowing Karona to talk with Mahek, they all glare Kanta.
Shaurya is getting call, he wakes up and has hangover. He says how people drink that much? He sees Rajiv’s call, he picks it, Rajiv says today is finals of show, where are you? Shaurya says i am coming in 30minutes, he ends call. Servant brings lemonade for him, he says Karona ma’am asked you to give it, Shaurya drinks it and asks where is maa? servant says she went to old Delhi, shaurya thinks.
Karona says to Mahek that i want you meet Shaurya one last time, Kanta comes there and says she wont meet him, we are common people, we forgot that we dont have riches and cant bear pressure that comes with it but now we dont want anything, leave us alone, Karona says today is show’s finals and Shaurya wants Mahek to come there, Kanta says we wont send her. Karona says after last day’s incident, Shaurya’s investors have stopped deal and want Mahek to forgive Shaurya publicly, only this way he can save his deal. Mahek says i will forgive him, i will go to show’s party too but just tell me one thing what mistake did i do to deserve all this? why he kept taunting me that i am middle class? why rich people like you think that we are greedy and selfish people? we only run behind love and relations not behind money. Karona says to Mahek that you know why he hates middle class people so much? because he himself is middle class, his mother was so ill but he didnt have money to get her treated and he lost her at age of 10, Kanta says it means you.. Karona says yes Shaurya is not my son, Mahek is shocked hearing it. Karona says he is son of my husband’s first wife, i still remember, 18years back, the phone call of that kid. Flashback shows kid Shaurya calling Karona and says i want to talk to my father, she asks what is your father’s name? Shaurya says Harish Khanna, Karona is stunned. Flashback ends. Karona says my husband Harish was middle class too but he was not like you people, he used to run behind money, he was assistant of my father and my father used to like him a lot, he used to think that Harish is hard working guy so he got me married to Harish. After 8years of marriage, i got to know that Harish was already married and he never told me that he had 8years old son. Flashback(fb) shows, Harish beating Shaurya for calling Karona, fb ends. Karona says Harish tried to hide Shaurya from me, he scared Shaurya by beating him but God is with everyone. Flashback shows Karona coming to meet 8years old Shaurya and his real ill mother, mother says my husband Harish left me because of you, i lived with it but this illness is not letting me live, he didnt accept Shaurya, his son but if you dont accept him then he will beg on roads. Karona pulls Shaurya in and hugs him. Karona bring Shaurya to home, Vaitlana says he is dirty child, we dont even know if he is Harish’s son, Karona says Harish’s face is showing that Shaurya is his son only, Vaitlana says still keep him away from my vicky, dont know how dirty is his blood, flashback ends. Karona says to mahek that i might have brought him in that house but nobody accepted him, he got mother but he didnt get father even if he had real father, i tried a lot but Shaurya was abused in my house, he was raised like illegitimate child. Karona says you wanna know why he hates middle class people so much? because his father is middle class and he hates his father, he sees shadow of his father in all middle class people, he is the man behind Shaurya’s real mother going away, i tried to remove poison from his heart but his fate wants him to burn and worst thing is that whoever come closer to him, gets burned too like you Mahek. Its your decision to come in party or not, to forgive him or not, its upto you, she wipes her tears and leaves, Mahek is in shock.

Scene 2
Jeevan says to family that we shouldnt go near mad dog, after Mahek slapping Shaurya, he is like mad dog so no one showed go to his show. Balwant says you are right, Jeevan says Shaurya is snake and can bite anytime, Mansi asks Kanta to say something, Kanta says i am listening to everyone, PD says ask Mahek too. Balwant says we listened to her a lot, now what we want will happen. Mahek says you are right, what you want will happen but i want to say something, Shaurya misbehaved and i slapped him infront of him but nobody saw what i did with him, i didnt understand why he used to be so irritated with me, why he used to taunt me about being middle class, i taunted him about being different from his mother, how he is not like his mother not face wise nor value wise, i even called him that his mother must have brought him from somewhere and today when i got to know his life’s truth, i know i have hurt him a lot, i have scraped his deep wounds unknowingly, he could have thrown me out of competition, it was his competition but he didnt because he does respect and value my talent, he told me once that he might hate cook but he can never hate good dish, he could have given me less marks and evict me from show but he values talent, i dont want a slap to destroy someone’s life and future, i dont know why shaurya’s chapter opened in my life but if i am ending it then i want to end with no grudge and no negative vibe. Mahek says i wont meet Shaurya after this day but if by me going to show’s final, he can have deal with this investors then i want to go, it will lessen my guilt and will be like repent for taunting and hurting him earlier, i just want this but i will do what you people want, all think about it.

PRECAP- Investor says to Shaurya that i hope Mahek comes here before show ends if you want this deal to happen. Mahek enters show’s set with her family, Rajiv says there she is. Reporter says to Mahek that you left show in middle, and you are back here, any specific reason for that? Mahek nods, Shaurya narrows his eyes at her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Moni7

    Hai frnds….good episode… pretty much excited for tmrw’s episode…. mehak felt pity for shaurie….now coming to the promo… Wow great how suddenly shaurie started feeling for mehak…..he s literally broken down…eyes filled with tears…wen she engaged to ajay….. shaurie’s head down.. he can’t able to see that …..mehak too have the same feeling….she turn n see shaurie…precap ….shows he still have anger on mehak…he glares her….may be tmrw vl give 25 lakhs to mehak….how it happens that blossom of love.. it s shaurie’s fate … Who ever he loves they left first alien shruti now mehak …poor shaurie..

    1. I’m little confused..y mahek accept Ajay and got engaged to him…then wat abt her sister who loves Ajay???
      Is She accept Ajay to get engage her sister just for money sake…

  2. Preethi ilang

    Hi friends…..nice episode….poor shaurya…..i think after this apology he ill start to fall in love with mehek….

    1. Moni7

      Hai preethi dear…..

  3. Hey guys,
    How are u all?Today’s epi was too gud.So finally our handsome hunk shaurya’s past is revealed.N well said Mahek, shaurya really respects ur talent.Hope Mehak develops a soft core for shaurya but still many tasan’s are left.

    Welcome Pari to the TU family.I was glad to see ur cmt.Keep cmting.

    Hey rayna, too glad to know that u r also a die hearted fan of twinj.I too miss them a lot.Each n every twinj moments r stored inside my small mind.They come in my dreams as well.I will never forget twinj.I was a fan of twinj n will always remain a fan of twinj like u.Hope the jodi of Mehrya also does the same magic that twinj did.

    Luv u guys a lot.Gud night.Sweet dreams.Bye.

    Lots of luv,

    1. Hello twinj.How are you dear?I will also remain the fan of twinj forever.Missing them a lot.Hope for season-2 of TEI.

  4. Soo sad for Shaurya past. Mahek got guilty feeling for Shaurya. New promo is engagement of mahek and Ajay and Shaurya breakdown waiting…
    Hai my friends latha arshi athya ryana mouni nayana BBB preethi and my all new friends how you dear and how was the day? Love u lots ? ? ?

    1. Hei…keysi ho dst?
      Meri din assi thi….tumhari jeysa thi?

    2. Moni7

      Hai arshi baby…miss u badly..

    3. Hey vavachi,
      Today my day was wonderful n urs.Gud night.

    4. Good dear

    5. Hi vavachi,I am fine dear.Love you too.

  5. Oh….nic epi….it’s vry nic…
    And my frnds…moni..vavachi…iswrya…athya…raina…nd all…how r u?

    1. I am fine arshi.

    2. Fine . Day was good

  6. Nice episode. Correct decision from mahek. Mahek is encaged with ajay what about nehal? She is cheated by ajay. Ajay become villan

  7. hello twinj,vavachi ,BBB, mona7,& all other members of this page ( i dont know some names sorry 4 that) good night 2 sweet dreams 2 all so sad 4 shaurya after knowing the truth circumstances made him like a villain i like shaurya’s attitude excited 4 the precap i hope shaurya will patch up with mehak

    1. Hello nayana.How are you?

    2. hai rayna iam fine dear

    3. Moni7

      Hai nayana dear…how r u…yeah nice episode….but promo…. shaurie n mehak wen they started feelings for each other?moreover who invited shaurie for the engagement ceremony…????oh my god so many questions… Still i can’t believe shaurie….show getting interested ….but shaurie making his face sooooooo sad ….v can see the pain through his eyes….( indha moonji kae namma la pudikilaiyae ini namma la yaru kattu va) …..i mean mehak itself rejected me(shaurie) then who vl marry me …kind of funny tamil dialogue…
      No need to worry they are the main lead…so at the time of marriage shaurie vl replace ajay n marry her…..r else it may be pammi s ? plan of insulting sharma family at wedding ceremony…by the time our hero entry m there i vl marry her ??? …it is all my assumption….????

    4. Hahahahha nice one moni…it seems to b shaurya s plan I think…he made mahek to fall for him using these tricks… somehow I want them to b together…

  8. I don’t want shaurya to be in love with mahek so early…….still want to see their tom-jerry fight and their intense intimacy and strong attraction.

  9. Wat!???from wer did u guys got
    new promo????

    1. You can watch it on tv as well as on instagram.Mehek is going to be engaged with ajay.

    2. Instagram and fb

  10. Geetharamasamy

    I am so very excited for tomorrow episode I think shaurya difently fall in love mahek also and mahek also join in competition and win a trofie

  11. Hello my lovely frndz,Naina,athya,vavachi,twinj,arshi,moni,latha,ishwarya,nayana and everyone.How are you all?
    Episode was good.Finally shaurya’s past revealed.Feeling pity on him.Waiting for today’s episode.I too think that after gaining apolozy from mehek he will fall in love with her.But how ajay agree to be engaged with mehek.In promo he was happily getting engage with her.He loves nehal.And ajay kisses mehek’s hand in promo.There are thousand things roaming in my head.Ok bye guys.Have a nice day.Love you all.

    1. Moni7

      Hai rayna dear…m good ….u…….so many confusions…

    2. Hey rayna.
      ..i’m fine dear.
      Love u too.

  12. Good morning to all my friends have a great day ?

    1. Good morning dear…????

  13. Can anyone tell me what song is playing on background in promo

    1. Kathy

      ho ke judaa hum na judaa ho sake
      dil mein hai zinda har ghaDi tu kahin
      ho ke judaa hum na judaa ho sake

      I couldn’t forget your talks,
      I couldn’t be separated from you even after being separated.
      You are alive in the heart somewhere every moment,
      but I couldn’t be separated from you even being separated.

      From the film : All is Well

    2. Kathy

      * baaton ko teri hum bhula na sake

    3. Moni7

      Thank u Kathy for that wonderful translation….keep commenting…

  14. Good mornging all of u nd hv a nyc day..

  15. Moni7

    Background bgm ….song paaaaaaaaaaaaah???? h

    1. Kathy

      Yes indeed a lovely instrumental version of Ambersariya from movie fukrey…. Here is the link…

    2. Hi Kathy…u here??
      When U started watching mahek…
      H r u dr??

    3. Kathy

      Hi maanu dear…. Am good … What about dear…..???? I watch Mahak from the beginning dear… Even I comment first two episode n stop… Had no time dear…

    4. Saryu

      Hi kathy dear.. I used to follow ur posts on vishkanya page.. Miss u after that.. please keep commenting here also dear..

    5. Kathy

      Thanks for remembering me dear… How u doing dear???? Yes sure dear… Will comment whenever am free ….

  16. hi guyzzz….hw r u alll?i m super excited for todays episode and i m little bit confused that will shaurya become a good man now on wards or this is just for that deal.watever it will be but i m excited for the furthur story..

  17. Jayakumarisuresh

    Indha shaurie paiyana nambi endha mudivukkum vara mudiyalaye. Ivan nallavana kettavana

    1. Hahahaha that’s true..nobody can judge him???
      We have to wait and watch the show to know the exact scenario of shaurya khanna(mahek voice)???

    2. Moni7

      Thambi nee nallavana illa kettavan na….lol????

    3. Latha

      Kettavan aana nallavan because l like him very much

  18. guyzzz mehek is getting engaged to that stupid ajay….i m feeling very bad for my shaurie.

  19. Saryu

    Hello friends.. How are u all.. Me too Super excited for today’s episode.. how shaurya and mehak going to face each other after the slap!!!!

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