Sasural Simar Ka 22nd May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 22nd May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Jhanvi recalls how bhagti was dazed when Jhanvi reached the finals. Bhagti comes there and says Jhanvi what happened yesterday in the competition was just an accident. Jhanvi says its okay I know it all. We are both in final forget everything. Sit down and let me call everyone for breakfast.

Scene 2
Sara tara’s room’s bell rings. Sid opens it. Its a man with flowers. Sid receives it. They see a paper on it that says sorry, Juwala. Prem calls Birju. He says congratulations madam has accepted yoru sorry. to final this deal we have a meeting in this hotel with someone else. Burju tells that to juwala. Roli says she will do everything to stop it. Roli says Juwala will move forward to get us justice.
All four of them are at the poolside for the meeting. The builder has come. Birju tries to stop the builders. Juwala says I cam’t believe that you forgot my favors on you. Juwala can destroy all of you. They say sorry juwala devi we won’t meet them. Vema texts roli that the builders have gone. Juwala is coming. Juwala comes to the poolside. Prem and sid stop them. Juwala says tell your madam that juwala has come. Sara allows them Simar says yes juwala devi tell us what you want we don’t have much time. Juwala says I feel like i have heard your voice somewhere. Juwala says any builder won’t work wuith you without permission of me. I ahve remote control of everyone I deserve to be your partner. Roli says we are here for business. Roli says we have so many projects all around the world. Juwala says how you dicide which project to be choosen ? Roli says location matters the most. Juwala says i have a place. Juwala says why is your sister not saying anything. Simar is not saying anything. Roli says my sister’s mood is quite spoiled. Let us go now, They leave.

Scene 3
Bua ji says how jhanvi reached the finals. Bhagti says I will be abhu no 1. If we say to anurag that competition is getting tough. He will stop jahnvi from participating. You told me that everything is fair in love and war. Bau ji says make sure nothing happens to he child. Bhagti says this medicine will make her feel a little pain and anurag will think its because of the competition.

Scene 4
Simar says I was scared of being recognized. I will not be able to do this. I don’t want everything to be gone Prem says please relax its not that difficult. Khushi says how about sending me as other builder. Suajta says simar will handle everything. Perm says we are all with you. Sid and roli everything. Mausi ji says you are her strength. aruna says you never gave up like this simar. Why are you scared ? I will give you training. Mausi ji acts like juwala, simar laughs. Mata ji ays look this fear is nothing. You are my pride simar. Go and fulfill your task our prayer are always with you. SImar says i will go and beat juwala.

Scene 5
Juwala says why are these sisters so pride ? Birju says they dont know you. Verma says i think you should talk to them. Juwala says why they got angry. Birju gets a call from their body gaurd. He says to juwala that sara madam has apologized and wanna meet you in hotel. Juwala says i will make them understand that i like low heads.

Juwalaa is waiting for the sisters in the hotel. Simar comes there and says i left yesterday, You must have thought that i am egoistic. She syas i felt like you were asking so many question. Juwala says i made a mistake. Where is tara ? Juwala says i can give you that land on half rates and half of the property will be mine. Simar says i lie your offer but yes i can’t say when will start working. Don’t worry about the money. Once you name us the property i will give you cheque. Juwala syas yeah you can oay with checque i just want some advance before i sign the papers. Soem 50 lac cash.

Precap- Simar says to roli where will bring that cash from ? Roli says don’t wory we won’t let juwala win.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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