Saraswatichandra 22nd May 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 22nd May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Danny apologizing to Kusum. She is annoyed. He says we can’t work without internet, I was tensed, but nothing is more important than you. She says he called her a problem. Vidyachatur and Laxminandan come to them. They say what we wanted to show Kabir, and what did they show, he will not agree now. Danny says we will make him agree, we will postpone our fight for him. They smile. Kumud comes in the kitchen and the cups falls. Kusum comes hearing the sound. She talks to her and asks what happened, why are you behaving like this. She says I know you well and I know you won’t let Saras alone.

She says I think you should go with him to Mumbai, do you think you will live without him. Kumud says I want to go with him, but when I left this house, this family always faced problems, I won’t be able to forgive myself, so I m trying to change Saras’s decision and we all stay happily here. Kabir comes home and is happy no one is around. He reads the newspaper and says they are always after my marriage. He says no Kabir, I should have a permanent solution, what to do. Danny and Vidyachatur see him and smile.

Vidyachatur praises Guniyal. Kusum does head massage to Danny. Guniyal does it to Vidyachatur. They praise their wives and taunt Kabir. Vidyachatur says without wife, a man stays without happiness. Danny counts what Kusum does for her. Vidyachatur says yes, a life partner is needed, am I right Kabir. Danny says don’t ask him, he always have tension on his head. Kabir thinks these people won’t stop doing this. Saras packs his bag. Kumud gives his watch. Saras shows anger on his face but looks much cute. He looks for something. She asks what are you finding, will you take doors and windows also.

He sees their marriage pic. She holds it and says not this, I will have this. They fight and start arguing. She says this is my pic and stay with me. He says how does you talk to husband. She keeps it in cupboard and locks it. He says give me the keys. They argue. Kabir says I don’t have any issues in life, so why will head ache happen, so why this massage needed. You have wives, so headache so you need massage. He says I will go to my room and sleep alone on my bed. He leaves. Kusum says Kabir is not affected by this, now what will we do now. Danny says continue the massage. Vidyachatur says the same. Kusum says we have work in kitchen and leaves. The men think.

Kabir comes in his room and says what to do to make them forget my marriage. He sees Kumud and Saras fighting. He says look at them and they want me to get married. Kumud throws the keys to Kabir. Saras asks Kabir to give the keys. She says don’t give if you respect me. Kabir says I will throw it, who gets it, its theirs. Kumud catches the keys. Saras asks Kabir not to marry, seeing his state. He says freedom gets lost, and wives control over men. He leaves. Kabir smiles.

Danny says Kabir is not understanding us, what to do now. He says how to explain him Kaka. Vidyachatur says let me think, don’t know where did Nandu go. Kabir comes to them telling them a joke. He says a wife tells her husband that the pandit who did their marriage died. He says the husband replied he had to pay for his sins. Everyone laughs. Vidyachatur understands it later and does not like it. Kabir asks why did you laugh then. Kabir gives them Imli Daana. Kabir says Saras is going Mumbai, so lets keep a boy’s night. Danny agrees and says Kaki won’t allow Kaka. Vidyachatur says Kusum will also not allow you.

Kabir says I can understand. He says when did you enjoyed in life. Vidyachatur says when Nandu was here, we used to have fun, before marriage, we were free. He says no duty, no stopping, be a king. Danny says college days are best days of life. Kabir asks what now. Danny says now I have to take permission from home minister, I wish those days come back. Vidyachatur says even I wish to get those days back. Kusum and Guniyal come to them to confront them. Guniyal says what did you say, you are fed up of me, you want to be alone. Vidyachatur says I did not say, Danny said. Danny says I did not say. Kabir smiles.

Laxminandan comes and sees this. Kusum says go Danny, you are free from today. Guniyal says you too. The women leave. Danny says its over. Vidyachatur says my wife also went. Kabir says lets have boy’s night out. Kusum talks to Guniyal and they talk seeing their husband’s truth. Kabir comes to them and apologizes as this happened because of him. Guniyal says no. Kabir says I was joking, I did not know when they became serious, you take care of them so much, they don’t care of you, they feel you have tortured them. Kusum says I can’t meet my friends and take care of Danny whole day.

Danny and Vidyachatur come to talks to them. Kabir smiles seeing them fight. Guniyal says your feelings are out now. Saras comes and says one min. He asks what happened. Guniyal says your Kaka’s truth is out today. She gets sad. Saras asks what happened, I did not see you fighting. Guniyal says I did not know he regrets marrying me. Vidyachatur and everyone talk to Saras. Laxminandan comes there and hears them. Saras says one min. Kabir tries to leave and Laxminandan stops him. He says why are they fighting. He says Kabir is enjoying your fight.

He says he is showing us marriage’s drawbacks by doing this. Saras says see Kabir, we mean to say that you are not seeing the big benefits of marriage. Kabir says yes, you are saying this to me. Kabir asks the keys, did you get it. Everyone smile. Saras says it does not care, listen to me and try to understand. Saras says see, if I wanted photograph, I would have taken it half, but we wanted whole pic, as we can’t live apart. He says in London, I lost strength, but Kumud gave me strength. He says is she had not supported me, I would have not reached you.

He says small sweet fights happen in marriage, I can’t live without Kumud. Kumud comes and says if it was so, you would have not booked your ticket. Saras says take this, and see. She sees Saras and Kumud’s ticket. He says its ours. Everyone smile. Saras holds her and says we can’t live without each other, you know this. He leaves. Kusum says I told you Didi, Saras can’t live without you, you are made for each other. Danny says many people get love, and like this, maybe some people. Laxminandan says we will be happy that you both will be together.

Kumud says I said I won’t go. Everyone look at her. Vidyachatur says try to understand, he brought your ticket, as he trusts you, that you will support him. She says I can’t live my family. Guniyal says you have to do your duty as wife, that relation is important. Kumud thinks how to tell I don’t want to go leaving Ratnagiri.

Saras tells Kumud that he knows she does not want to leave Ratnagiri. But this deal is important for their families, he can’t do this alone, he needs his support. He asks will you come Mumbai with me.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

  1. Good episode & kabir s so smart. 😀

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