Beintehaa 22nd May 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 22nd May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Barkath says Zain that she also wants to come for the party. Zubair says he invited her. Zain agrees to take Zubair and Barkath. They all walk for the party. Rizwan thinks of proposing Aayath in the party. Aayath thinks she wants to concentrate on work and will reject Rizwan. Barkath thinks Zubair and Aaliya are closer and it is reason for her to create rift between Zain and Aaliya. Zain thinks he he will propose Aaliya. Aaliya thinks she will accept whatever happens in the party tonight as god’s wish.

They all reach the party venue. Zain’s friend greets Aaliya and says he was meeting her first time as he could make out for the reception. Zain says why did he throw party for just saying I love you. Friend jokes Zain that he is saying as if he has not said I love you to Aaliya yet. Zain and Aaliya just look at each other. Beintehaa… song plays in the background. Zain asks his friend and girlfriend when are they marrying. They both say they want to enjoy first and then marry. Girlfriend says someon people does not even love each other and just marry. She asks Zain and Aaliya when do they celebrate I love you day, every month, every week, every day?? Zain then asks them to tell their story. They then start presentation about their pics together. Zain remembers his pics and moments with Aaliya. His friend says he had gone to a vocation with his friends and his girlfriend. She slept on his shoulder. Zain remembers his outing incident with Aaliya when she slept on his shoulder. Rizwan comes there. His friend welcomes him. Girlfriend greets Aayath. Aayath asks how does she know her. She says Rizwan told about her.

Friend’s girlfriend Abhilasha takes Aayath, Aaliya and Barkath to introduce her friends to them. Friends ask Abhilasha how did their love story start. Aaliya thinks let me hear how people progress in love. Zain’s friend starts his story. Zain says even he did the same. Abhilasha tells he gave her roses before proposing. Aaliya remembers Zain bringing her roses and thinks why did not Zain propose her. Zain asks his friend what if he had not proposed his girlfriend. He says she would have proposed him as girls cannot keep their feelings hidden. Abhilasha starts telling how boys behave in love. Aaliya remembers Zain doing the same. Zain’s friend Abhinav says girl’s concentration will be on the guy and if they does not concentrate on them, then girl has opened her options still. Zubair and Barkath come there. Zubair introduces himself to Abhinav and goes to meet Aaliya. Abhinav praises Zubair. Zain gets angry seeing Zubair. Barkath thinks Zubair did his work, now she has to proceed with her work.

Zain stands in a corner and remembers Abhinav’s words and then remembers Aaliya’s words that she was jelaous about him praising another girl and then says she said that so that she can keep him awake. Zain then thinks always Aaliya comes to her and tries to tell something, but does not say.

Party host ask couples to come in the center for dance. A guy comes and asks Aayath if he can dance with her as she is also alone like him. Aayath says she does not want to dance with him. Rizwan comes there and says he is Aayath’s partner. Aayath says she was waiting for Rizwan and does from there.

Barkath brainwashes Zain and says Zubair was getting calls every 2 minutes from Aaliya asking about his whereabouts. Zain gets angry on Aaliya. Barkath smirks and thinks she will make Aaliya Zain Abdulla back as Aaliya Ghulam Haider as Aaliya tried to hinder her plans. Zain remembers Aaliya discussing about only Zubair with him.

Preap: Zain twists Aaliya’s hand. Aaliya says she is feeling pain. Zain says he is in pain rather as he took a wrong decision by marrying her.

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  1. Barkath is a big bitch

  2. people say…. “…….still a better story than twilight”..!!
    but i would say(after reading this shit)
    …………”twilight’s a better story than this..”
    i wrote much better stories as a nursery kid…

    1. Hai,
      Dear thanks for the updates i need a small help from you can u give me your email id

  3. Oh .the precap was very bad one. second time he twisted Aaloo’s hand. Barkat is irritating me! all episodes r getting bored with it.

  4. Waiting for tomorrow episode

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