Sasural Simar Ka 22nd June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 22nd June 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 22nd June 2013 Written Update

Bhardwajs ask Bantu about Roli. Bantu is nervous. He lies that she went to buy brush and towel for him. Mataji says, but why she went alone this early in the morning? Bantu then says, she went to mandir as well. Sujata says, she must have gone to pray for our family. Simar and Prem wonder where Jhumki can go and what she is trying to do.

Jhumki comes to meet her group. She knows she is giving stress to Simar but says that she will fulfill her promise. Veeru and Khushi also come there to meet Jhumki’s group. Khushi and Veeru hear Jhumki’s group talking with each other. They say, Jhumki finally agreed to dance so now everything will be fine. Veeru goes away as the old man with whom he had an argument in Laxmanpur is present there. He says, if he sees me, then he will tell everything to Jhumki. Khushi asks him to leave.

Outside Jhumki is searching for her group and gets call from Simar.

Khushi then hears group saying Jhumki shall be arriving soon. She goes in and tells them that she wants to meet Jhumki. A lady says, she should be coming shortly. Khushi asks if they have any photo. The lady says we don’t have photo but she is coming soon. Khushi was going to show Roli’s picture to them, but decides against it otherwise they may warn her. She then gossips with the lady and lady says, Jhumki didn’t come with us because she was already in Delhi as she got some work. Khushi then asks about her brother. Lady says, yes.. his name is Bantu. Khushi is sure now that Jhumki could be fake Roli. Khushi then tells the lady, I am getting late so I will meet her later. Right then a guy comes and says, Jhumki got important work so she is not coming today.

Khushi comes home and tells Veeru to tell this to everyone. Veeru asks, do you have any proof? Khushi says, that nautanki group. Veeru says, they all are her group members and they won’t say anything that would put Jhumki in trouble. We will have to reveal her truth in front of everyone so our win is guaranteed.

They come outside and Bharadwajs are praying. Khushi says, they can pray as much as they want, but no one is going to listen them, not even God, because God takes side of truth and we are not lying this time. She has a ticket in her hand and says, once they see Jhumki dancing, they will know it. Veeru says, we will get tickets to them, but what if they don’t go? Khushi says, no chance, as they wrote Roli’s name on the cover and they won’t say no to Roli. Khushi is just waiting for Jhumki to leave. Veeru then asks what about Simar and prem.

Family is praying. Jhumki prays for her show to go fine and after that there won’t be any trouble. When mataji gives her arti, Jhumki says, today is very important day for me. Everyone is confused. She says, I mean.. for all of us. Today 5 days are complete.. now only 2 days left and our family will get property back.

In her room, Jhunki informs her group that everything will be fine as she is going for the show. Simar and Prem hear it. Prem gets angry. He says, you are planning to go for the show and didn’t even tell us? If Khushi or Veeru doubts then everything will be messed. You promised us that you won’t do any show. Jhumki says, that is why I am going. I promised them.. they are like my family and I can’t see them in problem. I learned this from Simar only. She requests Simar to let her do this show otherwise her group will be closed. Simar tells Prem that they should let her go. Prem agrees, but on one condition that they will go to drop her so no one doubts in their family.

Ladies are making laddus in the living room. Jhumki, Prem, Simar come there. Mataji asks them if they are going anywhere. Prem says, yes.. we were going to mandir, and then from there we will go to the lawyer to make sure everything is going fine. Mataji says ok. Khushi and Veeru see them leaving and they are happy. Khushi says, they went out without us needing to do anything. Veeru says, we should somehow give them tickets. But how we will do that? Khushi says, leave that to me. I know very well how to send tickets to them.

Everyone is at dining table. Uma brings food for everyone and there is a letter in one container. Veeru and Khushi are hiding and watching them. Uma sees letter and tells everyone that Roli is written on it. Khushi smiles.

No precap..

Update Credit to: Shreya

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