Savitri 21st June 2013 Written Episode Update

Savitri 21st June 2013 Written Episode, Savitri 21st June 2013 Written Update

savi is exhausted fighting with vish kaamini (vk) but is adamnent and is with full confidence.

vk is empovered with arrogance and says i think ur not a normal housewife u have courage like a kshtriya queen.

kaya pleads goolika to free her frm the mirror and goolika declines and vikranth hears all those and sees goolika’s real form and runs away.

rahukaals mom who is in satya’s mom’s body starts her emotional blackmailing technique and succeeds in getting satya out of house and taking him to taradwar.

vk throws a climber on savi and it begins to squeeze her body but she manages to cut it..

then on the other side in satyas house his dad is upset and the priest in their house tells him u have disrespected the goddess n something unusual n bad may happen n leaves

here vk is happy because savithri’s legs are turned in to stones and is unable to move and has fallen on ground.goolika thinks i need to stop vikrant

rahukaal is disgusted and a demon enters n he has a key for the gateway passage and he gets it and he has to give the demon a praveshmani in return…and epi ends on vk’s idiot face who is smiling a lot by torturing savi…

precap:…….seems like vikranth is under control of goolika n he hugs her n says i love u n she is wickedly smiling by showing us a bottle of
vashikaran medicine
on the other hand vk has caught savi by a climber by her neck and savi is unable to bear the pain and is suffocating.

Update Credit to: paya_fan

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