Balika Vadhu 22nd June 2013 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 22nd June 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 22nd June 2013 Written Update

Alok tells Anandi, your family did one good thing.. they taught Sanchi how to cook. Now when a guy’s family comes to see Sanchi, we can tell them that she makes really good Kheer. Sanchi says, not only that, I learned about pooja as well. I learned many more things which you will find out slowly slowly. They are very good people.. dadisa.. maa, I mean, Sumitra aunty. Sanchi cant stop praising them. Daddu asks her to stop and says, seems like you belong to someone else now. She gets call from someone, so she goes to her room.

After she leaves, Shiv’s mother tells Anandi, incidents like this don’t happen just by wearing short dresses and it was your responsibility for not letting Sanchi go out like that in such short dress. Anandi says, I tried telling her. She tells her how Sanchi had wore long skirt before leaving. Shiv’s mother apologizes to Anandi now and says, I will need to talk to Sanchi. Anandi asks her not to as Sanchi just came out of that incident. But Shiv’s mother says, no.. as a mother I have to make her realize of her mistake.

She comes to Sanchi’s room and says, you lied to Anandi, right? From house you went out in a long skirt, and went to the party in short dress. Sanchi says in her mind, so Anandi bhabhi made my mother angry at me. She tells her mother, I know I made a mistake and I apologized many times, but you all are behind me. I don’t feel like this is my house. Jaitsar people are so nice, they loved me so much, and here…

Dadisa is missing Sanchi and Anandi’s presence in their house. Sumitra is still thinking about Sanchi’s words against Ganga. Dadisa asks her what’s the matter. Sumitra says, I was thinking about that attack on Jagya. Before Ganga came to this family, everything was going so nicely, but now there is always fear.. who knows what happens what time. What’s our mistake? That we allowed Ganga to stay in our house? We took care of her and taught her. We loved her child as our child. And what we got in return? Her husband’s family’s anger? Jagya almost lost his life. What else we will have to go through? Why are we risking our family? That too for an outsider. Dadisa says, nothing will happen. And Ganga is not an outsider. When we allowed her to stay in this house, she became our own. I can understand you worrying, but truth will be out soon. Bhairo has gone to police to file a complaint against Ratan Singh.

In their room, Shiv comes and hugs Anadni from back. He says, I didn’t know you would forget me this fast after going to Jaitsar. I missed you so much. Anandi says, it’s not like that.. I know how much you missed me. Shiv asks, how is that? Anandi says, messed up bed, messed up cupboard.. all that was saying me how much you missed me. Shiv asks, then why didn’t you come back? Anandi says, someone told me that he will come to pick me up. Shiv says, I was actually worrying for Sanchi. Anandi then tells Shiv, I want to share something with you. Shiv goes closer to her and says, go ahead. Anandi says, I am serious. During those days when Sanchi lived in Jaitsar.. Shiv says, I know.. she didn’t talk to anyone, right? She is a kind of serious person who doesn’t get mixed with anyone. Anandi says, no.. she was totally opposite of that there. Cooking. wearing Indian traditional dress, learning pooja, and all that. Shiv says, that’s a good thing, right? Anandi says, it would be good if the reason was change in her nature, not Jagya. Shiv says, meaning? I didn’t understand anything. Anandi says, I think Sanchi has more feelings for Jagya than just the friendship. Shiv is stunned.

He tells her, what are you saying? You must have some misunderstanding. Sanchi’s closeness to Jagya is just because she owe him a lot after what he did for her and that is why she is so open with him. Anandi says, I am not saying all this just like that.. I thought a lot. After what I saw and felt in Jaitsar, there is no chance of misunderstanding. She tells him how Sanchi got furious when Anandi said her that they should go back to Udhaipur. Her over concern for Jagya. Her wearing tradition dress and telling Jagya, you said you like girls in Indian dress, so I wore Indian dress today.. now you like me, right?

Shiv says, I cannot believe. This doesn’t mean I don’t believe you, but Sanchi is my younger sister. I know her very well. She has many friends in college, including boys. Nothing like that happened and if it does, she would definitely tell me. I can’t believe all this with Jagdish. Screen freezes on their tensed faces.

Voiceover: You can’t hide your feelings. Your behavior expresses your feelings.

Precap: Sanchi confesses to her family that she loves Jagdish and she will marry him only. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: Shreya

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