Sasural Simar Ka 22nd August 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 22nd August 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 22nd August 2013 Written Update

Prem doesn’t want rooms to be searched, but Simar says if misunderstandings can be solved by doing that, then let them do. Prem agrees now. Dadi and Janvi are shocked. They search Janvi’s room, but fails to find anything. Prem asks are you happy now? Dadi tells Sujata to think twice before blaming anyone. Sid gets angry. Prem is about to say something, but dadi stops and says he is just taking his mother’s side. Janvi cries and makes Prem more angry. Dadi asks everyone to leave if they have had enough hurting Janvi. Sujata wonders how this is possible when she saw Janvi with the jewelery box. Uma comes in with the box and tells everyone that she found it from Sujata’s room. Prem tells Sujata, I can’t believe you can do this just to insult Janvi in front of everyone. Sid interrupts and asks Prem, how can you talk like this with our mother? You believe these people more than her? He then says, who am I explaining to? For you they are never wrong. Prem tells everyone to leave them alone. Bharadwajs leave.

As they are coming out, Sujata cries remembering harsh words of Prem. Everyone calms her down and says, Prem loves you a lot. He must be hurting more than you right now. Mataji says, whatever happened was bad, but we have to get back to godh bharai. Roli says, I will go and call Simar didi and jiju. Mataji asks, you still think they will come after what happened? Roli says, what’s wrong in trying? Mataji lets her go.

Prem is confused whom to believe. Janvi is still crying. Dadi tries to stop her from crying, but she still doesn’t stop. Now Prem tries and says, I know my sister can never do this. Janvi recalls how she put the box in Sujata’s room. She says in her mind, I am sorry bhaiya, but I had to do it. Everything is fair in love and war, and I can’t let bharadwajs win in this war of relationships. Roli comes in to ask them to join godh bharati, but Prem refuses and says, family that can’t respect others, we can’t join them in their happiness. None of us will come in godh bharai. Simar tries to explain to him, but he just doesn’t listen. Roli leaves. Simar is leaving. Dadi asks her, where are you going? Didn’t you hear what prem said? Simar says, I am going to Anjali.. I can’t go against what Prem says, and there is no point going there without him. Prem also leaves to make a phone call.

Janvi and dadi are relieved as they stopped Prem from going to godh bharai. But janvi says, as long as simar is with him, there will always be risk of losing him. They feel they will have to separate Prem from Simar.

Roli tells everyone that Prem and Simar are not coming. mausiji says I will go and tell them, but Roli stops and says, jiju said it clearly that they won’t come. They start the rituals. Simar is looking at them emotionally from upstairs. Roli sees gift in Simar’s hands that she brought for Pari. She says in her mind, simar didi was so happy that she will give that gift to Pari. After everyone gives their gifts to Pari, mataji says, 5 married women are required to complete the rituals. And as simar didn’t come, they don’t know how to finish the rituals now. Simar hears it and Episode ends on her face.

Precap: Prem tells Simar that he doesn’t know who is right and wrong. Before she says anything, dadi and Janvi enter. Dadi says, it’s simple to find out. Did they make any property on Anjali’s name? Prem says, no. Dadi says, that proves it..that they don’t consider you as part of their family. If you don’t believe me, then ask them to put a new shop that they are buying on Anjali’s name.

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