Saraswatichandra 23rd August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Saraswatichandra 23rd August 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 23rd August 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kusum arguing with Saras. She askd him to leave from this house and never come back in Kumud’s life. He says I know I should go, but I need your help. He says I cannot see Kumud like this. Kumud tells Pramad everything about Saras and his mum. Pramad asks why did his mum committed suicide. Kumud says she loved her husband who was having an affair with someone else, so she died. Saras could not bear this pain and he broke when he knew about his father’s deeds. Pramad says it means you don’t love me else you would have died knowing about me and Kalika. Kumud says I answered your questions. Pramad laughs and drinks wine. Kusum says I came here to know what problem Kumud has, and I know it now, I will end it soon. Kusum says don’t say anything and leaves.


sees Kumud with the wine bottle. Kalika thinks she was the queen of Pramad’s heart but since Kumud came, things are changing. Kumud throws the wine and thinks she will have to be strong. Kalika comes to Kumud and talks about Naveenchandra. She says Kusum went in Saras’s room and she is there for so much time, what will anyone think. Kumud scolds her and says you did not see my anger till now. If I tell everyone about you and Pramad, everyone will kick out of the house. Kalika says what will you say, Pramad came to me when he was sad. I supported him every day. Kalika says don’t blame me from next time else I will tell this to Pramad. Kumud says you are warning me? Kalika says I m adamant, remember this. Kalika says I m with Pramad since 13 years, he won’t leave me and I won’t leave him. Kusum hears this and is shocked.

Kusum asks Kumud what was Kalika saying. Kusum says Pramad drinks wine daily and Saras is here in this house and this maid is insulting you. How can you bear this. Kalika comes to Pramad. He asks where she was in the party. Kalika says I got the kamarbandh in Naveen’s room to find out whats so good in him that everyone is after him. Pramad asks her to leave. Kalika says when you left Kumud on the way, Naveen and Kumud came home alone, I doubted on them and I found a kamarbandh in Naveen’s room. Pramad says Kusum left it by mistake. Kalika tries to grow doubt in Pramad’s mind. Pramad asks her to leave and does not listen to her. Kusum says I want to support you, tell me everything. Kusum hugs Kumud and cries. She says don’t hide anything from me, I won’t be weak, I will be your strength. Kusum says you should reply back to Kalika.

The next morning, Kumud gives the aarti to everyone. Pramad’s mum reminds her of Krishna’s birthday. She says its Pramad’s birthday on the same day. Budhidhan blesses Kumud. He tells his wife she what your son is doing. He takes his wife with him. Kusum comes to Saras’s room. Murakh Das sees her and asks whom are you searching. Kusum says Saras. Murakh Das asks who. Kusum says Naveenchandra. Murakh Das says he went to the dining table. Murakh Das says what did you say Saras? Kusum makes an excuse. Kusum comes to Kumud. Kumud says Maa is sad since morning. Kusum tries to cheer her up. Pramad’s mum says Kumud thinks well and I like spicy things and so I selected Kumud. Everyone come to the dining table and have breakfast. Pramad’s mum asks Kumud to serve Kumud. Saras says I don’t like spicy food. Budhidhan asks Saras to go to the city. Saras says I will go by bus. Pramad says come with me, even I have some work in the city.

Saras agrees. Budhidhan asks Pramad what work he has in the city, does he not get wine here. This is a taunt to Pramad, he gets angry and leaves from the table. Saras also leaves saying Pramad would be waiting for me. Budhidhan says I m not worried about Pramad as you are going with him. Kumud brings tiffin for Pramad and asks him to have food. Pramad says give it to Naveen after all the servants carry the tiffin. Kumud gives the tiffin to Saras and says you also have it. They have an eyelock and music plays……. Saras thanks her and leaves.

Kumud thinks they are going together, everything should be fine. Kusum calls Badimaa and tells her about the party. Kumud hears them. Badimaa asks her hows everything fine. Kusum says I can’t say everything is fine here. Kusum is about to tell about Saras. Kumud gets worried.

Pramad talks to Saras about his love life. Pramad asks him to stop the car.


Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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