Sasural Simar Ka 23rd August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 23rd August 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 23rd August 2013 Written Update

Mataji says 5 married women are required to finish the godbharai rituals. Simar didn’t come, how will we finish the rituals? Uma says, we have mausiji. Mataji apologizes mausiji for forgetting her. Everone is happy now and they continue the rituals. Roli suddenly disappears. Pari says, there’s been problems since morning.. don’t know whether my godbharai will finish or no. Roli comes back with gifts. She has the gift that Simar brought as well. Rajendra receives a call and gets a good news about their new shop. Mataji thanks matarani. Mausiji says, pari’s child is very lucky. Mataji says, I have decided to take new shop on pari and sheilu’s child. Pari and Sheilu are very happy.

Prem is alone in a room. simar comes there. She says, I understand how you must be feeling

right now, but this family loves you a lot. They know very well if Janvi gets sad, then you will get sad as well. They don’t want to make you sad. Trust me, they didn’t do anything purposely. Prem says, i don’t know whose right and whose wrong. I know they can’t make me sad, but always something happens which creates more differences between me and them. Dadi and janvi enter. Dadi says, I have a way to find out whether that family is your or no. She asks Prem if there is any property on Anjali’s name. Prem says, no.. but why are you asking? Dadi says, this is the proof that they don’t consider you as their family member. If you don’t believe, then ask them to buy a new shop on her name. Simar tells her why are you involving Anjali in all this. Whatever we have is all Anjali’s. Dadi says, when they can make property on child’s name who is not even born, why not Anjali’s? if they really love her. Simar says, you can’t measure love with property papers like that. Prem agrees with Simar. Dadi and Janvi get a bit angry. Dadi then tells Prem, I am not telling you to take any property.. I just want you to see whether they give or no. Simar says in her mind, dadi wants to test mataji, but I am sure she will pass it. Simar tells Prem, just for dadi’s sake.. go downstairs and talk to bharadwajs about it. Simar then says in her mind, you will see today how much this family loves you.

Downstairs, Pari thanks mataji, not for giving the store, but love that her child got from her. Mataji says, whatever is ours is all yours. Rajendra says, Prem has worked very hard for this deal and he’s missing him. Roli is going to give them good news, and right then Prem and Simar come there. Prem says in his mind, I don’t want this property, mataji… I just want to see whether you love me or no. Dadi and Janvi also come there. Mataji is about to give him the good news, but before that Prem says, I want to talk about something. Mataji says, go ahead.. Prem struggles to say. Mataji forwards her hand to touch him, but he moves back. He continues, I know our shop deal is finalized.. and I had worked very hard for that deal.. so I am requesting you to buy that shop on Anjali’s name. Everyone is shocked and no one can believe Prem is talking like that. Sid says to Prem.. I can’t believe you’re saying.. he’s going to say more, but sujata stops him. Prem says, what’s wrong in that? I am just asking to put a shop name on Anjali’s name. pari says, but mataji already gave that to someone. Sheilu asks her to shut. Mataji says, for me both Anjali and Pari-Sheliu’s child are same.. I also agree that you worked very hard, but you don’t maintain relationships like this..i have already decided to give that to Pari’s child, and now that decision can’t be changed. Simar is shocked. Pari is happy. Dadi and Janvi also are happy. Simar says in her mind, Prem just came to test mataji and everything is going wrong here. i am sure there must be reason behind this decision of mataji, but prem might take her wrong after what dadi said. Prem says in his mind, i can’t believe,, but looks like what dadi said seem true. Prem leaves from there. Janvi and dadi follow him. Roli feels something bad is going to happen.

Dadi tells janvi, i agree our way was wrong, but if we didn’t do that, then prem would be with bharadwajs. Janvi says we can’t let that happen… they don’t deserve prem. Simar comes there now. Janvi continues, this is the right time to bring prem closer to his real family. Dadi says, prem’s separation from bharadwajs is almost done. now prem won’t go anywhere leaving us alone. Simar is shocked.

Precap: No precap

Update Credit to: Shreya

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