Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 22nd August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 22nd August 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 22nd August 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Bhoomi reading Avni’s sms and gets shocked. She goes to check on Avni but finds her missing. Bhoomi thinks Avni did what she was fearing about and decides to tell Kishan. She thinks but Kishan is already upset knowing about Akshay and he will get angry on avni. She decides to go to Avni’s college and bring her back before everyone wakes up. Ansubaa calls Mayank and tells him to make Avni understands of her mistakes. She says we have to be polite with her. She says she did it with someone’s saying. Lily fayi agrees. Ansubaa asks Mayank to change according with time. Mayank says I will think about your words. Lily tells Mayank that she will get tea for him. Parul comes and tells her to make the arrangements for Raksha bandhan.


fayi tells Parul that Ansubaa called them to say that Avni must be handled with love. Parul tells her to say this to Avni. Kishan wonders where is Bhoomi? he calls her but Bhoomi didn’t pick the call as she don’t want to lie to him. Bhoomi comes to the college and finds nobody is there inside. Lily fayi comes and gets scared as Avni is missing. Bhoomi enquires about the college students. College peon says that they have holiday today, Bhoomi asks him about the competition. He says we don’t have any competition. Kishan searches for Bhoomi and asks Lily fayi. Lily fayi tells him that Avni is not in her room. Kishan wonders where is she? Lily tells something to Kishan which is muted for us. Lily fayi cries. Meanwhile Ketki says she prepared the sweets. Ansubaa says it is a sister’s day out and asks Lily about Avni. Lily informs everyone that Avni is….. Ansubaa asks Kishan to say. Kishan says Lily fayi went to call her but…. Lily says Avni and bhoomi are not at home. Ansubaa and everyone are shocked. Mayank says where she went and the door was locked from outside.

He asks Kishan, where Bhoomo took Avni? Mayank says he will see her. Ansubaa says it doesn’t mean that they are together. Mayank says Bhoomi might have helped her go. Lily cries for Avni. Ansubaa asks Kishan to call Bhoomi, but Kishan says she isn’t picking the call. Mayank blames Bhoomi for everything. Karsan asks him to calm down. Hasmukh too says him to calm down. Bhoomi wonders where to search Avni as she have talked to her friends but she is not with anyone.

Kishan calls Bhoomi and asks about Avni. Bhoomi says Avni is not with her. Kishan asks where are you? Bhoomi says she came to Avni’s college but she is not here. Kishan asks why you went to her college. Bhoomi tells him everything. Kishan gets angry and says why you went alone to the college. He says he will reach there. Lily cries, ansubaa consoles her.

Akshay takes Avni to some room. Avni asks why we came here. Akshay lies that we came here for the rehearsel. He asks Avni to sit. Avni says we will go straightaway to college. Akshay says you are scared because we are alone here. if you don’t trust me then I will go. Avni says it is not like that. He asks her to rehearse the lines for the play. Akshay mixes something in Avni’s drink. Avni happily takes the drink. He asks her to get her make up done here. Suddenly Avni feels unconfortable and feels dizzy. Akshay says my medicines started working. He says you are feeling scared and says he will call her bhabhi. He sends her sms. Bhoomi reads it and is shocked.

Precap: Akshay gets close to Avni and throws her dupatta on the floor. Bhoomi comes to Avni’s place. Avni tells Bhoomi about Akshay. Bhoomi sees Akshay leaving with Ankit and gets shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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