Sasural Simar Ka 21st October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 21st October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Vikrant syas to karaan why you said all that? Karan says I wanted to help you. I can get your slap but I don’t want you to be slapped in love. Virkant says keep your mouth shut. its up to me whether to tell he or not. Karan says warning to karna singhnaiya? I used to be your only good friend now u have to share you with siamr. I can do anything in jealousy. Vikrant says shut up karan. He says I was just joking smile. I am not bugged at all. Now give me this phone. You disconnected such an important call.
Simar welcomes all the guests to the cruise. Simar tells guests their rooms. prem stares at her. simar catches his eye. Surbhi says to prem lets go. simar says I feel like prem wants to to talk to me. Prem says to simar I don’t wnana know why you did everything. but I know I got contract because of you. I can’t cancel I now because surbhi thinks that will risk your job. I can’t live with your favor I want to return your favor. only then I will be abel to live with surbhi. tell me how can I return? Simar says do you really want to return this favor? Vikrant and surbhi wonder what they are talking about. simar says I can’t see you in trouble. I will give you a chance to return this favor. Come with me, Prem says in heart I knew you would ask for it. I know you have chaned. Surbhi and vikrant follow them. Simar takes prem to a table. She says two coffees please and one teaspoon sugar.They recalls their marital good days. Waiter comes with coffee. Prem says what is all this? She says ypou wanted to return the favor. You just have to drink this one cup of coffee with me. Every sip will return your favor and answer some questions. Prem says okay thanks. Ask what you wanna ask? simar asks do you miss me? Prem stands up. simar says stop prem. Vikrant says I think simar is trying to tell him reality. siamr says I will change the question if you don’t wanna answer. please sit. simar asks how is Anjali? He says she is fine. She asks does she miss me? Perm says yes she does. Simar recalls when anjalu was born and they were so happy. simar says please tell me more about Anjali, I left her when she was a toddler. how you handled her? She annoys you? He says yeah she is quite stubborn. SHe gets what she wants. SHe wants to listen a new story every nigt. Let me show you her pictures. he shows her school pictures and says she is always bugged when she has to go to school. She is used to going to temple with mata ji she does arti there. he shows her more photos. Simar is in in tears. They stare at each other and recall the romantic moments. simar says how is mata ji? He says she is fine. She spends most of her time in temple in pooja. simar says how is everyone else? He says everyone is well. Simar says are they all happy like they used to be? prem recalls when mata ji says everyone is responsible for themselves. Prem says coffee is over. simar says your favor has returned. you can go if you want. He stands. simar says one last question? I did everything you asked for. why haven’t you forgotten me till now? You miss me? Prem is about to cry. Prem leaves. Simar swipes her tears.

Scene 2
Everyone in the house is disappointed. pari says I know simar is innocent but what is surbhi’s mistake. what will happen to surbhi now. Roli says mata ji please stop crying. Mata ji says simar kept screaming she is innocent but we didn’t listen to he. How we forgot that she never lies. We humiliated her without even listening to her. we threw her out of this house. God will never forgive us. sujata says pardon me God I was so unjust to siamr. I called her my daughter but did nothing when she wanted me. Mausi ji says sujata, jeji I am sad too but back then we couldn’t do anything. karuna says you can’t blame yourself. mata ji says the biggest sinner is prem. Prem made two mistakes. He ruined simar and surbhi;s lives. He loves simar and surbhi loves him. This is the most difficult time for him. roli says God will decide what will happen to them. GOd eposed the truth. Sid says now we have to unite against the enemies. Roli say we wanted to prove simar is inocnet and that is done. Now we have to get done woth them. When we unite nothing beats us. They all hold Roli’s hand.

Precap-vikrant says to simar I am drunk bcasue of you? simar syas what you mean? He say it will force me ti say the truth. I love you simar.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  2. mataji is right dont no wt will happen in perm,simar,simar ka life may.and i want perm to hear wt vikarant saying to simar.i want to c perm ka reaction ko

  3. I want simar nd vikrant together..bcoz prem does not deserve u simar..

  4. I want also simar and vikarant together because in this there is no mistake of
    surbhi she also loves vikrant and his family

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  6. Idiots stupid
    do u kno the meaning of mangulsuthra or no.marriage is not a easy thing.u already split the prem & simar.then why u try to rejoin them

  7. Akashi u are really mental

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