Jhalli Anjali 21st October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Jhalli Anjali 21st October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

As Anjali falls Dhruv holds her Anjali and Dhruv is about to kiss..Anjali moves away..Dhruv and Anjali sits in the car Suddenly a girl comes infront of Car..Dhruv calls her name Sakshi…and gets out of CAr..Sakshi tells that she want Dhuv”s help…Dhruv says no..But sakshi pleases..Dhruv agrees..Dhruv tells Anjali that Sakshi is his friend..A girl comes next to Dhruv in car and criess…Anjali sits back…Blames baabaji ….Dhruv calls the girl sakshi .. Sakshi tells that her boyfriend was a fraud..took her money and gone…Anjali..Dhruv and aasakshi goes sits on a cafe…Sakshi cries and tells that her boyfriendd leave in meerut and she dont know more … .Sakshi orders coffe tells that Dhruv like coffee without sugar..Sakshi hugs Dhruv..Anjali feels bad.. Kiera text sayin everthin is alright. Anjali says no .kiera calls Amisha and tells..Amisha says what Anjali problem why she cannot refuse.to help that girl…Amisha tells that they have to do something..Sakshi tells Dhruv that she was very much unlucky that she left Dhruv..Broked up with him. and Now feeling bad..Dhruv tells Sakshi that she is his Ex-girlfriend…Anjali listens all and tells Dhruv that she wanted to go home as it is late..Dhruv tells he will drop Anjali..Anjali says noo need..and goes..
Anjali comes to home.in the room Amisha asks how was the date Anjali tells Dhruv was with his friend..Amisha asks why Anjali didnt refused..Anjali tells because Sakshi was Dhruv”s ex-girlfriend Amishaa feels sad and scolds Anjali..Anjali tells Amisha that in Amisha that in Ambala she used to hug her Mom..and Now will hug Amisha..Anjali hugs Amisha..Dhruv tells Sakshi to stop thinking about him as their is no future and he loves Anjali,,Sakshi tells Anjali is Soo good Instead of knowing that she is Dhruv”s ex-girlfriend Anjali reacted too Normal..Dhruv tells that Anjali is special………….
Dhruv calls Jay and VP and says all jay shouts on him…Dhruv makes a plan ..Jay agrees Jay calls and tells Kiera for help..kiera gets shocked..but finally agrees…Dhruv..kiera and Vp comes.at Amisha’s home…kiera tells after all happend they would have not helped Dhruv tells she is doing for Anjali.. Dhruv tells to be quiet..as if Taujii sees he will be dead…VP..says that good to die in true love..Dhruv asks Vp why he always want him to die..Dhruv takes red roses and goes into Anjali”s room from balcony..Jay says if Dhruv is gone crazy as could go in morning…kiera tells its importanr to take risk in love.
Dhruv goes slowly in Anjlai”s room..Anjali gets shocked..Dhruv puts his hand on Anjali”s face..J asks kiera if Anjali forgive Dhruv..Kiera tells It depends on Anjali”s mood..jay says “I love u” to kiera …both hug each other…
Dhruv decorates the room places..candles..and rose petals..Dhruv holds Anjali and asks what happend..Dhruvv asks Anjali if sakshi was Dhruv ‘s friend then what she will do…Anjali cries and says that it was wierd when she came to knoe that Dhruv already lovesome one equally…Dhruv tells Anjali taht Angad was Anjali’s attraction same like that Sakshi was his infatuation..Dhruv tells that Sakshi was his ex-girlfriend..Dhruv says that this date is very special…Dhruv says “I love u” to Anjali…Anjali cries and also says ‘I love u Dhruv Sir”….Dhruv kisses Anjali on her forehead..Anjali asks Dhruv from.where he came..Dhruv points out window..Anjali sees Kiera and Jay hugging each other…Anjali gets happy and hugs Dhruv…

Precap::Dhruv asks Anjali why she is upset..Anjali tells that she have to go back to Ambala as her dad called her..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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