Piya Basanti Re 21st October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Piya Basanti Re 21st October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Kabeer forcing Himesh’s wife to come with her. she says she does not want to come with him and gathers people. Even police comes. Kabeer explains police that he is Kabeer shah, Mahesh Shah’s son and wants to talk to this lady as it is very important. Lady says she does not want to go with him. Police asks Kabeer not to force her and takes her with them. Kabeer thinks he has to ask Himesh why he wants to marry Piya when he is already married to this lady.

Geeta says Mahesh’s family that she will return his debt and says she cannot hear allegations against Piya. Neeta asks her to stop acting, gets a blank cheque and asks her to fill howmuch ever she likes and leave her son Kabeer. Geeta says she believes her daughter Piya and knows she will not break her trust. She says Mahesh she thought he respects poor people, but proved today that you act as respecting us. She says we poor people respect everyone as a family when we get love. She says Piya sent her here as she wants your blessings, but she does not know that you people are doubting on her character. She says she does not know what Kabeer told you, but I want to say that only poor people are not wrong, sometimes even rich people are at fault. Shah family silently hears that and watches walking out of their house.

Kabeer reaches Himesh’s home and asks Rekha about him. She says he has gone to get his sherwani and asks him to stay for 1 hour for the engagement to start. Kabeer thinks he should speak to Piya and walks towards his home. Himesh hides behind a railing and hears Kabeer’s conversation.

Geeta comes homea nd sees Piya getting ready. She reminisces Neeta and other family memeber’s allegations but then smiles. Piya senses somethign wrong has happened and asks what happened. Geeta says nothing and asks her to get ready for engagement. Piya asks why is she looking sad and asks her not to tell lie. Geeta starts crying, says she went to Shah house with invitation and tells her the whole incident happened. Piya is shocked to hear that. Kabeer reaches there and says Piya that he wants to talk to her. Piya holds his collar and asks why did he come in her life, says we are studying in college since 4 years, but after befriending you, my life is ruined, asks him to get out from her house. Himesh smirks seeing the whole drama. Kabeer asks Geeta to explain her. Geeta also asks him to go from there. Kabeer tries to explain her, but ssh easks him to get out again and not show his face from hereon. Kabeer sadly walks out from there with tears rolling down his cheeks. Himesh sees him coming out and gets irked. Kabeer does not notice him.

Kabeer reaches home sadly. Neeta and Mahesh call him, but he does not listen to them. Neeta stops him and tries to slap, but Savita holds her hand. Kabeer asks Neeta what happened. Neeta gets irked and asks Savita why did she stop her from slapping him. Savita says it is not his mistake but Geeta and Piya’s who want to become rich overnight. Kabeer asks what are they talking about. Mahesh says Anchal called Gayatri and informed us about you in love with Piya and said she does not want to marry you. Neeta says it is Piya and
Geeta’s plan to become rich by marrying you. Savita says Geeta came her after all her drama and invited us for the engagement. Kabeer says that is the reason Geeta was crying and Piya was angry on him. Neeta asks him not to take their side. Kabeer says there is no question of favoring them and the truth is I like Piya and I love her. Mahesh says he will slap him if he repeats that word and says you have insulted us and our community and asks how can he think of marrying Piya. Kabeer says love does not look wealth, he thought Piya as a friend, but as he mingled with her, he did not realize when he started loving her.

Precap: Mahesh says Kabeer it is his house and he has to obey his orders if he wants to say in it. Kabeer says he will leave his house then.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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