Sasural Simar Ka 21st May 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 21st May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Smar says no one recognized us except mata ji. That measn we are successfulk Juwala will never recignize us. Sid says you will not go there alone. We will go there as your body gaurds. Simar says all the credits go to khushi and boby. They have done this to us. Khushi tells them that she has seen Verma with briju. I am sure that she is with juwala. Verma comes in and says what you saw was right but what you thought was wrong. I joined hands with her so I can tell you about them. I told her small thinds from here and she trusted me. Siamr says this will help our plan so well.

Scene 2
Juwlaa says just 6 days are left then i will celebrate.
Verma comes to birju and says I wanna talk to juwala. Briju says she is in meeting with builder. She is about to finallized. Verma says i can tell that to her and her only. She goes in and says don’t sign the papers. Listen to me its better for you. Verma says I apologize. Verma says America’s biggest constructors are here in Dehli. Why are you shaking hand with these local builders. They have come here fo business. Your name will be global if you shake a hand to them. Birju says we know nothing about those sisters. Verma says please meet them once then you can decide. Juwala says yes i will meet them. I have to make most benefit in business. Juwala says fix my feeting with them. Verma says they live in hotel sunflower.
Verma texts roli.

Roli tells everyone that verma aunty has said that those sisters are in hotel sunflower. Birju is coming to meet her. Roli says boby will do our get up easily.

Sid along with roli simar reach the hotel. Boby and khushi come there too. They go their room. Birju asks the manager to tell him the room of those NRI sisters.
They are all out of the room. Sd goes in and talks to birju. Birju says i want an appointment of sara and tara Juwala wanna meet them. Sid says they are busy. Birju says i am juwala’s PA. I want appointemnt.

Scene 3
Juwala says they say no to me. I am not used to of listening to it. Lets go birju.
Verm tries to stop them but she leaves. Verma calls khushi and tells her that juwala is coming to meet them, Khushi says I knew it. Simar says lets start the make up boby. Boby says is it a birthday party make up ? Boby says I can gaurantee that i will get you ready in time. Khushi syas lets get started i will help you.
Juwala reaches thje hotle and says let me see how they say no to meet me.
there Boby is doing make over of roli and simar. Sid and prem are disguising themselves as well.
Juwala and birju reach the room. Prem and sid come there and says do you ahve appointment ? Juwala says my name is enough tell them that juwala is here. I don’t need any appointment. Juwala goes in and sees roli there.
Roli is there while other three are hidden. Roli says how dare you come to the room of tara without permission. Juwala says i am big political name. I am not used to of appointments so came here directly. Roli says tara doesn’t even talk to ill mannered people like you. She asks the gaurds to throw them out. Juwala and birju leave. Khushi says finally we are save.
Simar says thank God you heard her coming. Boby says juwala is so scary, i will teach you this make up. What if juwala comes to know i am in it she will kill me. Khsuhi says trust us please. We all ahev to live here. a

Scene 4
Birju asks the manage to forwar the call to tara. He says no. Juwala says i have to show them the strength. Verma says I have way. clam down first. Juwala says okay speak up. Verma says use your kind. The foreigners will leave if you scare them. Do something that will make them work for you happily. Juwala syas yeah lets see what i do.

Precap- Simar says i like your project. As soon as you name the land to us we will start working. Juwala syas but i need some advance 50 lac cash..

Update Credit to: Atiba

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