Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 21st May 2014 Written Episode Update

Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 21st May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Himmat coming to Laali and asking her about Kuldeep. She acts innocent. He says don’t act now, you have accepted infront of everyone that you have a relation with Kuldeep, why did you cheat me. She says its not like that. He says then tell me the truth. She says I m thinking what to tell you. He says tell me everything. She says I did this for you. He asks what. She says I can’t see you treated like a servant, so I was defamed myself to make you get your right. She says I want to make you the head of this house, and I don’t have any relation with Kuldeep. He asks why did you go to jail then. She says I m doing this for you.

He says what good. She says we met after much difficulty and you don’t believe me, you don’t know how much I waited for you, and your love. She says that time will come soon, I want you to become the strongest man of this area, but its not easy, so do as I tell you. She says take the property, tell them that you have the right of this house. He says then what. She says I will be yours after this. He smiles. She fools him in her words.

Its morning. Simran comes to meet Rajveer at the jail. She thinks of Laali’s words. The inspector welcomes her and says you are our Lord. He asks her to take the complaint against Kuldeep back. Kuldeep comes there and smiles. She asks them to allow her to meet Rajveer. She talks to him and says I came to meet you yesterday but I got to know Laali’s truth. She tells him everything what happened. Rajveer is shocked. She says Laali has accepted infront of everyone that she will ruin our happiness, now Himmat is dancing on her words, she has asked me to take my complaint back.

He says now I understand, she did this to blackmail you. He asks Simran not to do this, and be strong. Simran says she will take the complaint back to free him. She says I don’t have any way. He says this is wrong. He asks her to do right and justice with Wazeero. He asks her to think about Wazeero. He says she trusts you, you can’t break her trust. She says I know you are right, but you are most important for me. He says we have lost our child and Didi to get justice for Wazeero, tell me why to lose now.

Simran comes out and tells Kuldeep that she will not take her complaint back. Kuldeep is shocked. Simran takes the video of the police station decorations and says if you don’t put him in bars, then I will send this video to the media and complaint about the inspector. The inspector gets worried. She leaves. Laali waits for the good news. Kuldeep calls her and she says come to me soon and take me with you. He says I m not free, Simran has not taken her complaint back. He says she has insulted me. She is shocked.

He gets angry and says go to hell, you are useless, you can’t even scare a woman, I doubt that you like Himmat, so you don’t want to free me. She says don’t doubt on me, I will always be with you. He gets angry. Laali says Simran did not do this right. Simran comes home and sees Laali giving away clothes to people. Tai ji and everyone try to stop her. Chanchal says she is giving Rajveer’c clothes and cries. Simran comes and stops her. Simran says how dare you touch Rajveer’s clothes. Laali says take all the clothes. Tau ji and Hoshiyar looks on.

Simran asks are you mad. Laali says I did this because of you, as you did not keep your promise, you did not take the complaint back, you see now what I do. She says I will make Rajveer stay in jail always. Simran says donate Kuldeep’s clothes, as I will blame Kuldeep more. Laali gets angry and leaves. Tau ji gets upset. Everyone come inside. Simran consoles Tau ji and apologizes to him. She says tell something what happened. Tau ji says I m ashamed as I can’t see our family getting insulted. Laali comes there and throws black ink on him. Everyone is shocked.

Laali says this is what you deserve, till Kuldeep stays in jail, I will do this every day. She asks Simran to take the complaint back. Simran cries. Simran talks to the Lord and says punish me, but not the innocent people of this house, show me some say so that I can make everything fine. Everyone come to her and asks her not to cry. Dadi and everyone console her. Simran says Kuldeep is Wazeero’s culprit. Dadi says Lord will punish him, so take the complaint back.

Rano says come down, you won’t believe it. Everyone go down. Tau ji and Hoshiyar talk to Wazerro’s family. They are happy to see Wazeero fine. She hugs Simran.

Kuldeep misbehaves with Simran and Rajveer gets angry. Kuldeep threatens Rajveer.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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