Main Naa Bhoolungi 21st May 2014 Written Episode Update

Main Naa Bhoolungi 21st May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Madhu says Aditya that she wants to spend a romantic night with him and will also be having a surprise awaiting for him. Aditya gets happy with the plan. Neeraj says Samaira how can she think of spending a romantic night with her enemy. Samaira says she knows what she is doing, she can lose her life to get revenge, nobody can stop her, not even him. Neeraj asks why is she doing this when Aditya is already blind in her love. Samaira asks him not to argue and to help her. Neeraj says he will not help her in this.

Samaira sees her room decorated. Aditya comes and lifts her romantically. She asks what is all this. Aditya says it is a surprise for her. He drops her on the bed. Tu Mila Jis tarah dua mile….. song plays in the background… It is just a dream of Aditya and he says I love you while day dreaming. Madhu hears I love you and gets happy thinking that he is telling her I love you. She says when the morning is so good, rest of the day will also be good. Aditya thinks tonight will be very special for him.

During breakfast, Jai asks Samaira if she has prepared for the photo shoot. Samaira says yes. Aditya asks Samaira when is her photo shoot. Samaira says 10 a.m. Madhu asks if he is also joining her. Aditya says if time permits, he will go. Samaira drops juice on Madhu while giving it to Aditya and asks sorry to Madhu. Madhu asks if she is fine as she asked sorry to her. Madhu says tonight is a special night for her, so she does not want to spoil her mood and goes from there. Madhu thinks what happened to her.

Samaira does photo shoot. Aditya comes and holds her. Samaira asks him to leave her, what is somebody clicks their pics and sends it to Madhu. Aditya says he is not worried about it. Samaira asks her wait till tonight. Aditya gifts her a red saree. Samaira it was the same saree Sameer/Aditya gifted her before. He asks her to wear this saree tonight. Samaira says she does not like saree. Aditya gets sad. Samaira asks him not to be said and says she will look so special tonight that he will forget about this saree. Aditya smiles. Photoshoot restarts and Samaira goes back. She goes to her green room and gets angry seeing red saree. She thinks she will ruin Aditya today. She calls a hotel and books a honeymoon suite on Mr and Mrs Aditya’s name.

Aditya gets Samaira’s flight tickets receptionist and angrily comes to Samaira and asks why did she book these tickets when she had planned a romantic night with him. Samaira says it is just an eyewash for his family and his wife. She says she has booked a honeymoon suite in his name and asks him to come there. Aditya praises her for her plan. Samaira says everything is fair in love and war and says wait and watch what I will do tonight.

Madhu gets ready and searches for Aditya, but she does not find him. She gets a call from hotel receptionist who informs her about her confirmation about room booking. Madhu thinks this was Aditya’s plan and asks receptionist to go ahead with the booking. She thinks when Aditya can give her a surprise, even she should give him one. She comes out of her room and clashes with Samaira. Samaira drops her tickets purposefully. Madhu asks if she is going out. Samaira jokes she is going to Switzerland and asks why she wants to know. Madhu asks her to go wherever she likes as she does not want to spoil her mood. She says Aditya has planned a special surprise for her and only two of them will be there. Samaira says nobody should come in between husband and wife and wishes her all the best. She says she prays god that this night should be special for her and thinks Madhu will not forget tonight and will get a shock.

Precap: Madhu comes to the hotel room and is shocked to see Samaira and Aditya together on bed.

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