Sasural Simar Ka 21st August 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 21st August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

scene 1
Mata ji is going through old photos. simar comes to her and says I am leaving. I know that my face bothers you. I couldn’t seop myself to get blessings from you. Mata ji stands up. mata ji is in tears. she says I hope your husband lives. Simar leaves. mata ji is crying.

Scene 2
Baa asks karthik what are you thinking ? he says nothing. Today we will end this story right here. baa says not only human a ghost was after us too. Today both sunnaina’s will be gone. They laugh. simar comes in. Baa stands up and says my daughter in law sunnaina no 2 is here. Her life has not increased. we have to send her to God. Lets end this story. I have waited long for this moment. karthik says we will get the fruit of patience. why should we kill her easily she has played so many games with us. baa says we should enjoy the taste of her death. baa says tell me simar what kind of death you want ? simar says if God wants to save me no one can kill me. baa says you trust your fate more than our planning. Baa says just right as I say. Simar says God has always been just and the same will happen today. Simar takes the paper and pen. Baa says okay this belief shall collapse with you too. baa directs her to write. Baa says write I am responsible for my death. Now sign.
SHe says the taste has been enjoyed. God will come to eat good food but not to save people like you. simar says I have trust in my God he will never let evil win.

There roli worries why simar and sid aren’t back. She says where could they be. I can’t ask anyone for help. I can’t even say anything to anyone. Whom should I tell that didi and sid are in trouble. She goes to the temple and starts praying. She places her hand above the flame and say I only see you when I don’t find any other way. now you have to save sid and didi.

Baa says to simar look we are giving you such an amazing death. You will die slowly I will enjoy the taste. A rope is hanging from the ceiling. simar says until sid reaches home I won’t kill myself. Baa says your death is in my hands. Simar says I am not going to listen to you. Yes if you want to kill me by force you can I won’t shout. Baa calls her thugs and says let him go. Baa says you are so stubborn. Now die please. simar says until I don’t talk to roli and she confirm that sid is home I won’t go up. baa says all right then.

Door bell rings. roli goes running to open the gate. sid is there. Roli hugs him and asks how are you ? he says I am fine. He asks where is simar ? Roli says baa called her and said your life is in danger. Sid says did you let her go ? Roli says she asked me to let her go. sid says how could you let her go alone ? They’re criminals. simar’s life in in danger.
Simar calls roli and asks where is sid ? is he home ? Roli says yes. simar says listen to me roli. don’t tell anyone anything about me. This is the decision of God. We were together just till now. roli says what are you saying ? simar says you have the responsibility of whole family. take care of everyone. Take care of Anjali. baa takes the phone from her and disconnects the call. roli says what was didi saying ? Baa says to simar I can’t see your God roaming around anywhere here. Oh I see she wants to you to come to her along with sunnaina. Simar steps up the chair placed beneath the hanging. Simar says in heart I accept your decision God. Karthik puts her head in the hanging and smiles. They both laugh at simar and remove the chair. simar is throttling.

No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. arey yaar it was interesting but no precap.omg what a twist.iam eager for trms epidose.

    1. harshitha reddy

      yeh……evn i’m feelng d same…………in tellychakkar dey gave dat vikranth zz gonna cum at d corrct tym nd save her…….i donno wen he’ll g cumng…………sooo………..xcitd fr nxt episode…………

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