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Fanaah 21st August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anshuman is holding Vivan’s card when a guard comes and says that there is a call for him. Anhsuman goes and Answers the call and Preet is on the other hand thinking that it’s Vivan. Anshuman does not answer of her questions and just puts the phone down. Miss Fareeda comes and asks that what happened and she says to her to call the number again. Anshuman picks the phone and puts it aside.
Dhara is in the locker room and her friend comes and tells her about Vivan and asks if she is worried about him. She says that Vivan has been expelled and she has nothing to feel bad about. Dhara says that she is just not feeling well today. One of the girls says that a dead body has been found and another says that Vivan is also missing.
Dhara’s goes and asks Adrij if he knows and he is very confused in giving the answers. Dhara says that you had a fight that’s why I’m asking nothing else. Adrij says that he just had a fight and has nothing else to do with what happened and then he quickly leaves. Dhara wonders that why was Adrij so disturbed to hear about Vivan and that there must be something.
Miss Fareeda says to Preet Madam that she has to go home something important has happened. Preet Madam reminds her that she can only go home for one day in a year. Miss Fareeda says that there has been the birth of a child in her tribe and that her presence in necessary to conclude if the child is worthy of the tribe. She says that she will return quickly. Preet Madam says that she knows that you will retrun as you have to.
Dhara opens the door and its sister Irene (Irawati). She asks if she can come inside. In the room she asks Dhara if she was crying and says that her intuitions are very strong and know that you don’t share your feelings with anyone. She says to Dhara that sometime talking to someone can give you the answers to your question. Dhara says that the boy that day that came in her room was not a stranger and that she knew her since childhood. Dhara says that she is scared as the guard is dead and Vivan is missing. She says that maybe she could have stopped all of this.
Irawati says that then you should find Vivan and not suppress your feelings. Dhara says that it would be better if Vivan stayed away from her and that sometimes love is better by staying away. Irawati says that by keeping distance love is incomplete and that if they love each other they should stay close. Irawati says to Dhara that listen to your heart and God will help you. In her mind Irawati says that something is going right.
Adrij comes in his card decorated and with gifts and looks for Dhara but no one at the campus knows where she is and went. Dhara is searching for Vivan in the jungle and screams his name as loud as she could. Vivan is somewhere locked up. Dhara then goes to the phone booth and calls Preet Madam. She says that after four years you have called me, there must be something special in Vivan. Dhara says that she can’t find Vivan and that no one has seen him since last night and that she thought she should tell her.

Adrij is waiting for Dhara and when she comes he asks her that where she was. Dhara says that they will talk tomorrow while Adrij holds her and says that how long will he have to remain patient for her and that he can’t bear her attitude. He says that he loves her a lot but that she can’t see it and then they get into a fight and Adrij yells at her, and says that all of this is useless and throws all the gifts. Dhara sits in her room and thinks about Vivan.
Dhara goes to her cupboard and searches for something; it is the locket of which the other half belongs to Vivan. She looks at it and remembers when Vivan told her about it. She wears it and remembers when she used to play with Vivan. She cries in front of the mirror and cries his name.
A bat is flying in the jungle and Anshuman is hiding behind a tree from the Adrij’s father who also knows that someone is here. The game of hide and seek continues menwhile Miss Fareeda and Adrij’s father and their son are at the place jungle to perform the rituals and Miss Fareeda says that this child will be named Vidhyut.

Precap: Dhara is searching for Vivan in the jungle again when Preet Madam is also there and she sense Anshuman again. Adrij’s father says that Vidhyut will take revenge from their enemies that are Vampires.

Update Credit to: Sona

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