Shastri Sisters 21st August 2014 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 21st August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shastri ji worried as he is unable to do the arrangements for the engagement. Sareen and Minty comes. Minty praises herself and says she is the best wedding planner, so no worries. She says she will buy diamond necklace for Vrinda and many expensive gifts. Shastri ji says my budget is low and asks Anushka the estimate. Anushka says 50000-60000. Shastri ji says the hall will also cost. Sareen says it will cost 0, as the hall will be Sareen and Minty hall, do the party in our house. Minty says yes, why not, I was also saying this. Minty tells about decorations and Sareen jokes on her. Devyaani asks for money for Alka’s makeup. Sareen says Minty has expensive makeup, you can take from her, do you think she looks beautiful naturally. Minty says no, its ending, give me some money, I will also buy.

Shastri ji says fine, buy anything for Alka. Devyaani says I will make Alka look beautiful than me. Minty talks to herself and thinks they have to gift something good, if not solitaire. She comes to Neil and asks for his camcorder. Neil says he won’t give it. She says the girls don’t have budget, so you have to manage everything and make the video of the engagement. Neil says I will do it as my mum is asking me. She says my son is so cute. Sareen sings and helps Minty. Shastri ji smiles. Sareen gives him some tips. He asks him not to think about tomorrow and not worry, as everything will be fine.

Shastri ji gets Rohan’s call, who tells him that he wants to meet Alka before the engagement. He tells this to Sareen. Sareen says its fine, they are today’s generation, let them meet, send Alka. Shastri ji goes to his daughters. Minty sees some silver items. She says she uses the silver tea set which her parents gave her on her marriage. She says she uses it on special occasions and now using it for Alka. Minty gives a saree for Alka and asks Devyaani to give it to Alka, as its very new. Devyaani says its very good, for Godh bharai, old fashioned for engagement.

Minty says she knows fashion a lot. Anushka comes and thanks Minty. Minty asks Devyaani to learn to talk from Anushka. Anushka says the saree is good. Minty says thanks, my mum in law gave me when Neil was born. Devyaani says but you said its new. Minty says don’t catch my words and leaves. Alka tells everyone that she does not want to go. Shastri ji asks her to go, as Rohan wants to talk to her. He asks her to meet him for his sake. Anushka says I can come with you, I will stay far and you talk. Alka agrees and says just 10mins. Anushka says fine, get ready.

They come to the café. Anushka sends her to Rohan. Alka meets him and they talk. He says he does not want to start his marriage on a lie, so he wants to tell something. He says if there is anything which can change our decision, we should tell it now. He says his secret, that his two teeth are fake, as it broke in his accident. He says he failed in SSC once and run for two hours from home. Alka feels guilty of hiding the truth. Alka tells him that she loved someone. Rohan is shocked.

He asks why did she agree for marrying him. She says everyone likes you. He asks you. She says I don’t value my likes, I m foolish. I liked the guy who could not stand for me when time came. Rohan asks do you still love him. She says no, maybe no, don’t know, but I don’t want to. Rohan is tensed. He asks why are you saying me this now, do you want me to refuse. She says no, I m doing for what you called me, I m telling the truth. She says her truth is bigger than his secrets. She says she does not have any right to lie to him. Rohan says I value your likes, don’t you like me or am I just your family’s like and nothing else. Alka looks on. Rohan gets upset.

Alka gets ready for the engagement. Rohan thinks about Alka’s words and talks to Vrinda. Alka thinks if Rohan does not come then…….

Update Credit to: Amena

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