Sasural Simar Ka 20th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 20th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar says we have been deceived many times. I can’t believe this easily. Please give me your permission mata ji. Mata ji says whole family knows you both sister are one. If your heart says she isn’t roli then there must be something wrong. Its up to you now to figure out if she is roli or not. Go ahead and find it. We are all with you.

Simar and Prem go to the doctor. Doctor says its not possible to exchange the girl. I know its hard to believe but please try to understand. Simar says please provide me with your CCTV footage and all documents of Roli’s case. Prem says our whole family is dependent on this please.

Sid sees Roli and his old picture, song ‘beete lamhein; plays. He recalls his time with roli. He recalls when roli and he met the accident. Roli comes there. She holds sid’s hand and says I know its not easy for you to accept my new face. I am your roli trust me. He knows I know you are my roli. I have been with you all the time in those 4 months. I am worried why simar is not accepting you. Roli says its not simar’s mistake. Its my fate’s. Its not easy to accept this reality for me. I know its very difficult for simar. I need your help, you are my strength. Will you stand by with me? She extends her finger and sid holds it. He hugs roli.

Simar sees the footage and goes throw the records. Doctor says you have checked it all you shouldn’t have any doubts now. Prem says yeah you are right. Doc says I know people don’t accept the new face. I request you to accept her and she needs to accept it too. Simar says but.. prem holds her hand. Prem says you are right we will take care of it all.

Scene 2
Everyone is house is sitting in hall in distress. sid comes downstairs with new roli. Mausi says roli is with us and you all are sad like you have watched a flop movie. Mausi ji says when sid has accepted her we should accept her too. Mausi ji goes to roli and says look my words just filled her eyes with tears. Don’t you all still think she is our roli? I know we have been deceived especially simar that is why its difficult for her. But just think how difficult it would be for roli. She needs our support. don’t you think jiji we are unjustified with her? Roli starts crying. Maata ji says stop crying. Simar and Prem come in. Simar goes to the new roli and says you have to pass a test that will prove if you are roli or not. Simar brings in some women with their face covered. She says one of these is our mom and you have to find her by touching.
And if you do so then I will accept that you are roli. Roli comes in front of the women. She grasps a woman’s hand and hugs her. WHen the woman takes her cloth off from face its their mom. Simar and everyone is shocked.

No Precap

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. We need our old roli back
    please bring her back to the serial again
    I know it will be her board exams but then also we need her only.

  2. oh ho we want our roli back yaar.she is best.i just watch the show tn watch sid and roli.she is my fav actress.roli plz back naa yaar.if simar is saying that she not roli then iam sure she is not ous roli at all.we miss u roli ka avika kor.jaldi se come yaar.

  3. harshitha reddy

    shezzz nt roli….if d sources r 2 b beleivd……she zz a ichchadari nagin……soundzz weird roli 2 b 2getrite…..but itzz gven in tellychakkar….hope v get 2 c our roli bac….missng her badly frm 2 dayzz…..i want simar nd roli 2 b 2gethr…..i luv dese sis……

  4. Yea its so obvious that the new roli is a traitor… If previously simar could identify jhumki as not being her sister, DESPITE having the same face… Then her not believing that the new roli is her sister should be proof enough that she is NOT our Roli!!

  5. huhh stupid drama….instead they can shw dat roli is under treatmnt…whats d hell need 4 dis creep new roli bakwas????is’nt ua shw enough dat the writers r agan keeping a load of bakwas on viewers????they hardly/ dnt use their brains i gues……….

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