Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shagun getting a big shock seeing Ashok and Mihika wearing garlands. Shagun goes to slap Mihika, and Ashok holds her hand. He asks how dare you, how can you raise your hand on my wife infront of me. Shagun asks did Mihika blackmail and force you to marry, I know such girls, I m your wife. He says stop it, we are not together, I married Mihika, I wanted to marry her always. Mihika asks can she go to her room. Shagun says that’s my room. Mihika goes to the room. Shagun breaks Ashok’s garlands and says that’s my room, you loved me since 6 years, she can’t go there. Ashok pushes her on the ground and says its all over, Mihika is my wife, take your bag and leave, I m starting a new life and you don’t have any place in it.

She holds his feet and says don’t do this, I left everything for you, I m for you, where will I go. She cries and he asks her to see her state, she is no one for him, she is like dirty tissue paper, use and throw, Mihika is my legal wife and you are nothing. She says I sacrificed my life, I left Raman and Ruhi, don’t do this, I m with you since 6 years. He says you wanted jewelry, makeup, money, you loved my bank balance, not me, that’s why you were happy, don’t come here else I will ask servants to kick you out. He drags her outside and kicks her outside. He shuts the door, throwing her bags. She cries asking him to open the door, where will she go. Ashok asks the servant not to let thrown junk in again.

Raman waits for Ishita. Romi comes and teases him. He asks him not to feel nervous. Raman says I m not nervous, I heard it I love you, its easy. Simmi comes and says I will say. She says its simple, take Mata Rani’s name and just say it. Mr. Bhalla says love war is not easy. Mrs. Bhalla says I also have an idea, I will make loaded and all fear will go. They laugh. Ruhi hears them and says we are worried that you won’t say I love you to Ishi Maa, you are always rude, now I get it, you are nervous, give a kiss on Ishi Maa’s cheek and say I love you. Rimi teases Raman and Raman runs to neat him. Ishita comes and Raman is stunned seeing her. Dil kahin rukta nahi……………plays…………….

They have an eyelock and smile. Ruhi says Ishi Maa is looking pretty and Papa is flat on her. Mrs. Bhalla blesses them and applies her black kajal. She asks Raman to go as his boss will be waiting. Ishita asks Ruhi to sleep early. Mrs. Bhalla makes them lock hands and they leave. They are on the way. Main tenu samjhawan ke…………….plays…………… Raman smiles with a bright glow. Ishita looks at him and recalls their old moments. He looks at her and smiles as she turns. Ishita looks pretty as always.

Shagun drinks and cries. She thinks about Ashok’s proposal and their love moments. She recalls his bitter, harsh, ear bleeding words and cries. She looks at the ring and removes it. She says why did you do this Ashok, why did you leave me, I will not leave you. She throws the ring and steps on the ring smashing her anger on it. She falls. The men gossip about high society women. Raman and Ishita reach and she asks about his boss. He says different name, and asks him to come to the room. She says room or rooftop. He says do you have any problem, come. Adi worries for Shagun, and thinks not to call Mihir, and calls Shagun.

The bartender takes the call and says the lady is lying here, come and take her. Adi asks the address. Raman asks Ishita to go to the room and he will attend a call. She says how can I go alone. He says just go, let there be anyone. She says fine and goes. He says Mata Rani, nothing should go wrong, else I have to drink this bottle. Adi comes to Shagun and asks her to come. Shagun says Mihika has ruined my life, Ashok has ditched me. Shagun asks for a drink and shouts for Adi. The bartender asks her to leave. They take her and she shouts don’t touch me. Adi asks her to come. They take her out. Adi hires an auto and takes her. Shagun says I don’t want to go Adi. She walks on the road and is totally drunk. The biker asks does she want to die, see and walk. She says yes, I have to die, kill me, no one cares for me. Adi asks her to come and cries. She runs on the road and asks him to leave her alone. She falls near the garbage trunk and says I m the junk. She says tissue paper, used and thrown.

Ishita comes in the hotel room and sees the decorations. She sees Welcome Mrs. Bhalla surprise and smiles. She says it means there was no one, it was his planning, wow, I m impressed, I love this. She says it means Raman will tell everything to me today. What will I reply when he tells me, I m not prepared, I could not guess it, I m idiot. Adi asks Shagun to come. She asks which home. He says Ashok’s home. She says I m garbage. He says wait here, I will just come. She says Shagun Arora, you are junk and this is your place. Raman comes to Ishita and keeps his hand on her shoulder.

She closes her eyes and he turns her. He moves her hair strands and smiles. They have an eyelock and have a talk. He says he has to tell her something. His phone rings and he stops saying I… She asks him to take the call. Adi calls him and says its me Adi. Raman asks why are you crying. Adi gives the address and asks him to come fast. She says lets go to him. He says but all this. She says Adi is our son, he needs us, lets go. Raman says ok. Raman and Ishita come there and ask people about 12 year old kid. They are shocked seeing Adi sitting near Shagun and crying, and Shagun lying in bad state.

Raman and Ishita bring Shagun and Adi home. Adi says Ashok has kicked out Shagun, as he married someone else. Raman asks whom did he marry. Adi says he married Mihika. They all are shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    Mihika’s new fangled MMS – Marriage Motive Scene

    Ishita and Raman’s romance got down by Mihika and Ashok’s marriage. Still the viewers can expect to see their romance in bearing the new tortures of Ashok and Shagun. Ishita and Raman go to meet Ashok and Mihika at Ashok’s home. Ishita aims to confront Mihika. She is shocked to see her supporting Ashok. Mihika defends Ashok as his goody goody wife and asks Raman and Ishita to leave. Ashok feels proud of Mihika. Ishita is hurt by Mihika’s stupid move and reminds her of Mihir’s love and expectations from her. She asks how can she marry the man who has killed her respect in the society, and when she could not accept Mihir’s proposal stating her name should be cleared first, then how did she marry Ashok. Mihika is speechless and shows them the door. Ishita gives a head shaking slap to Mihika and curses her that she will never be happy with Ashok.

    She says Mihika did not value Mihir’s love and will always long for true love in her life. She asks Mihika to remove the mangalsutra as she can’t accept this baseless marriage. Mihika asks her not to touch her mangalsutra, and sticks to Ashok. Raman beats Ashok red and blue and Mihika acts protective. Ashok’s face turns red, but his tongue is still long enough to argue. Raman gets fed up by the fake love drama and takes Ishita home. Ishita gets very disturbed by Mihika’s marriage. Shagun resides in Bhalla house with Adi, and starts eyeing Raman again by her sobbing emotions. Meanwhile, Ishita is unaware of Shagun’s intentions of revenge. Shagun determines to make Ishita leave Raman’s life, as Mihika made her leave Ashok’s life. Poor Ishita will be struck for Mihika’s mistake. Another revenge pillar in the show is on Mihika’s shoulder……

    Mihika has married Ashok, for taking revenge from him and clear her name. This is another stupidity done by Mihika. Mihika starts troubling Suraj and Ashok to make their life hell. She keeps a Christmas party at home in Ashok’s absence, by using his credit card. She hires few dancers for making the party hit, and asks Suraj to dance with the girls. She threatens Suraj and makes him dance with them. Ashok turns up, and Mihika forces him to get in the Santa costume. Mihika takes the revenge from them for insulting Ishita in the Bachelors’ party. Well, it looks like she will take every revenge for her loved ones’ humiliation from Ashok. Keep reading.


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