Shastri Sisters 20th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Shastri Sisters 20th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anu meeting Rajat. She asks him not to do this marriage. He asks why. She says I can’t save you from the upcoming problem there. Rajat says Karishma is my to be wife. She says I know, but I don’t know she loves you or hates you. He says enough get out. Neil says hear Anu, she is saying the truth, listen to her for my sake. Rajat gets angry and says you are blaming someone else to prove yourself innocent, Karishma helped me, I don’t understand this, whether you stole the CD or not. Anu says when you did not trust this, I went to meet Karishma. She tells him everything how Karishma confessed her crime. She says she had recorded everything and her guards have caught me. Neil says Anu was in the car, locked and tied. Rajat says what nonsense and says he loved her and she broke his heart for Devyaani and his family, and when she saw Karishma with him, she has done all this.

He says you got jealous and took away my respect and pride. Neil says what Anu is saying is true. Rajat says now I will tell you what will happen, I m marrying Karishma and my relation with Anu ends here. Anu says our love story can’t end here, yes I left you for Devyaani, but I knew she is good girl and will keep you happy, yes I left you for my family as I love my family a lot. She swears on her mum and says she loves him a lot, and can’t hurt him, can’t see anyone hurting him. She requests him not to do this marriage. Minty tells Sareen that she feels there is some plan as Shastri ji is here without Anu. He asks her to be happy and enjoy the function. She says I feel something bad is going to happen. He says don’t think.

Lalit calls them. Bua ji gifts Minty a necklace and Lalit shows his status. Sareen says we don’t believe in dowry. Lalit says its not dowry, its toys of rich people. Sareen says I can’t take this. Lalit says you are linked to minister now, whether you don’t want to take, you have to take. Sareen says Rajat’s future is in your hands and my ethics are nothing infront of it. They accept it. The pandit asks them t call the bride. Minty says she was waiting for this moment since Rajat was born. Anu holds Rajat and says see in my eyes and ask your heart am I lying. Saajna tere bin nai lagda mera jiyaa…………….plays……………… She reminds their sweet moments.

He moves her away and cries. He says I don’t know, I don’t remember any moments, I remember just the moment when I was called a traitor and my dad’s face was blackened, when my family was afraid to be at home, when the CD was found at your house, maybe you are lying. Anu cries. Devyaani says yes, maybe Anu is lying, but if your Karishma is lying, then…. CD can go out of the home too, then what will you do of your honor, the third world war will start from your house. He asks so shall I break my marriage, bring the proof, I will break marriage. Devyaani says we don’t have proof, and we have witness, Neil is saying all this and you are not agreeing, now there is one way to torture Karishma, till she accepts the truth, and I will tell the solution. I don’t know why she did this, but the marriage date was preponed. She tells her plan to everyone.

Rajat says I m sorry, I m not in any plan. Devyaani asks him to agree for his family, job, and country. She says please just once…. Neil asks Rajat to agree. Minty knocks the door. They all get tensed. They all hide. Minty comes to him and talks to her. Rajat says mahurat started as he got a feeling of having all doubts cleared. She makes him wear the pagdi. She says lets go, and he goes out in the Sehra. Anu says Rajat does not want to do this, how can I ask him. Devyaanis ays he did not wish to get engaged to me, but you convinced him, you do what I tell you now. She says Karishma blamed my sister and police came in our house, and Sareen uncle lost respect, and Rajat got blamed. She says I will not let her win so easily.

Rajat comes in the mandap. Alka thinks how is this marriage happening if Anu has come. Karishma comes and Lalit says my daughter is looking very pretty. Another bride comes after Karishma, and everyone is shocked seeing her. They ask who is this bride? Karishma lifts her ghunghat and looks at the other bride. Lalit and Karishma asks who is she. Anu shows her face. Everyone is shocked.

Karishma asks Rajat to marry her. Anu says take a step to me and I will walk with you all my life. Karishma cries as Anu gives her hand to Rajat.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. superb.. waiting eagerly 4 nxt week…

  2. Boht axha hua karishma k saath ro or b ro dikha apna jhoota ro a dhona or b

  3. Yaar karishma will slit her wrist and then rajat will again get angry on anu….. its on YouTube

  4. Very nice.. Exciting abt Anu…. Oru vazhiya car scene ah mudichitainga….. Thank god…

  5. I think that karishma may be a stupid… But uma.. She is stupid. Its confirmed.

    1. No shamil if u want check in YouTube

  6. I have a feeling that it’s possible that anu will be kidnapped again but this time karishma and astha will be causing a massive drama that could keep Rajat in jail for a long time. This is too much. Who thinks it will get as bad as this?

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