Sasural Simar Ka 20th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 20th August 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 20th August 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with dadi asking simar for something and then simar says that whats the need of this (I don’t know what it is because I missed that part). Then dadi says that there is a need of it because it is a gift for her granddaughter and it’s her blessing. Then dadi says that prem and janvi are waiting for them at the jewellery shop. So they shall leave. Then simar says that she will make anjali ready and come. Then dadi says in her mind that let simar try as much as she wants but she wont be able to take prem to the B family. Then down everyone is talking about simar being irresponsible and how could she leave anjali even after knowing that everyone loves anjali a lot. Then simar and dadi come down and hear everything and leave. Then mausiji diverts the topic talking

about par’s godbharai. At night dadi is telling janvi that the locket will look very good in anjali’s neck and says that the locket is the nishaani of their khandaan. Then dadi says that she is thankful to god to give so much of happiness. Then janvi says that they need to make sure that this happiness is for long. Then janvi shows some earrings and goes on to the fb where simar has the earrings in her hand for pari as her godbharai gift and also where simar is speaking good for the B family and janvi getting angry on simar. Then janvi says that dadi’s shak was right of simar playing a game with them. Then dadi says that she hasn’t made her hair white just like that. Then simar goes to prem and tells him that its pari’s godbharai and they should attend it. Then prem says he will think and tell her and then he goes from there. She tuns around and finds dadi and janvi and then dadi takes her from there and takes her to the mandir. Dadi brings Simar in front of matarani’s idol and asks her to take a vow that she has no relationship with Bharadwajs and she won’t attend any of their functions, no matter whatever it is.

Simar refuses and says that she won’t promise. Then dadi says that she has betrayed them and says that she hopes that she remembers the deal that if she keeps relation with the B family then she will take prem and leave from there. Then simar sees prem standing and hearing this and dadi is shocked. Then dadi starts with her crocodile tears telling to prem that see what simar is saying and etc. then simar says that they should attend the ceremony and then dadi and simar have debate but without looking at each other and looking at prem and saying. Then simar and dadi say that the decision is on prem whether they should go or not. Prem says that they will go for the ceremony. Dadi and janvi are shocked and janvi is very angry on simar.

Simar says thanks to prem and says that she knew that his answer would be a yes. Dadi says that she will respect his this decision. Then janvi says that simar will have to pay for this addressing her as simar bhabhi. Then simar tells roli about prem’s decision and says that it will be so much fun. Then they both hug and say this is their mission milap’s first achievement. Then janvi is very angry and says that she is very angry on simar and won’t leave simar. Then dadi says to janvi that this was just her 1st achievement and now she will be in a loss and prem will tell her to leave him and then janvi asks how is that possible to which dadi says that she will make it possible. The screen freezes on dadi’s evil face.

Update Credit to: Vishwal

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