Bani Ishq Da Kalma 20th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Bani Ishq Da Kalma 20th August 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 20th August 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Parmeet’s place
Bani takes manpreet’s leave, and goes towards the car, without knowing that its her last exit from there. Manpreet is reminisicent of the first time this happened in this house, and it turns out to be the same senile lady, who is soham’s aunt and turns out to be this house’s choti bahu. bani is suprised to see manpreet distraught as the gate closes. manpreet too is distraught at the other side of the door. Bani gets into the car and leaves, and eyes the closed dor behind her.

Inside, surjeet composes manpreet, while gagan is amused, and thinks that for two days she has left, and they are behaving as if she isnt going to return, and wonders if that is so, as manpreet has sent so much stuff, and thinks that this isnt

a visit for two days. Manpreet breaks down in her room, saying that she couldnt stop her from being rano, and she couldnt stop herself from repeating history and that then too she was just a witness to this house’s atrocities. She remembers how the same scene had been created with rano, just like she packed her stuff with bani, and how she couldnt face both of them, the truth. surjeet asks her to atleast try to talk to dadaji. But manpreet says that hadnt that happened, it would have been difficult for bani to stay here, as dadaji would have told her his descision in a couple of days, and her other son had already started eyeing bani lustily. She says that she never thoughht her parmeet would do this, and for the property that would have come to her. She says that all sons are the same, Parmeet left the house, and ranvir forced bani to leave the house. she is beyond consolation, and says that its better that she was without children rather than have children like she has.

Scene 2:
Location: Soham’s place
Rajji is very tensed, in the kitchen about her task, while kuki watches her. but she is determined that she has to do this, and gets to work, while kuki monitors her. simran too sees her preparing. She wonders how she would make food in this small gas, for so many people. She shows kuki the stuff, and pretending to give advise to kuki, she actually helps rajji, who is very happy at having help, even if indirect. simran watches her gleefully seeing her dop the right thing. She also gives rajji tips on how to get measurements for the ingredients and spices for making large food, and how simply it can be done with just the basic maths.

Soham comes and tells them about jas’s call. Rajji tells about buaji’s reaction and says that they cant go. soham says that jas called herself and she would feel bad if they dont go. soham says that guggi is about to comer, and after they are done in the fields, he would come and take her to bani’s house. As he goes inside, rajji is tensed. As gugi comes to take soham, kuki insistently asks him to try on the sweater, and he complies irritatedly. Kuki says that he should keep it, while he is feeling like a cartoon. Soham and rajji enjoy their banter, while facing each other awkwardly. Kuki is happy at being near guggi, who feels he’s being castrated.

Scene 3:
Location: Bani’s house.
All are preparing and awaiting bani’s arrival. Desho comes and offers her help, but noone accepts it. granny asks jas to get ready, and desho immediately offers her help. But jas goes and asks bindal to dress her up. Desho is sad. Keerat leaves, and is asked where is he going. He points to desho and says that he’s better outside. they are all very happy to see bani. Jas asks bani to help her get ready. They eye her stuff and wonder why did she get so much stuff. Bani explains that manpreet insisted and gives her logic. She gives the sweets that they have sent. She asks about rajji, and bindal tels about buaji’s reaction. she offers to talk to soham, but is told that jas has already talked to soham and they would come if they can. Bani complies.

Scene 4:
Location: Soham’s place
soham asks rajji to get ready, but she says that she still has some more time to prepare the food, and then she would get ready. as soham is waiting patiently, rajji finishes her work in the kitchen, hurrying through things, making slight mistakes in turn, but salvaging them somehow. She packs everything up, and finishes the work in the kitchen, by making up the kheer. She thinks that buaji is about to come and so is her time to go with soham. she is about to pour hot kheer, but remembers bindal’s advise against the same, and waits for it to get cold. She rushes out of the kitchen, and collides into soham, who asks her how much more time she’s going to take. she says that she would get dressed in five minutes. soham asks her to hurry up. She rushes inside.

As she is getting ready in the room, soham walks in, asking if they should get sweets and realises his mistake, when he sees her bareback. they both look away. They both get into a verbal arguement with who’s to blame, with one saying that she should have locked the door while changing, and she saying that he should have knocked as she already told him outside that he’s going to change. They both face each other awkwardly. She covers herself with the dupatta. soham leaves, saying that she’s outside, and asks her to come too when she’s done. She locks the room, and is tensed. The screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: Bani is arranging her clothes in the house, tensed at the latest turn of events in her life, when desho comes in, and bani turns her back to her. Desho asks if she’s still angry at her and wont talk still. she doesnt reply. Desho says that she may not talk to her, but atleast she can tell her how is she and if everything is alright with her. She says that she had a terrible dream about her, but wants to confirm if everything is okay with bani and her family. When she doesnt respond still, desho is distraughr. Bani tries hard to control her tears, while desho is tensed at her relation with her daughter. Seeing bani’s photos with parmeet, she thinks that she had heard that history repeats itself, but didnt know that she would see a living example in her own house. She thinks that the destiny of this house is written with coal. She says that she may try hard to remove them, but the stains still remain. saying so, she eyes the similar wedding album of rano, who herself also is going down the memory lane seeing her wedding photos.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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