Amita Ka Amit 20th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 20th August 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 20th August 2013 Written Update

Amit refuses to stay. Ammu gets surprised with his behavior. Amit then says that he meant he has a lot of work in the office and he won’t be able to concentrate here. He comes out and almost cries down. He receives a call from his friend, Batuk. He asks him to come to his home and eat jalebis. But Amit refuses saying he doesn’t have time for all that and has to go to the office. Batuk asks him to behave like a boss sometimes. No one will cut money if he reaches office late. Amit still refuses.

Amit then eventually comes to his house. They are eating jalebis and having a conversation. In their conversation, Batuk says him to talk about something. Amit asks talk about what? Batuk says that Amit won’t return from gym or any place like that and will just increase weight by eating jalebis. Amit puts jalebi down right away and talks about joining the gym. He tells Batuk that he feels Ammu doesn’t like him and their marriage was just a compromise. Batuk understands that Amit is talking about Siddhant and he’s feeling jealous. He congrats Amit for adding another chapter and without jealousy, a love story is incomplete. Amit agrees that he is jealous of Siddhant, but it’s not about Siddhant, it’s about Ammu. Ammu doesn’t like guys like Amit and if she had married to someone like Siddhant, then she might be happier. Batuk tries to tell him that everyone can’t be same, but Amit is just not listening. Batuk asks what to do then. Amit says, he will become like Siddhant.

After practicing a little, Ammu wants a break to talk to Amit, but Siddhant says to call in their break time.

Amit comes at the gym. A trainer asks him what exercises he would like to do. Amit says all. The trainer then tells him that he can pay the fees and start from tomorrow. Amit asks if he gives extra fees then can he start from today only. The trainer says yes. Amit then says that he will come after his office work. Amit is leaving and sees a poster of a muscular guy. He stops and gives the same pose and smiles.

In their break, Ammu calls Amit, but he doesn’t pick up.

Amit arrives at the gym and gets on the treadmill. He keeps asking the trainer to increase the speed despite the trainer saying it’s his first day and he shouldn’t go that higher. In end, when speed is too high, Amit is about fall down, but he manages to save himself from falling and asks the trainer to lower down the speed. Amit is then doing weight lifting, and there too he asks to increase the weight. The trainer says that that high weight won’t be good. Amit says he just looks innocent from his face, but when he gets angry, he takes whole office on himself. And here he’s just asking for 50kg. The trainer does. Amit can’t lift and breaks his back.

Ammu is looking for an auto. Siddhant is passing from there. He tells her that he will drop her. Ammu says, no, but Siddhant says that he is going toward her house only and he will drop. Ammu agrees. In car, Ammu keeps trying to call Amit and is very worried as he is not picking up.

They arrive at Amit’s house. At the same time, gym staff is taking Amit in. Ammu gets shocked seeing it’s Amit. Amit says nothing happened. The gym staff say if he lifts that heavy weight on the first day in gym, then this is what happens and it’s not a small wound. Ammu asks Amit why he had to go to gym. Amit says gym is good to build your health. Siddhant says he can help Amit. Ammu and him take Amit inside.

Siddhant gets rid off Amit’s pain and Ammu is impressed. Tina and Riya are there. Siddhant jokes that when Amit needs him so much he should just stay here. Ammu says you should that way you will help Amit and help me in my practice as well. Siddhant says you should not mix personal and professional life. Amit agrees. Ammu goes to drop Siddhant outside and tells Amit she will take him once she’s back. After they leave, Tina adds fuel in the fire saying Ammu looks so comfortable with Siddhant. Amit gets up to leave. Tina says but Ammu said to wait. Amit says that he’s not having that much pain now. He goes up. Tina and Riya are happy.

Amit is looking in the mirror and asks what was the need to go to gym? I will show my worksheet and Siddhant will get insecure right away. He decides that he will have to do this alone. Ammu enters and offers him a help, but Amit refuses. Ammu says him that he helps when she is sick so let her help too, but Amit refuses and leaves. Ammu feels his mood is very bad and she will have to do something.

In the morning, she brings flowers for him. Instead praising Ammu, Amit praises the garden for having such beautiful flowers. Ammu then gifts him a shirt. Amit says if he doesn’t like it, then he is not going to wear it. Ammu asks him to stop wasting time and open it. Amit opens and likes it. Ammu says it was for his birthday, but she thought to gift today and she got her return gift as well. Amit says but he didn’t give anything. Ammu says that he did, his sweet smile. Amit thanks her. Both hug.

Precap: Amit comes out in the shirt that Ammu gifted him. Ammu’s friend says that he’s looking handsome. Amit says it’s Ammu’s choice. Amit is leaving, but stops when he hears Ammu’s friend telling her that her style has got stylish after staying with Siddhant and Siddhant must be wearing stylish shirts like this. Amit’s mood goes off now.

Update Credit to: Priyanka

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