Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 20th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 20th August 2013 Written Episode, Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 20th August 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Didi and Tau ji arguing on Himmat. Tau ji asks Himmat to leave. Didi takes Himmat’s side. Everyone looks on. Didi leaves with Himmat. Himmat thinks how could Didi stop Tau ji. Didi comes to him and Himmat thanks her. She says whats going on in your mind. He says nothing. Didi says I know what questions are arising in your mind, and how eager you are to get your answers. Didi says don’t try to find out about my life, focus on your work, else don’t show me your face. jaggi hears them talking. Himmat leaves. jaggi thinks he should tell this to Simran and stop her else she will get into a big problem. He comes to Simran and says don’t go today. Simran says we will leave now. jaggi says don’t take this easy. He says why are you adamant. Simran jokes. He says don’t fight with Didi, she knows about your plan, she is eager to know about you. Simran has some plan in her mind.

Simran says what will she do knowing about me, she will be sad after knowing about me. Simran works in the kitchen. She says she will get closer to Rajveer and I m ready to take any risk. jaggi takes her to Rajveer. Didi sees her and thinks they are all fools. Didi laughs and says today Simran cannot make any excuse today. Rajveer is in the fields aiming at something. He hears some ghungroo sounds and gets afraid. Simran comes there with a tiffin for him. He is shocked to see her. He says you here. She says you are working so hard, protecting the village, so I brought food for you. He says I don’t want to eat, you go from here. Simran says are you annoyed. He says why do you do those things which I stop you from. jaggi says I m here. Rajveer says I won’t leave you this time.

Simran asks him to have food. Himmat hits jaggi on his head and jaggi gets unconcious. Simran requests Rajveer to have food. Himmat keeps an eye on them and mixes something in the food. Himmat says have fun no one will stop you today. Himmat takes their photos. Simran tries to uplift Rajveer’s mood and the song Is Deewane Ladke ko.. plays in the background. Simran says sorry to him. Rajveer smiles at last and goes to have food. He says I am feeling that something bad is going to happen. She says nothing, I m not afraid, as I know I m safe with you. Himmat is clicking pictures. Simran and Rajveer talk about their state. Simran says this is a beautiful night and we are together. Simran says this is a romantic night. Rajveer says you came here to give me food. He asks what do you want. Simran says make my wish come true. He asks which one. Simran gets closer to him. Simran says the same wish which did not complete till now, and which makes you nervous. Himmat takes their pictures.

Rajveer says are you not shy talking about this. She says no, I feel good to see you being shy. Rajveer smiles. Simran insists. Rajveer says stop it. She says I m your wife and you promised me that you will make few days memorable for me. Rajveer eats the food. Himmat smiles. Rajveer gets headache. Simran asks what happened. Himmat says wait for sometime. Simran and Rajveer hear the sounds of the wild animal. Himmat leaves the camera and runs. Rajveer aims at the animal. Rajveer asks her to stay there. Simran gets tensed. Simran thinks where is jaggi and calls his name loudly. Simran calls Rajveer but he went very far from her. Simran goes in the fields. Simran came somewhere else far from Rajveer. The wild animal comes closer to Simran. Rajveer hears Simran’s scream and is shocked.

Rajveer calls Simran and looks out for her. He is shocked to see her fallen on the ground. She goes to her and asks her are you fine. Simran opens her eyes and says I slipped and I fell on a rock, now I will be fine as you came to me. He blows at her wound. Simran looks at him and says I m fine. Rajveer kisses her.

Didi takes Simran’s phone. Didi says you are eager to pick the phone, is it yours.


Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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