Sasural Simar Ka 20th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 20th April 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 20th April 2013 Written Update

Roli takes Simar’s name as Simar didi, Veeru gets shocked. Other side, Simar feels as if Roli took her name. Roli tells Veeru, I just saw I was eating fruits like this with a lady and I called her Simar didi. Who is she? Veeru says in his mind seems like Roli might remember everything.. I will have to do something.

Bhardwaj family are at dining table, eating fruits. Mausji says this Navratri rituals remind her of Roli. Mataji says even I miss Roli a lot, but it’s better if we don’t talk about her. After long time we are able to forget her, and if we start remembering again then all our effort will go waste. Simar says in her mind, I know Roli is alive.. and God will make us meet her soon. Roshni is wondering why Bhardwaj family is not listening to her. She wonders if she should call again or no. In end she decides to call, and this time Simar picks it up. Roshni says I am Roli’s friend and I really know where Roli is. Simar comes on a side and continues conversation. Roshni says I just shifted to Kisanghadh and I saw Roli in the market here. Simar decides to let her family know this, but she sees everyone busy in Navratri preparations, so she decides against it. Simar decides to go and check herself first. Roshni also tells Simar that Roli seemed to be in problems. Simar takes her address and says will come to meet you as soon as possible. Simar is very happy and now she hopes to bring Roli back to home soon.

Sujata asks Simar what she is doing on a side. Simar lies and says her old college friend called her and that is why she’s happy. Simar wonders what she will say to family where she is going. She calls Prem about Roshni’s call and says I want to go to Kisanghadh, but don’t know what to say to family. Prem says tell them I called you with a file.. it’s better to hide truth from family. Simar asks about his work. He says, not done yet.. but will be done soon. He asks her to leave as soon as possible as it takes couple of hours to go to Kisangadh. After the call Prem says, I stood with you all the time, and I will keep supporting to you Simar.. he asks God to help Simar and keep her safe.

Roli is forcing herself to remember who was that lady with whom she was eating fruits and where that happened. She finally sees her face clearly. She tells Veeru about this. Roli says she seemed like my own.. with whom I have very close relationship. She asks him who is she. Veeru says she was your jethani.. in fact she was your best friend, but she betrayed you in end.. she made entire family hate you. She is your biggest enemy and she is the one who is responsible for the condition that you’re in today. Roli says if she was really troubling me, then why did I call her sister? Veeru says, you used to love her like a sister, but she is like a poision in your life. If she finds out that you’re alive, then she won’t spare you. She will destroy your life. So it’s better if you dont think about her. Roli seems to be scared. Veeru asks Kamini to take her to her room. After they leave, Veeru talks with himself, what if Roli remembers everything about Simar? No.. I won’t let that happen.. I will make sure there’s no memory of Simar in Roli’s mind.

Precap: Simar asks Roshni where saw Roli. Roshni says, I saw her in the market, but I don’t know where she is right now. I thought she came here with her husband and I even asked her to visit my house with her husband, but before she answers, a guy came and took her with him.

Update Credit to: Shreya

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