Dil Dosti Dance 19th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 19th April 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 19th April 2013 Written Update

The episode begins with everyone stopping Rey randomly to ask him questions in order to impress Rishi. When Rey finally gets to Rishi, Rishi says he’s impressed and asks if he’ll come to lunch with him. Sharon tells Swayam she’s impressed with all the planning. Swayam tells her there’s more. Welhalm’s basketball boys comes and say they had to go for Inter-college meeting, remember? Rey leaves with them. Rishi tells Taani it feels good to talk to Rey and see how popular he is. Then he’s leaving and Taani asks him, ‘Won’t you meet bhai?’ Rishi says no, it’s not needed and leave. A heavy moment follows as Swayam is taken aback, hurt at his fathers words. Sharon shows concern for him but he leaves.

In locker room, Rey thanks Welhalm’s boys for coming and helping them. They say Swayam called so they had to come. Everyone asks where Swayam is, to which Sharon replies as she enters that he’ll join them later. The boys leave and Rey lets out a relief sigh. The gang ask Rey why is he hiding his identity? Rey tells them it’s not funny and Sharon replies that Taani wants to leave a good impression on her uncle and Rey is simply coping with it. What’s wrong with that? The gang then decide to eat and continue rehearsals.

Swayam in a lonely room is remembering all the spiteful words of his father and sheds tears, obviously hurt by the treatment.

Rey asks Sharon to tell him what she’s hiding as he knows she’s hiding something and he’ll feel better if as his best friend she’ll tell him. Sharon says she doesn’t like what he’s doing by hiding his self. She also says it’s her opinion and he doesn’t have to justify anything. It’s, at the end, between him and Taani. Rey says he’s doing it all for Taani and tired of all this nonsense too and Taani happens to hear that. ShaRey turn to see her standing there. Sharon leaves. Taani comes in and tells him that he shouldn’t discuss it and make it public. Rey says everyone was involved in what happened today and it’s not private anymore. (He seems mad about it too). And Sharon is my best friend. You can’t call her ‘public’. She says it’s not written that best friend knows everything about girlfriend.

He scolds her to not make thing more difficult for him as he’s already tensed with what’s happening. Surprised, she asks she’s making things difficult? And he replies bluntly stating, as of now. Yes. Taani, upset, says she only came to say Uncle requested he go on lunch tomorrow. I’ve already refused but he still wants to talk to you. So talk to him if you think it right.

Swayam, shirtless, furious, hurt, exercises remembers Rishi’s ‘not needed’ word. Sharon comes there later on and is somewhere feeling conscious. She says Swayam needs her.

Precap: SwaRon heart-dreading dance. Gang’s gujarati dance

Update Credit to: khushii

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