Uttaran 19th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Uttaran 18th April 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 18th April 2013 Written Update

Aatishgarh Haveli:

The epi starts from yesterday’s last scene Meethi comes out of the kitchen and comes across Agarth mama and Nirbhay. Mama says bahu, you are taking all this for Vishnu right. Tell him to come downstairs to have food with all of us.
Meehti smiles and replies she is taking it for mami ji, not Vishnu. She is hungry.
Nirbhay lashes out that she has decided that she will do as she likes. Who has asked you to serve her? She looks him into the eye and replies….then you tell me who should I ask permission from before taking the food for your mother?

Agarth angrily asks her what you think we keep her hungry. She is ill. She doesn’t even know how many times she eats in a day she doesn’t remember anything at all.
Nirbhay warns her not to go there again. What if she hurts you due to her illness?
Meethi disagrees with him she won’t. I have full faith in her she wont. She needs love. Maybe she never got any. Forgive me mama ji, you should be doing all this not me. Akash is listening from the corridor above. Your wife is ill so it is your responsibility to take care of her. This is the meaning of the 7 vows we take in the wedding. If one is ill then the other will tend to him / her. If one is weak then the other will hold his / her hand. Nirbhay is super angry.
Meethi repeats this is what the wedding vows mean right. You are elder to me you must be know it better than me then how can you do this? You only said that in this home a daughter-in-law is treated as a daughter. She is your wife what respect has she got here? God forbid, if you become ill tomorrow then do you think mami wont take care of you? If Vishnu gets ill, then undoubtedly I will take care of him. Leave all that if something happens with me then I can bet on it that Vishnu will take care of me like anything. Akash is witnessing everything from the corridor above. Whatever happens to me or for whatsoever reason he will never lock me in a room ever! Agarth nods. I believe him completely. You know mamaji before wedding I had promised my ma that my husband’s every responsibility will be fine. His all relations will become mine too. I will take full care of mami ji. I should now go and give her breakfast.

Nirbhay looks at Agarth and takes a step forward towards Meethi. Agarth stops him. Akash silently looks at them from above.
Meethi says jeth ji (elder brother-in-law), leave my way. And if you try to stop me again I will directly go to the police station and file a complaint against you. I wont be scared for even a second to do so.
Agarth looks at her in wonder. Jai kali chant is playing in the background. Meethi goes upstairs to give food to mami ji. Akash too leaves for his room.

Agarth tells Nirbhay to calm down. He retorts not anymore. They have had enough already and she has spoken too much. Now I cant control my hand / urge. You just tell me I am dying to cut her into pieces. Agarth comes forward and says…they kept quiet for his sister’s sake but not anymore. My sister’s enemy died now it’s her daughter’s turn. Send her to her mother. Enough now. Kill her.
Nirbhay gives evil looks.

Meethi goes to mami and gives her food. She is moved to tears to see her eating. She gets up to leave but Kadambari calls her out Meethi!
Meethi is happy and wipes her tears. She says you know my name. How?
Mami becomes scared seeing someone behind Meethi. Meethi tries to calm her down but in vain. Maiyya watches through the door. Mami pushes Meethi who gets hurt in head because of it.

City Hospital, Mumbai:

Tappu all of a sudden calls out for Meethi. Mukta was sitting next to her. Tappu asks her how is Meethi and where is she. Mukku is hesitant but says in Switzerland for her honeymoon.
Tappu smiles yes. I was worried for no reason. She is with Vishnu. She must be fine with him. Did she call? Tell her I was asking about her.
Mukta says ji ma and asks her to rest. Tappu closes her eyes and drifts off to sleep.
Mukta is thinking and goes out to call someone.

She asks Rathore if he got any news about Meethi? Hope you got the complaint registered in police station? Rathore says yes they have put the ip address on tracking. They can find out his location through it. She tells him that ma suddenly woke up and asked for Meethi. I was very much tensed. Guess she saw a bad dream.
He says it is after all a mother’s heart. She would miss her for sure. Don’t tell her anything. Keep smiling and keep her happy too. She agrees she will but is worried for Meethi. Don’t know how she would be right now.

Aatishgarh Haveli:

Maiyya drags Meethi down the stairs with her and shouts for Kajri. Kajri comes all worried. Maiyya scolds her if she sent Meethi to take food to her mother-in-law. She pushed her. See, she got hurt on her head. Kajri denies. She says she rather tried to stop Meethi from going.
Meethi says it was not didi’s fault. I went on my own. She was hungry so I offered to bring food for her. Didi had asked me not to but mami was ill and hungry so I couldn’t stop myself.
Maiyya turns back and looks at her pointedly. She asks Kajri to go. Meethi too signals her to go. Maiyya says you seem in too much hurry to change the rules and regulations of this house to me. You told my brother about a husband wife relation. How one must take care of the other in times of need. You think you know more than us? What is your age now? Kadambari is alive because of his bhaiya only. If it would have been someone else then the illness would have eaten them up. See I love you a lot that is why I am just warning you not to go there again.
Nirbhay is watching the drama from above.
Meethi silently nods her head in agreement. Maiyya goes and Meethi too leaves from there. Nirbhay thinks they have waited for long. They have to do something asap.

It is a very stormy night. Nirbhay and his father (with his hair open) are in a room. Nirbhay opens his knife and checks its sharpness. Agarth recalls Meehti’s words. This is what the wedding vows mean right. God forbid, if you become ill tomorrow then do you think mami wont take care of you?
Nirbhay says your son will avenge for your insults. She speaks too much. She is not even scared to speak in front of you. I will show her today what it is to be scared of someone. She wont be able to utter a single word from tomorrow. He goes out with the knife.

Meethi and Kajri are in the kitchen. Gomti enters and send Meethi to get some lamp from the storeroom as the weather is not good. Light can go off anytime. Meethi goes to get it.
She sees Kajri watching curiously and tells her to go and close all the doors / windows. Kajri hurriedly goes out while Gomti smirks.

Nirbhay is sharpening his knife on a stone. Kajri sees him from afar. She wonders what he is up to now. She is worried but hides when she sees Gomti coming to him. She speaks something to him.
She signals above. Nirbhay nods and both head upstairs.
Kajri becomes worried and realises Meethi has gone upstairs in the storeroom to get the lamp. Is my husband about to hurt her somehow? What should I do now I don’t have the strength to stop him. Hope he doesn’t kill her. She wonders what to do now.

Meethi enters the storeroom. She switches on the light to be able to look around. She is scared still. Nirbhay takes out the fuse. Meethi is scared how to find it now. She has come here for the first time. She must find it asap as everyone downstairs would be sitting without any light.
Nirbhay appears on the entrance of the room with knife. His face below eyes is covered with some cloth.


Akash sees his wedding pic on the table. He picks it up and Meethi’s words echo in his mind. Is what the wedding vows mean right. If your wife is ill then it is your responsibility to look after her. If something happens with me then I can bet on it that Vishnu will take care of me like anything.

He speaks aloud…..I can feel that every word of Meethi is true. Why does all her words seem right to me now? What has happened to me? I must not think this way. I dint marry her for love. I married her for Maiyya’s revenge. Why am I thinking of all this?

He is entangled in his thoughts when Kajri comes running to his room and calls out to him…devar ji! He puts the picture back and asks why she seems so tensed? She says Meethi has gone upstairs in the storeroom to find the lamp. Light has gone too she must be scared. I would have gone there but your brother has given me some work so I cant. You please go there asap.
Akash says he will go and check. Kajri heaves a sigh of relief and prays that her husband doesn’t do something wrong. Save Meethi please.

Nirbhay enters the storeroom. Meethi is still looking for the lamp and coughs because of the dust. Akash is walking towards the storeroom. Nirbhay closes the door from inside. Akash is still on his way while Nirbhay is shown approaching Meethi.

Precap: Jogi gets Rathore’s call. He shares that he apologizes for disturbing him at this hour. They have traced the IP address. It is from somewhere in Uttar Pradesh. Jogi is shocked and says Meethi is in Uttar Pradesh?

Update Credit to: pooja

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